Reviews for Louder Than Words
Guest chapter 54 . 7/24
I absolutely love this story! Please update soon :)
L chapter 37 . 7/24
Ugh, what is Mark thinking? He's either intentionally being cruel or he doesn't think Lexie doesn't care. It's hard to tell which through Meredith's perspective. Poor Lexie. I got mad enough on her behalf to comment.
My Quiet Riot chapter 54 . 7/6
I just read this entire story within the span of the last few days, and I have absolutely loved it! Lexie was, without a doubt, one of my favorite Grey's characters, and I was so sad when she died. I loved how detailed and realistic this was, and how it fills in the gaps in the storyline in a way that a lot of people wanted. I always thought Meredith's and Lexie's relationship was a bit underdeveloped, and I've always wished there were more sisterly moments on-screen to show how much they really did care about each other. Meredith's emotions were so raw and realistic, and you honestly had me tearing up a few times. I noticed it's been a few months since you updated, and I truly hope you haven't given up on this story! It's one of the best fanfictions I've ever read, and it would be a shame to abandon it now. I'd love to see just one more bit of Lexie in here, maybe a bit of "closure" between Meredith and the Lexie; but of course, I'd understand if that's not the route you're taking. After all, we don't always get closure when people die. But it would be nice, given that their last "interaction" was Lexie saying Meredith should go camping. Regardless, I do hope you'll finish this story because it is honestly so amazing!

Guest chapter 49 . 4/28
honestly with this whole story I just found it maybe 4 days ago and I love it! This is the only fan fiction I've ever throughly enjoyed! I love the story line as well as how well written the story is. I have no complaints and I really hope you write more stories in the future, you're an amazing writer :)
theway.youare13 chapter 7 . 4/2
This chapter was my favourite! I like how Meredith is worried and finally caring for her sister...!

Some of your chapter make me really sad. (I'm known for writing only sad stories.. I don't feel "dark and twisty" but apparently I'm good at this..) but Lexie's death is just too much to handle. I've been reading about half your story right now... But this chapter really caught my attention. It's like, Meredith wants to be there but at the same time, she doesn't know how to be a sister so she walks away. It's sad that she didn't get a chance to be closer to Lexie in the show.
Guest chapter 54 . 3/21
Great story! I love how you've explored Lexie and Meredith's relationship. I feel they never really explored it enough on the show. Thank you for giving us the closure that we didn't get on the show.
Guest chapter 54 . 3/8
Would you consider doing a one shot after this book has finished?
Neb1223 chapter 54 . 3/8
I love this story. I really don't want it to end.
mandyg67 chapter 54 . 3/7
I love this story, and you did an amazing job with this chapter. I love the brother/sister relationship that Meredith and Alex have, and you did it justice. I really enjoyed the fact that Meredith was able to see how Lexie and Izzie changed them both for the better, even after losing them. And it's great to think of Meredith reaching out to Izzie to touch base.
roganjalex chapter 54 . 3/7
Absolutely love it so much fun
Sarah chapter 53 . 2/24
Been awhile. Still waiting for your next update.
Sarah chapter 38 . 2/14
This chapter is so good. My heart melts reading Meredith getting so worried about her sister.
Sarah chapter 1 . 2/10
I stopped watching GA after Lexie died. My friend just introduced me to this story. I don't usually read fanfiction but this actually is well written.

Im still reading and havent got further but I know that this story is not yet finished. Please keep writing. Im sure there are a lot of silent readers out there who find this story amazing.
Your Fan chapter 53 . 2/10
Please have another flashback where Meredith tended her injured sister. Make anything up.
Guest chapter 44 . 2/10
Hey. I just wanted to know that i finished all current 53 chapters in 3 days. Took me that long to discover this story. I cried and i laughed along the way. Lexie is my fav character and your story has done justice.

I love that finally Meredith had found happines but could you do another flashback? I feel like this chapter is pending and i went through all 53 to see if you came back to this one just like when Lexie and Meredith in the forest, gazing at the stars.

I love the concussion that Lexie had earlier chapter but that was wat before Meredith regarded her as a sister, truly. Would realllyyy appreciate it if you can write a flashback where Meredith tended Lexie medically. This chapter perhaps? Lexie could just fell unconsious and Meredith went overdrive.

Or you could do another one shot or whatever if it will mess up with this book, i would willingly read it anyway.

Thank You
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