Reviews for Ambivalence
Nikki Pond chapter 42 . 10/3
Oh Loki *sighs* You know, I was a bit saddened of the state between Thor and Loki's relationship. I just wish Thor would take back his words and Loki would just tell Thor how to get to Asgard

Awesome story.
Agnomen Loki chapter 42 . 9/27
Please. Finish this I beg of you!
I need Innokenti to beat Tony up more, more Loki fluff and I absolutely have to know what happens next.
Please do not abandon this fic x
Professor Hyraxi chapter 36 . 8/9
I haven't finished all the chapters, that have been made, to this yet, but I just wanted to say, anyways, that I really appreciate the hard work you put into this. Thanks for the entertainment and good writing!
Nin chapter 42 . 8/1
Wow. I read the whole thing in a few hours. And now I can't wait to read more!
The Shadow Keeper chapter 42 . 7/8
MORE! I need MORE! Great story I hope you update soon! ;)
Guest chapter 42 . 5/5
Amazing story but... I went lost in the last two chapters. Could you please update?
paulavara140 chapter 42 . 5/3
Please update !
Elise chapter 42 . 4/8
Very great, well written, good, unique and thrilling story. Ty for writing it! :)
Guest chapter 29 . 2/11
Make her miscarry
Abrilla chapter 42 . 1/22
I have been meaning to write a review of this since I started following way back at chapter 1. I love your idea and the way in which you have given these characters their own quirks and foibles. It's one of the fics that I go back and re read every few months or so, I always look forward to getting a new update! I must confess that I was a little concerned about you pulling the sequel to rewrite it (oh no, what if it never continues to some sort of conclusion?!) but I am loving the extension posted here so far. Please keep updating so that we can find out what went down in Asgard!
marykent chapter 32 . 1/9
This story is awesome! I haven't read much with Loki as a character but after reading your story I may look for more. I found your characters really compelling. Keep it up, I look forward to reading more!
Guest chapter 42 . 1/2
Updates? :) I really want to see how Thor is going to take finding out Loki was hurt.
abyphile chapter 42 . 1/2
Loki is sooooo stubborn. I hope that he can both accept and give help soon. Someone needs to get through to him.
Nako13yeh chapter 42 . 1/1
Nako13yeh chapter 40 . 1/1
I'm SOOO SHOCKED TO FIND OUT THAT BASTARD Innokenti is still alive! XD MY GOSH! I was actually terrified when they said the thing in loki's eye was a DECOY! UGH! I LOVE IT... Poor Loki... Poor everyone! Is it possible that Thor will one day realize why Loki is so afraid of him, or possibly Innokenti will brag about the torture he instilled upon Loki? XD Hahha.. anyways, LOVE IT! The BIG BAD ASS BAD GUY is BACK! XDD
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