Reviews for I Can't Drive 55
JenEvan chapter 1 . 10/13/2012
LOL The last line in the omake is just so Sugoroku xD
And Seto; that's just so him to go great lengths for the people he cared about/considered family; going overboard sometimes :)
The comment about Yami being gifted a whole country and not batting an eyelash is too funny xD but then again, he used to be pharaoh, and has been living with Seto for so long, luxuries (even some outrageous ones) are probably a norm to him :P And it's not like he can't rule a country (he did have past experience xD)
All in all, a very nice easy read with much family fluff :)
gracie chapter 1 . 9/13/2012
omg i swear i regret not reading this sooner! it made my day ! XD i had been feel aweful cause im sick but this made me lol a lil for a while hahaha.


'' Yami was taking it all too well, even though he'd already confessed through their link that he hadn't been expecting anything like this. Then again, Yami was used to having expensive cars and things heaped on him… he had no clue just how insane things like that seemed to everyone else. Hell, Seto could buy him a small country or two and Yami would just smile and accept it without batting an eyelash.''

this made me laugh so hard, i swear i keep on thinking that is maybe cause he was once a pharaoh but it might be also setos fault and i can totally imagine them

seto: hey yami! guess what i got u for christmas?!

yami: ohh wut is it?!

seto: Your own country!

yami: omg Seto! Thank u so much!

seto: and now ur also the president!

yami: omg seto i love u so much!

yugi: and thats how yami became president of hiw own country.

hahah awesome! i love your fics so much
Nenya85 chapter 1 . 9/13/2012
Hi! Sorry for the late review. This story had a real sweetness to it. I loved the part where Sugoroku is going through all the alternatives for what to do if his car is on its last legs/dead partly because I can remember doing that myself (lol). But that also sort of emphasized how down-to-earth Sugoroku is in a story filled with formerly amnesic ex-pharaohs and teenage Jack-in-the-Beanstalk billionaires.

My favorite part was Yugi’s realization that Seto offering and Sugoroku accepting the car was a sign, previously unnoticed by him, of just how close they had gotten. And I loved how sublimely oblivious Seto was to the idea that in giving Sugoroku a Lamborghini he’d done anything that could be considered unusual. Not that he cares what other people think, anyway…
ilovemanicures chapter 1 . 9/10/2012
ROFL Seto is such an over grown child xD

The fact that you had him buy Jii-Chan a new car was enough. Let alone the fact that it just so happen to be a beast brand name like 'Lamborghini'

Jii-Chan was pretty epic himself. That last little piece that your husband wrote was so insanely entertaining. And it literally screamed Sugoroku.

I was honestly not expecting this. Idk how many more stories will pop up in you (and your hubbies) head before this fic can be put to rest.

The idea of it actually makes me quite sad. This is by far one of the most fascinatingly creative Pride AU's ever created.

I do not believe that there is another writer out there who can top you and the amazing Nenya85.

You both are dangerously original. Exponentially humorous. And beautiful with words.

Each post you share is something to be treasured. This installment is certainly no different.

Thank you so much for sharing all that you have. I'm so sorry I haven't been a reliable reviewer as of late. You deserve better, and I certainly hope you recieve just that 3
sherabo chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
Are you truely ending this arc/fic ? Thats almost criminal, but understandable I suppose. I hope its long and a reflection of the years spend together, not only with the characters but with the reviewers as well. You've made the relationships within the fic's so beleiveable it's hard to imagine anything else as right. This means I have to go back to the very first one I read " Boys of Summer " and read everything all over again in order of course, since I have a special binder in which I have copies of everything with pictures to match. Yeah the secret is out. lol. I'm giddy with excitement to see exactly what you will write. As to this particular piece I enjoy the relationship that has develped between Grandpa/Seto. wow that's a BIG trans for Seto. He's come so far in his dealings with relationships throughtout and you've made it appear so natural and real. His ability to please someone other that Mokuba has been beautiful and endearing. I wonder about Mokuba/Noah will it be a happy ever after in the eyes of friends and family ? or did I miss something. Well I'm going to get started right now and find a chapter hopefully I didn't review somewhere and relive the maddness. I really believe from my heart your fan's are the most entertaining, aggressive writings on this pair I have every had the pleasure of reading. Peace
dragonlady222 chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
LOL. I loved what your hubby wrote. I am glad that Seto is being so generous. He really does see Sugoruko as family.