Reviews for Pursuing a New Path
vodkaCanidae chapter 6 . 1/19/2011
Nabiki getting beaten at her own game is awesome! Another great chapter! Love the training scenes too. Loving this fic! XD
vodkaCanidae chapter 4 . 1/18/2011
I love this pairing! Its so cute! XD Another great chapter!
vodkaCanidae chapter 3 . 1/18/2011
This fic just keeps getting better and better. It amuses me to no end! XD LOVE IT!
vodkaCanidae chapter 2 . 1/18/2011
Woot! Awesome chapter! Ranma working together with Mara really makes things interesting :D I'm so hooked!
dreadis chapter 8 . 9/20/2010
this is a good story it dead?
Nysk chapter 8 . 5/14/2010
A true shame you have not added more to this tale... leaving it such a critical juncture too!
mythicalprogrammer chapter 8 . 4/29/2010
_ I miss this story. Just re-read it. I hope you come back and continue it some day. Thanks for the fanfic.
alichi chapter 8 . 4/20/2010
Uh, hope you meant it when you wrote that you haven't abandoned any of your fics :P Only been a few years...

Love this fic! The chaos! The Humor! Ranma wisening up!

Hope to see a new chapter, even if you haven't updated any of your fics since 2008, hope you'r still active on
Shannon Dee chapter 8 . 4/15/2010
This is a wonderful story and I do pray that your Muse returns to you to see it finished. Thank you for writing it.
Tetris Ex Machina chapter 8 . 11/14/2009
Great story!
Deucalion02 chapter 8 . 10/31/2009
hello ranmafan. im wondering why you havent updated in a while because this fic is funny as well as written well. i hope to see an update and hopefully a ranma mara deucalion
mikebreslau chapter 2 . 10/17/2009
This is a rare instance of the "Ranma becomes a demon" genre - humane and gentle, civilized and comfortable. The characters are realistically portrayed, and quite believable. The story develops at a good pace, not too slow nor too fast.

Nicely gone.

dogbertcarroll chapter 8 . 6/3/2009
4 years is a bit long to wait to find out what her revenge was. Update!
Demon Lord of Blood chapter 8 . 5/25/2009
keep writeing this
Nosferatum chapter 8 . 3/22/2009
So, no continuation for this one, right? Pity...
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