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Sar-kaz-m chapter 6 . 10/3/2002
OK, I know it's only been, um, 3 weeks since your last update. But I'm asking you, as a friend, for my sake, please update soon? I'm having wild fantasies involving Det. Dante Tager, handcuffs, and roomy Jeep Cherokees...

Yer fan,

sereneserenity chapter 7 . 9/30/2002
More! I want More! You make Tasuki sound sooooooo hot. I want him...*pouts* ..Anyways... I want my full body massage and lemon scented Pledge... Love your writting. *winks* Ja ne.
Maidens of Konan chapter 6 . 9/24/2002

Just a quick note to thank Sweet Lioness, Shynem Rebeki and Princess Death for your reviews and to answer PD's question as well wwndering why Dante is afaid of Taka. :)

The foreshadowing of this dilemma is contained in the conversation between Dante and his boss in Chapter One...and more details will come to light on it, now that Dante knows the identity of his rival for Miaka's affections.

Dante isn't afraid of Taka at all. His apprehension comes from knowing that Miaka is the the girlfriend of the man who is one of the top young executives in the company Dante has been investigating for municipal fraud (a case, btw, that will be explained in a future chapter. ~_)

He also believes that Taka is the one who called and complained to get Dante taken off the case.

Bottom line? There's a huge ethical conflict of interest for Dante. He's facing the dilemma of whether to remove himself completely from an investigation he's worked diligent, costly hours on (and even sacrificed a previous relationship for!) to try to win Miaka's heart, or if he should end the romanceimmediately to protect her, and to keep himself from committing/being accused of possible breach of conduct in the future(such as "tampering with a witness"? *Maidens smirk and giggle* ):) :)

Yes...there are several legal,ethical and emotional issues involved in his decision- pleased stay tuned if you'd like to find out how (and *if*!) Dante resolves them. Hehe. ~_ ~_

Again, thank you for your reviews...and there's more Leather and Lace on the way!

Sincerely yours,

The Maidens of Konan _ _
Tropical-sandstorm chapter 7 . 9/23/2002
Did i miss something? why is he afraid of Taka? I would really like to know.
Rebeki chapter 7 . 9/22/2002
What happens next? You have to write more!
shyne chapter 7 . 9/21/2002
oooo, sign me up! lol. i love y'all's story, it is awesome: Tasuki Rocks! mmm... *glassy eyes* damn...gotta stop doing that. anyways i love it! there just aren't enough Tiaku's out there!
Nekoi1 chapter 7 . 9/18/2002

LUV ur ficcy~

there aren't many good Tasuki/Miaka fics out there

but this is the BEST!~!

Up date soon~~
Maidens of Konan chapter 7 . 9/17/2002
Hi everyone! :D

Please forgive us for answering in this format, but we thought it would be the best and easiest way for all concerned for us to answer specific questions, etc. here. :)

First of all,a few general comments!

We would like to thank every single reviewer for their comments and have no idea how much it means to us to hear you that you like what we're writing (and why you like it as well! ). This is our first collaboration-and we have been overwhelmed and gratified by the warm response it has gotten. Thank you all! **Maidens happily glomp reviewers**

We also want to say that we are so happy and excited that 'Dante' has found high favor in your eyes! :D We wanted to give him Tasuki's looks and charisma, but yet make him a separate entity (in other words, his own man) as well. From all of your comments, it sounds like (so far), we've succeeded in doing that. Wai!:)

Likewise with Miaka...we wanted to show the person she might have become if the series had continued and she had been allowed to attain a 'grown up' perspective on what had happened to her in the book. We wanted her to exude intelligence, as Bakaneko so aptly put it, and an mature, open minded perspective on life and love. We are pleased people are seeing our version of her in a positive light. :)

Schnickers comment that romance is more than just making moony eyes at each other is also something we appreciated hearing...we firmly believe teasing is an intregal part of a couple's relationship, and can be just as sexy as whispering sweet nothings in each other's ear. ~_

And now...we'd like to answer two or three specific questions posed in reviews:

To Chibi Kaz: (Btw, we are *extremely* flattered that you signed on to just to leave us a review! Thank you so much! ) Regarding your very astute question on whether we are incorporating the OVAs in this story- yes, we are! Taka will indeed recognize Dante whenever they end up face to face *Maidens exchange wicked grins**...but Dante has no recollection of *his* past life, so you could say in a way, the situation is reversed for Tasuki and Taka from what happened in the second OVA. And that's all we can say without giving any spoilers. ~_ ~_

To Kryssa: Regarding if Dante is going to be kicking Taka's you mean literally or figuratively? **Maidens exchange evil grins**

To Lasaire: You have indeed been inducted into the Royal Harem...and are therefore entitled to all the privileges the palace (and Hotohori, heh heh) has/have to offer. *Maidens bow respectfully to harem inductee*

Which reminds us...all reviewers of chapter seven can expect a visit from Mitsukake with his essence of lavender massage oil very soon. **Maidens nod emphatically**

One last thing before we go...

We can't predict times for future updates because of RL factors and because our individual fanfic projects keep us hopping as well.~_~_ However, we *do* want to assure our readers that both of us are *extremely* committed to this story to the point where we have planned out exactly what is going to happen from now on and how it's going to end! In other floundering, guesswork or writer's block for these Maidens! Wai! :D:D

We humbly ask that you understand that we want to do our very best in entertaining you. We beta each chapter several times to ensure quality, and to insure that two people's writings are flowing together as consistently as if it were only a single person writing the story. That's another reason why it takes a bit more time for us to post.:)

Anyway, thanks for reading this notw...and thank you again to all of you who have left comments! Your taking the time to do so inspires and motivates us to keep going and to try to do even better in our writing efforts!

with gratitude and appreciation,

The Maidens of Konan
Sar-kaz-m chapter 7 . 9/16/2002
I was impressed enough with this fic that I joined just so I could review it! Firstly, I find your characterizations excellent. I'm particularly delighted with your protrayal of an older and wiser Miaka. Also, I find Dante to be an excellent, well-rounded character, with enough distinct differences from Tasuki's personality to be a discrete person. Taka's money grubbing ways harken back to Tamahome's greed. I wonder, are you incorporating the OVAs in your development of Taka or not? Meaning: would he recognise Dante as Tasuki, if he ever bothered to meet with Dante? From Miaka's urge to call Taka right away from the car, I would guess yes, but from your cliffhanger, it seems that impending doom is going to push the issue forward... Miaka will have to tell Taka about Dante, and soon.

The story is brilliantly laid out, and the pacing is excellent. I can only hope you post a new chapter soon.


bakaneko7 chapter 7 . 9/12/2002
waiiiii! another chapter... YAYAYAY... so thrilled... *blush* my god... what FUN! Why does she get to have all the fun! I love the playful interchanges... the fact that Miaka exudes intelligence, isn't a (obnoxious) pig, and that she can COOK! I love food! You know, the part that sent her into her shell, woulda had me running for the bedroom! *snicker* i'm such a hentai! muahah! OOh.. the plot is thickening... I love how you are setting us up... anticipation really makes the goal more intense and inviting..I can't wait for the story's climax... er.. no pun intended *sweatdrop*

MOremore.. oneeegaaaiiii... I check three stories nearly everyday.. and yours is one of them... I LOVE IT! I WORSHIP YOU! Such a creative mind! I love your attention to detail and humerous activity, dare I say this is tied for my favorite fanfiction ever! Okay, enough fan-talk, and author-worship... hoping to see more soon!

Ja ne!

Stormlight chapter 7 . 9/10/2002
This chapter was FANTASTIC! Definitely worth the wait. lol But what an evil cliffie you left it at! *pouts* Well, hopefully there'll be more to read SOON. _~
Lazuli chapter 7 . 9/10/2002
_ Wow... omg... what a great chapter you have here... *nod nod* I want more, y'know? More of yummy Tasuki... or Dante...; It would be neat-o if Dante were to remember something... he already called her Miaka-baka.. that's a good start! *grins* I love this story (and believe me, I havent read or paid attention to FY for years now) and so congrats and continue!
Kryssa chapter 7 . 9/10/2002
It has been an awful long time since I've read this story. And to tell you the truth... I still love it. I love your words and how well you paint us the pictures of Miaka and Dante together. And I'm extremely excited to see what you do with Dante now that he knows who Miaka's boyfriend is. *smiles evilly* Heheheh... going to kick some a**, I hope. As I've said before, I'm really glad to see the double-length chapter and I can't wait for more.
shadow priestess chapter 7 . 9/10/2002
You done puttet up a chapter! Yippee! *nodnodnod* Umm... actually this particular time the length was BAD because I'm in a major hurry and this is not working out so just know that this is a really cool fic now i fly away bye.
bakaneko7 chapter 6 . 9/6/2002
waii! Yay he's got her in his house *dances while chanting* he's got her in his ho-uuse! *snicker* So much teasing! Got my blood flowing! She should drop taka like the er... i'm so mean.. *hangs head in shame* *has second thoughts* on second thought ;p i was RIGHT... dump taka... *snicker* the main course has red hair... tralala.. I LOVE this story *bows* you are my goddess... (I do review.. just under different names... *sigh* i'm so bad... have to appease my multiple identities.. *cough* jk!) Write more.. onegai! this is pleasant to read *sweatdrop* Now i can sleep and dream that I was that lucky... *zzzZZZ*

oyasumi nasai!

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