Reviews for Good Luck and Good Bye
Rosethorn chapter 1 . 7/30/2002
Aww...::thinks:: Aw, aw, aw, aw, aw. And don't worry about the OOCness, you explained it quite nicely. I loved it!

And since I gather you hate your Gundam Wing muse, here's a death threat for her...

monsley chapter 1 . 7/15/2002
Lovely! Absolutely lovely! :) Me like happy endings! And after I got depressed by my own fanfic (talk about suggestion…) yours was exactly what I needed! I'm so happy to see more and more C/A fics popping up… And for so reason most are songfics, have you noticed? I guess they go well with music… must be the thing about Carrot being the kind of person who'd suddenly burst into song in the middle of the street with people joining in… ;) Anyway: great work, believable Carrot (and I am a partner in your suffering here: he's a pain to write!) and an overall beautiful story. We just need Angua to be less of a coward, now… Oh, and this is screaming for a sequel! :)