Reviews for Everything needs an answer
accnt no longer in use chapter 1 . 9/2/2012

It's amazing. The use of the formatting just made it even more effective, and I really felt sorry for Anna being all confused in this :( It made you think literally, and it was a bit of a brain-scramble (IS THAT EVEN A PHRASE?!) because you were just trying to add everything up in your head as it went along, too.

The last stanza (paragraph, line, whatever) was amazing. "She can't find an answer yet" was just so brilliant and it fitted so well, aaah. I love it. I'm really jealous of you, because this was definitely in-character and gave you a better outlook to what Anna's thoughts were!

Are your writing skills available for share? :( I wish they were. I'm jealous. D:

You, my dear, are perfect. I loves this, and I loves you for writing it. :')

-Abbey. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx