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0lightning0 chapter 7 . 6/22
please update
Chad3spawn chapter 7 . 5/21
I love it please continue :)
toki1 chapter 5 . 4/1
omg ... just what's just happened?
toki1 chapter 4 . 4/1
hahahhahhahha... i don't have anything to say... i'm speechless right..
so amazing... nice... wonderfulll... omg...
finally they reconciled...
but i felt bad for saki hahhahahhhaahahahhaha
so nice nice so nice...
toki1 chapter 3 . 4/1
that;s too much..."that time teru raped her in the dressing room" hahahahahahhahahahahahha
toki1 chapter 2 . 4/1
whooooooooooooa! so nice nice,
sumeri and takei... what a devilish plotter you guys... hahahhahahahaah
teru's so cute...
moreover... saki and shizuno... nice nice... evrything's misunderstood the situation... so nice nice
Guest chapter 2 . 4/1
nice one sumeri and takei ... what a devilish plotter ... you guys... ha ha ha ha/ so nice ice... nice
subara desu!
I can't wait their training camp... omg hahahahahhhahhahhahahahah

hahahhahahhahahah... evrything's misunderstood... poor shizuno hahahhahahahah
so nice nice...
toki1 chapter 1 . 4/1
whoa! Teru is so cuuuuuuuuuuuute... omg... kyaaaaaah!
D.E chapter 7 . 2/1
Why won't you update! Please im begging you, please UPDATE!
TasyaMarvell chapter 7 . 12/13/2014
Finally, I have read this story 'til the last chapter :'D *it took a few month, actually XD #don't ask me why
Hell yeah! I so suprised to the pervert's Saki :v *Welcome to the Saki's harem, Kyouko xD*

Awai x Saki, not bad!
Poor Nodoka, Teru, you're even don't know the condition of your sister right now?! *calm down...* w"
wooooow chapter 7 . 10/13/2014
its good its funny its perfect
Guest chapter 7 . 8/15/2014
Like this saki x harem

Like how teru is so... Fun...

What's going to happen to saki...?

Would she go live with her sister?

Hope saki and teru become even more close

Hope they are getting even more dependent to each other...

Like this incest implication...

Thank you

Can't wait to see the next

Please update the story soon.. Please
firecaster-hikaru chapter 7 . 7/9/2014
Read your story and I absolutely love the mixture of drama and humor that you have. I also liked that Teru still cares and loves Saki as well. Although there are many girls that are romantically interested in Saki, I honestly think that Saki is better with Teru. Sure Toyone, Shizuno, and Nodoka show that they are attracted to Saki but they do not really suite Saki as a romantic partner, instead they are more like friends.

I hope to see more SakixTeru and HisaxMihoko as well since I really find them cute, and I also cannot wait to find out what happens next.
bluelonewolf chapter 7 . 7/9/2014
Read your story and I absolutely love the mixture of drama and humor that you have. You even showed that Teru still cares for Saki as well. That being said I think that Teru saying her father being a deadbeat parent is rather harsh since we as the reader do no know what happened between the parents that cause them the separate. In fact, Teru should be happy that their father still cares and is able to provide for Saki instead of being some deadbeat and barely make ends meet. As such , I think Teru needs to get over the feeling and realize that what her parents did regarding their marriage is no business of her own and that it is between both the mother and father.

As for the character interactions and romance, I don't agree to the idea of Toyone/Saki, Shizuno/Saki, and Nodoka/Saki. The idea of Toyone/Saki and Shizuno/Saki pairing to me is not only somewhat weird from my point of view but also one that does not feel right for Saki. Furthermore, I cannot see Saki being even completely romantically interested in them at all since she only sees them as friends and nothing more. As for the Nodoka/Saki pairing, I can honestly say that even though Nodoka is interested in Saki, I honestly think that she also does not feel right for Saki. Saki has always cared and loved her sister, and because of that, I believe that Saki will only see Nodoka as a best friend and nothing more.

Regardless of the romantic drama that is surrounding Saki, I hope that Saki will find someone who will love her and I hope that it will be Teru since Teru and Saki love each other very much. In fact to me it seems that Saki has always loved her sister more than her parents so I hope that Saki will realize that soon.

I also hope that there will be a HisaxMihoko pairing as well since I can honestly see Hisa being attracted to Mihoko as well as it being literally cute.
wingsofseyfert12 chapter 7 . 3/5/2014
I forgot that I had read this story a long time ago, and after having re-watched Season 1 and currently caught up to Season 2 AND the manga I decided to re-read this story from the top.

Concerning my previous review I still stand with most of what I said before but I will make a few additions. For one I can sense some tension between Touka, Saki and Nodoka. I am in approval of how you set this up and I can only feel sorry for Saki, who seems to be have so much on her plate as far as admirers go. That being said I really am pulling for Touka/Nodoka. I don't know. Having Nodoka living with Saki just feels...weird. Maybe it would be a good way for Teru to not go ape shit over her little sister living alone but still.

That being said I have mixed feelings about Teru. I never liked her and even though this story is doing its job in getting me to tolerate her I can't stand her behavior regarding her father. In the prelude for chapter eight I got really upset when she called her father a sorry excuse for a man. I, for one, condemn that. What would Teru had wanted? Her father to be some deadbeat and barely make ends meet? To be fair I think Teru needs to get over the feeling and realize that what her parents did regarding their marriage is no business of her own and she has no right to question either her mother's or father's decision. She should be glad the man is putting in his hours to make sure Saki is cared for. This is no fault of your own but I just still have a prejudice against this Teru's character and you do a good job making me feel so conflicted about her so kudos to you for good character development.

I don't like Toyone for Saki. In fact I never really felt right about her character. She looks like a female version of the freaking Undertaker from WWE. Even so I enjoy how you are approaching her character. It is very faithful to canon but you make some creative liberties that expand on that template and it works well. Again, I don't feel well with her pairing with Saki but I am interested to see how things work out for her regardless.

The King Rules game was fun to read. Sumire slapping the heck of Hisa felt oddly refreshing. I always like Hisa (I think she's gorgeous) but you're right. She comes off as a player and I was happy that someone was able to really bring that home to her. Hisa probably means no harm from her ministrations but she has to be careful lest she jilt someone that really loves her and then make an enemy she doesn't want.

Suga and Yuuki need to hook up already. The tension between the two is so palpable that it's a surprise that he hasn't given her a chance.

I was somewhat turned off by how hax Saki is. Sure she is shown as quite powerful in the canon but she still had alot difficulties against her opponents. Her suddenly just moping the floor against everyone kind of made the majohng matches boring. I would have liked to have seen Nodoka or a couple of the other top tier players still take a game from her every once in a while (even with Saki going all out no socks included) just to keep things interesting.

Anyway I am quite impressed that you managed to keep all these characters going and not get lost in regards to their relationships to one another. I know I wouldn't really be able to write a full fledged Saki fic. Too many characters and plus I don't really know the game. It has been such a long time since you updated but here's hoping that you do whenever you get the chance. Great job with chapter seven. I patiently await your next update.
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