Reviews for Betwixt and Between
Criss107 chapter 19 . 12/14/2013
i loved this fic. i've never readed a j/e fic and now is definitely is one of my favorite couples! thanks for showing me this whole new world.
Oilily chapter 19 . 12/10/2013
*takes a deep breath*
At first I have a confession to make: I never read anything written by you before. Though I keep adding your stories to my TBR list and my favorites and follow them. Don't ask me why. I don't know it. My expectations were high. High, because you're name is a big one in the fandom and I didn't want to be disappointed. Unfortunately it happened before for me - being disappointed by big names. So I stalled. I kept seeing your stories on my list, but always went on.
But after reading this I think now I simply wasn't ready. Not ready to add another writer to my small list of favorite authors. And that you managed. You went right there on my all-time-favorite-author-list with your first chapters.
I'm in awe and I'm floored. And this story will stay with me in my other lists. Yes, I'm like that. OCD much. All-time-favorite-author-list, all-time-favorite-fic-list, to-be-re-read-list. Your are there now and your story is there.
Everything happens for a reason. Like Jasper I believe strongly in that.
And it had to happen exactly now that I gave in and started to read your stories. I wanted to resist longer. I searched my TBR-list for something to read and stumbled upon Betwixt and Between and I wanted to over-go it, but I couldn't. It really lured me in and I'm so so so glad I gave in.
Wow! What a great story! Exactly my thing! Angsty, but not irrational. Real. I could relate to both Edward and Jasper. There's no way to overcome such a tragedy in 5 minutes and then it's all fluffy all of a sudden. I enjoyed every single word and cried a lot of tears. But I also had to smile when Bella made an appearance. Thank you so much for sharing though you wrote this story for somebody in the first place.
I can't express enough how much I loved this story. I'm for a loss of words since I'm not a native English speaker.
You made the characters perfect, but not with too much words. This story has the perfect length. It's not wordy, but it's also in no way rushed. You kept it real and that's the most important thing for me. I don't do well with fluffy. I need angst, but also being able to relate to the characters. No ridiculous drama for me. And you met all my needs with this gem. Every single one of them. Crying, "awwing", being hot and bothered, being killed by UST, smiling, grinning, melting... there are lots more, but I don't know the appropriate words. I'm just a reader after all.
I stop my rambling now, but I want to say one last time "Thank you". For sharing this. And thanks to fate for my decision to finally give in...
Kni Nut chapter 19 . 10/22/2013
Such a beautiful story. Thank you for recommending it to me.
That sounds really weird since it's yours, but I think you know what I mean.
I'm looking forward to the new one even though I think it will make me cry.
If you ever want to do another romance I wouldn't be opposed.
Sorry I failed at reviews, I just couldn't stop clicking next chapter!
Kni Nut chapter 12 . 10/22/2013
/ 3
Kni Nut chapter 10 . 10/21/2013
Thor isn't bad looking...
Kni Nut chapter 8 . 10/21/2013
Garrett sounds like a dick.
Fight dirty Edward! Get your man back!
Kni Nut chapter 7 . 10/21/2013
Edward's Pov makes me so sad.
Love this btw, if you couldn't tell :)
Kni Nut chapter 3 . 10/21/2013
I really like this Alice. Which is saying something because usually I'm not a fan.
Snappher chapter 13 . 10/9/2013
YAyayatayayayayyayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay aya!
Snappher chapter 12 . 10/9/2013
Grrrr! I want to smack the shit out of jasper right now! Get it over with? Really? Why doesn't he just kick Edward in the balls and rip his heart out? That would hurt less!

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...what an asshole!
Snappher chapter 7 . 10/9/2013
Yay! There is hope yet. :)

This it's overwhelming to think of everything the have all lost, japer especially, because he's lost himself, too. :(. He really should be on lots of happy pills!
Snappher chapter 2 . 10/9/2013
Wow... might have eased him into the gay thing a bit less abruptly! Talk about a paradigm shift! It would be like if I woke up and was Rush Limbaugh! I would effin kill myself! Lol
Snappher chapter 1 . 10/9/2013
Holy crap! Edward must want to vomit!

Kudos on such a unique story line...I am hooked like a flounder. Lol
Soulmate Ficwriter chapter 19 . 10/7/2013
Perfect ending! What a beautiful story! Heartbreaking at times - it had my favorite mix if angst, ust, love, passion, need, and ofcourse, an HEA. Loved reading again... Again!
harrytwifan chapter 19 . 10/3/2013
Forgive me for taking so long to read this. I think I was waiting for it to be finished and it got lost in the shuffle. Wonderful story, Hun. I really enjoyed it. I'm known for not liking a cocky Jasper, and the person who recced this to me was afraid I was going to hate Jasper. She couldn't have been more wrong! I never blamed Jasper, and felt sorry for both of them. I enjoyed their journey back to one another and their love. Thank you so much for sharing! (And sorry for not reviewing every chapter. I read this all in one sitting today, and couldn't break for reviewing!)
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