Reviews for Regret
A Guest chapter 4 . 5/1/2016
Like your other story, (A better Tomorrow, whichbI absolutely love) this story is very good overall again. What will happen to him? Will he bleed out, or will he be killed like Tsu'tey..? OR will he meet someone (prefeerably a Na'vi) who will not kill him and bring him to hell's Gate or something like that? Pheeew so many questions after that open ending.. Would be very cool if you'd continue writing on this, because it's not quite finished yet in my opinion. Still a good short story as it is though. -
Neil Purling chapter 4 . 5/15/2013
What do you plan to happen to Ryan Miller?
It looks like he is going to die from the way the story starts & he is simply waiting to bleed out because there's nothing else he can do. He has two broken legs & nobody knows he is there.
Will Eywa show mercy towards this dying Tawtute if it turns out he regrets what he has done?
Will he encounter one of the People?
It seems as if he has never had a non-violent encounter with the Na-vi. Maybe the poor S.O.B deserves a break? He is found by the Na-vi and their healers save him, so he gets expelled with the rest.
Ragnarok666 chapter 4 . 5/14/2013
This one is a bit too short, Rainbowhawk. I'll review it, but I'll be waiting for a review from you on my fic in return.

And here lies the BIGGEST problem with negotiations. Humanity's weakness is its inability to swallow pride. Because the Na'vi only have bows and arrows, the military personnel at Hell's Gate have the impression that being outnumbered is irrelevant, as one single soldier can take on hundreds of Na'vi without breaking a sweat, and that turned out to be a disaster.

My hope is that the future entries tell us of Ryan's interactions with the other soldiers. Remember, we know that of the hundreds of Hell's Gate mercenaries, MOST are perfectly content with slaughtering them (since they only see the Na'vi as mindless animals), but there were a handful of those that weren't as happy. I hope in future entries, Ryan will get to meet some from both parties, see their POVs and everything.

You did well for this chapter, I will hope for the next one to come soon...
Ragnarok666 chapter 3 . 1/14/2013
See, this is the problem with mercenaries. All you get from them is the impression that all them understanding nothing but "kill, kill, and kill some more".

I always felt Quaritch's addiction to killing the Na'vi spread to his troops too quickly. The actions in destroying the hometree only sent an even worse message to the RDA SecOps.

Personally, I felt even as they were taking off to destroy the Tree of Souls, most of the mercenaries had the impression that it'd be a cakewalk, and that fighting the Na'vi would be nothing more than blasting defenseless targets that couldn't fight back.

As these mercenaries were once military soldiers, it makes me wonder if they forgot their own military training and everything.

Number one rule when it comes to warfare: NEVER underestimate your enemy. If you do, it'll come right back to bite you.
qingbest chapter 2 . 1/3/2013
Indeed that he regretted coming to Pandora. Excellent chapter and full of emotion. 5/5 Followed and Favorited
Ragnarok666 chapter 2 . 10/1/2012
So similar to Jake for losing someone close to him, though it was his girlfriend and not a family members. I guess it made sense for him to go to Pandora anyway.

After all, virtually all the SecOps in the RDA there had no family or loved ones back home or anything like that, this was what made them ideal mercenaries: mainly because they wouldn't have anyone to lose even if they returned home.

It's a good background story for Ryan, but unfortunately trying to tell Jake, Norm, Max, and the others that will be a much bigger problem.

After everything they've seen from the RDA SecOps, to find anyone NOT like Quaritch will be difficult for them to see.

If the Navi find Ryan, it's going to be difficult for them to consider sparing his life. Remember, BEFORE Eywa's intervention, most of the RDA SecOps took sadistic pleasure in killing the Navi. They certainly did when it came to destroying the Omaticaya Hometree. Under that logic, the Navi would think if they spared the RDA SecOps, they'll just come back and backstab them later on, so it's better to kill them anyway.

Please keep these things in mind once Ryan is finally found by either the Navi or others...
Ragnarok666 chapter 1 . 9/3/2012
I'm glad to see you put this fic up, Rainbowhawk. I'll of course review this as long as I keep seeing the reviews from you for my fic.

Still somewhat early to see what kind of a person Ryan really is though. Biggest problem here is where you said he was here to shoot, not think.

That's one of the main problems with soldiers, especially mercenary ones. It's portrayed on TV all the time that the only thing they seem to understand is kill, kill, and kill some more. The morality of the situation will come in once you face such scenarios.

For example, it's one thing for a civilian child to fire on a soldier and get shot, it's quite another for a military soldier to bust into a school full of children and shoot them indiscriminately simply because he's bored. The former is combat, the latter is a war crime.

But then again, "war crime" is only a POV, and this is especially true depending on how the mercenaries see the Navi. As far as I could tell from the film, most of them only saw the Navi as simple savages, while others went even further and saw them as mindless animals. Because the Navi still lived in the era of bows and arrows, virtually none of the mercenaries saw that they could pose a threat to the RDA SecOps, however many there are in number.

In fact, that was actually the attitude of all the mercenaries when Quaritch launched the attack on the Tree of Souls. Most of them felt it was going to be exactly like what happened when they knocked down the Omaticaya hometree, that it would be a simple matter of blasting helpless targets that couldn't fight back. Thus it came as a shock to most of them that this had not been the case, even BEFORE Eywa's intervention.

Personally, I think most of the mercenaries forgot the number one rule of warfare: NEVER underestimate your opponent, regardless of the circumstances. Otherwise, your arrogance will come back to bite you. This you had already demonstrated in the RDA departure scene of "A Better Tomorrow", where the surviving RDA SecOps boarding the ships were still in a state of shock as to how they could have actually lost.

I just hope that with Ryan, you make him different than the others. As I've seen a LOT of Avatar fanfics shown, they try to send the message that the Navi are not savages as the RDA SecOps have been led to believe. However, there are very few Avatar fic that try to send the message the other way around, which is that contrary to what the Navi think, not EVERYONE within the RDA SecOps are homicidal psychopaths like Quaritch.

Don't forget, in the film, when Jake first met up with Grace, she held him in very low regard. As a USMC soldier, Grace didn't see Jake having ANY ability except point the gun and shoot. My hope is with Ryan, and maybe a few other RDA SecOps, you can show there's more to them than just that.