Reviews for Experiments
EnchantedRealmsFiction chapter 5 . 10/26/2012
Okay, I came back to this and I'm utterly baffled. From the way you wrote this, it doesn't even sound like you played Till the End of Time or The Last Hope, or you'd have written Fayt a little more appropriately and remembered that Faize, Arumat, and Lymle all have offensive symbols and special skill sets. Fayt is a hero. He doesn't like to see anyone hurt or tormented like that, and he's been experimented on himself without his knowledge or permission. As for Arumat and Faize, they could TELL the researchers how they reproduced seven hundred years in the past. They are not technically inept.

The only things I can really praise about this story are the technical aspects of your writing and the idea. You've utilized proper sentence structure, punctuation and spelling, and that's something I always enjoy, no matter what I'm reading. You also had a good idea. Unfortunately, you didn't execute it well enough.

P.S. I don't care that it's fanfiction. I take my reading seriously, even when it's for fun, which is what most of the reading I do is for, anyway: fun. Please think on that before you decide to become all offended on me and fire back a defensive reply. I took time out to read this and leave two reviews. That does count for something.
EnchantedRealmsFiction chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
Why didn't the translators on Fayt, Mirage, Cliff, and Maria's communicators work? That kind of loses me on this.

As for the date, it would be after 772 S.D., when the events of Till the End of Time take place.