Reviews for When Silence Falls
Mistress Storm chapter 11 . 2/27/2014
OMFG! I love this fic! You hear, LOVE IT! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!
Terri'smind chapter 11 . 11/20/2013
Awesome story. Can't wait for more.
LycanthaRose chapter 11 . 11/13/2013
I absolutely love your story!
I just started reading it two days ago and couldn't stop, please tell me you haven't abandoned it? I love the interaction between Stark and the others and how you seem to be keeping the characters personalities pretty canon while introducing new ones that fit so well. I can't wait to see how else you explore the realms, people and Stark himself :)
Eagerly awaiting the next chapter and hoping we still have quite an adventure before us! Thank you for sharing your amazing writing and ideas with us so far, and keep up the great work!
Lyca :)
Sheeshasan chapter 11 . 10/26/2013
AH! I feel like dancing jumping up and down like a maniac all over the place now! This story has me riveted to my screen! Can only hope that you do plan on updating it eventually (please?). It has to be the slowest romance incoming I've ever seen by the way but I couldn't care less! I love this to bits! Love the dwarves but Odin and more particularly Frigga make my skin crawl...
Guest chapter 11 . 9/16/2013
wonderful. thank you for posting. and continuing this.
Kastanis chapter 11 . 9/13/2013
:) Espero no tardes mucho en actualizar, me encnta tu historia!
Ruby chapter 11 . 7/7/2013
This is gold :) I've never read another story quite like it, you should definitely keep writing! :)
Renne Michaels chapter 1 . 6/20/2013
This is the best chapter. Hope you update soon. Thanks for posting!
This is amazing chapter 11 . 6/8/2013
Like, really bloody amazing. Your writing is incredible, the whole premise of the fic is freaking brilliant and the added Norse Mythology aspects are perfect for the story!
I loved this latest chapter the most so far, everything about is makes me stupidly happy, ehehe.
I wonder what Loki will give as a gift in return. I have to admit, the first thing that crossed my mind was him sneaking Tony out of Asgard and into Midgard for a few hours so he can at least say hello to everyone (or goodbye, for that matter), although I think that might not be the case...
Either way, I really REALLY look forward to reading more, because as I said it, this is BLOODY AMAZING.
jay j beatbox chapter 11 . 6/2/2013
I think this is my favorite chapter so far super awsome can't wait for the next one
Blue Dot77 chapter 11 . 6/1/2013
I just thought about the whole 'he can't go back to earth until all those who live there have forgotten his name thing'. So does that mean that the Avengers would be able to come and visit him? Because it doesn't say that they can't visit him it just says that he can't go back until no one remembers him.
kogouma chapter 11 . 6/1/2013
and now he gets to work on his armor! i wonder what it'll look like. great chapter, i loved it and update soon! :D
Arbitrary Doom chapter 11 . 5/31/2013
I liked this chapter. When you apologized for it being short and episodic i was prepared for the worst but there was more loki and the mine in this chapter which is my favorite. ...great job
Trubie74 chapter 11 . 5/31/2013
Another great chapter, I loved how the gift from Tony was "impossible" to make so that he surprised Loki with it. Can't wait for more!
Chance13 chapter 11 . 5/31/2013
Slow start, but it's getting good
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