Reviews for Naruto U and Ino Y
Death101- Fox Version chapter 2 . 9/29/2012
Well I have a few things to say.

Thing number one: Anima (Assume it reads Plus Anima. FF always removes the plus for some reason.) Anima is a manga about three kids and one teen who are outcasts due to their animal powers. (Sorta like X-men but not as violent.) The Anima section is for fanfiction about the manga Anima not for Misc. Anime or Crossovers.

Judging from your story, I'm guessing this is actually a story for the YGO GX section. I'm not sure how familar you are with Fanfiction but the way things work is that each story is placed into a section. These sections are considered the 'canon' or fictional bases that the stories are based on. So if your story is about Naruto, you put it in the Naruto section. If your story is about Anima, you put it in the Anima section.

However, if your story is an original work with no fictional base it cannot be posted on Fanfiction. It must be posted on FictionPress (Fanfiction's sister site.) Many people on Fanfiction also read original works so I'm sure you'll find lots of nice people on FictionPress.

So as you can see your story needs moving to the proper section or site. If you don't move your story, it can be reported and then deleted from the site which could lead to your whole account being deleted which would suck. Also, as a warning, if I find you misplacing another story into the Anima section or any other section that I read after this review, I will be forced to report all your stories. So please move your story to the proper section or site. If you don't know where it should go, please contact me and I will be more than willing to help.

Best of Luck writing! And if you have any questions about anything fanfiction, give me a shout. I'd be glad to help.


P.S Below are instructions to help you move your story to the proper section on Fanfiction if you don't know how. If you need to delete, contact me and I can send you information.

Go to your sign in screen which shows all your account setting and such (you do this just by clicking on the Sign In link in the upper right corner of the screen.)

Once there you want to click on the publish tab which will open into a small menu. From that menu you will want to click on "Manage Stories." A new page will load.

Then you want to click on the title of your story and a new page will load. On that page will be all your story information.

Now all you have to do is look for where it says "Category". Directly across from it is a button that says "Change Category." You'll want to click it and a new window will appear. It will have a small menu on it. You'll want to scroll down the menu until you reach the option that has the title you based your story off of. You will then click it and save your story properties and there. Your story is moved and you can no longer be reported. (Unless you put it into another wrong section. Then all bets are off.)

Best of luck!