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febrerocher chapter 14 . 5/7/2008
Detectives and donuts always go hand in hand eh? Haha. I love the flow of the chapter and the vivid (without over-doing) descriptions of Colorado Springs. It seems so perfect and I'm actually thinking of going there for a visit as I'll be in the US for a few days and I actually Googled it up and found that it exists! Lols.

The plot and characterizations are really 'wow' and I am now officially in love with the name Dante. Sounds somewhat sexy... Haha! I am being a total FBFG (fang-boy fan-girl, as another author puts it). I love how everything seemes to have an imminent twist and how deep you delve into the minds of the characters that you manage to manipulate it but can still keep the cast in character. Well, I wouldn't expect less from someone who has a BA in psychology! Lols.

I can't believe you haven't updated since '06 though and I'm extremely relieved to know that this will be the next fic that's going to be updated! Yay! Haha. Can't wait for more!
Ash chapter 14 . 3/22/2008
Oh-my-freakin'-gosh. I love your story! The only thing that bothered me was the lack of scene change symbols between scenes; so I'd be reading about Dante and then all of a sudden "He loosened the tie around his neck.", can you say whiplash.

Either way, AMAZING story. Amiboshi and Suboshi as girls: priceless!

Is Alan, Tomo? At first I thought Nuriko when it was mentioned that he was gay, but the character visual description didn't fit. And Kevin I've tagged as Nakago so it makes more sense for Alan to be Tomo reincarnated.

Is Hannah an incarnate of any seishi too? I don't have any guesses, it just seems like she would be, same with Mizu. But the only guess I have for the loveable siamese cat is Chichiri or maybe even Tama.

Those names in Taka's files were from Ceres and Alice 19th, weren't they. Sadly I don't own either, but I have read them and am extremely curious what is going to happen at Thornton Industries. Just who is the old guy working for? Can't wait to find out.

I do wish you'd add another chapter, but I understand if you don't because it's been a long time since chapter 14 was posted and inspiration may have died since then.

Love you both for this story! It's been so enjoyable to read so far.

P.S. Those almost X-rated scenes were steamy and had me blushing a couple times. But they were so well done.
shweeps chapter 14 . 3/4/2008
love this fic please update soon


shweeps chapter 8 . 3/2/2008
love this fic great plot line


Averlyn chapter 14 . 2/15/2008
Oh gawd. Bookends. LOL. My amazing guess is going to be that 'the twins' are Nuriko or Nyan-nyan. I love this fic. But... I'm dying to find out what happens next, especially since Taka and Dante and Craig are going to be in the Phoenix Grill. Uh-oh! Poor Mi-chan! There is definitely going to be a throw down in one form or another. -_-;; Ooh... this isn't going to be good for either Miaka or Dante - Miaka being that the two guys she sorta wants to keep apart aren't going to be apart - high chance of a meeting. As for Dante, well personal interests and the job are definitely going to clash in a while lotta ways- definite problem there, especially since Officer Cody LaConte is onto him. I hope Mi-chan is going to be understanding when she does find out that Dante's been investigating Taka. As a side note... where did you guys find the idea to have Dante/Tasuki's middle name to be Promethius? That and why do you have characters from Ayashi no seres and Alice 19th... that's just too weird... okay something is obviously connecting them besides being Yuu Watase-sensei's characters. Gah! _ too many questions... I sorta feel like the way Tasuki looks when he does an impression of a firefly. Please update soon!
bant chapter 14 . 1/29/2008
OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD UPDATE! I have been up reading in between college classes for the past two days, Two days of no sleep, to read htis wonderful work, masterpiece, amazing work of wonder! Please update!
aces24 chapter 1 . 1/9/2008
i love this fic so much there are no words to express how much i love it! OMG! and you guys haven't updated since 2006! but it is understood that fics like these require a lot of thought and emotion, i really loved the portrayal of the characters here, it is so beautifull written and it is just one of those few 'WOW' fics. Dante Tager... doesn't that just sound so deliciously sexy? i need to find me a guy named dante man... LOL! okay okay.. i will faithfully wait for the next chap! till then!
kytheria chapter 14 . 12/18/2007
I really think this is the best FY fanfic I've ever read- of any pairing, and I like it even better for being TasMia! Dante is so well thought out (and appropriately named _~ ) and he's come to life brilliantly. He has depth, and *gasp* flaws! I love it! The little touches (like using the ugly plates made by his sister but still liking a good brawl) have really helped to compare and contrast his former and present incarnations. And I could just kiss you for bringing back Kouji as well. Thank you!

I enjoy all the detail in this story. I wish I could point out all the small things that brought it to life for me, but since I read it over several days between holiday preparations etc and I'm lucky to remember my own name at this point _~, I'll just say that parts like Taiitsukun's ribbon-like fringe on her shawl and Dante's careful produce selection made the story almost cinemagraphic for me.

I am excited to see where this story goes, and am patiently anticipating the next chapter. Like really good chocolate, this is worth the wait!
MysticKitty21 chapter 2 . 9/2/2007
Hey, ZI just wanted you to know, that I still check back with this story every few monthes or so. I am sad that you havnt updated in a really long time, but I understand that life gets in the way of updating. But I LOVE this story to bits, and I would LOVE an update even more!
Ayriel chapter 13 . 4/13/2007
Hey! I have a couple questions: How old are Miaka, Taka, and Dante supposed to be in this story? And did Craig grow up with Dante in Louisiana? How did they both end up in Colorado?
chibi-face chapter 14 . 2/27/2007
Even though I've read this story before, it still has me completely captivated.

Still confused on the other characters...especially Alan/Nuriko/possibly Hotohori...

Taiitskun is a nice touch, love it! However, the whole Thompson thing with the crystal has me a bit confuzzled, a bit of foreboding. Also like the nice touch of including Yuu Watase's other characters. Interesting to see what peripheral role they may play in the story and their connection to Four God's senario, although I can kind of guess.

Please update soon! On this and your other stories. Hope everything is going well for you KL.
jenniebennie chapter 14 . 2/20/2007
This story is wonderful and very rich in characters. you can see Miaka's confusion and the adding of Tiaskun (sorry i can't spell her name to save my life) is a wonderful addition. I can see this story going in a few directions and wondering who this new enemy is. I can really see Taka trying to oversee his poverty and accidently losing Miaka in the process. Please finish the story I would love to read more and I know others would as well.
BunnyS chapter 14 . 12/18/2006
So, I just wanted to drop in quickly and let you know how much I'm enjoying reading Leather and Lace - it's simply amazing! It's been quite a while now since I last read anything related to FY, but the characterazations are wonderful; I keep remembering things as I go along about the series!

And can I just say that I would love to find myself a Dante! You guys happen to know where I can find one? XD

And also, I never realized the depth to Dante's name until the discussion between Miaka and her co-workers this past chapter. I, Dante? Dante's Inferno! And then I felt silly for not seeing that earlier. :P

In any case, I think that's really all I have to say right now. (also, congrats to Adriana and the newest addition to her family! (I'm also a compulsive profile checker :P)) Take care and I'll be waiting for the next chapter! :)
Mistress of Sarcasm chapter 14 . 12/1/2006
I am one hell of an idiot.

I can't believe I didn't get it sooner! I pride myself on figuring out fics pretty well. This is a testament to how well your plotline is, if I've been in the dark this long.

Ami. Sue.

Lord, I just need it thrown in my face don't I?

But I'm still debating, so help a fan out, would ya?

Hannah- Nuriko?

or is Alan Nuriko?

Or is he Chichiri?

And am I correct in my 'Nakago' vibe from Kevin,or not?

As I have already stated, I seriously need to get a clue if it took me this long to pick up on the hints.

Or am I just imaging things?

You're killing me here,

Rinny Leonheart chapter 14 . 11/26/2006
SIX MONTHS! No update? Waghh! I love this story!
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