Reviews for Changeling
magicklibra chapter 7 . 7/23
Probably one of my most favorite chapters. You write so well. I'm re reading this story since you have picked up continuing it!
magicklibra chapter 62 . 7/19
Omg! I've missed you and this story! Keep this going... It has been my fav for a long time now. You are a phenomenal writer!
bluemarlin chapter 62 . 7/8
Great chapter. Enjoyed the Shepard/Kaidan scene near the cockpit. Looking forward to more.
bluemarlin chapter 61 . 7/8
Excellent chapter. Nice job showing the differences between the citadel and the refugee ship.
Seacilin chapter 61 . 7/8
Really well written!
Seacilin chapter 62 . 7/8
This is lovely!
drapeaubateau chapter 62 . 7/8
Aww why they are so hesitant! Though all that skirting around each other is very sweet and interesting to read about :)
bluemarlin chapter 60 . 7/2
Wonderful chapter. Enjoyed the scene with James. Good job showing the how the Alliance was just interested in saving the scientist and everyone else was very expendable. Please continue.
Moniquita2 chapter 59 . 6/16
Hehehe... I see you heard that little theory on Andromeda. What was it? Youtuber? GamerMD83? Random internet page? Forum?
Sailor Stark chapter 59 . 6/16
Oh my god. I remember reading this story ages ago and I found out you were going through a hardtime so I figured you wouldn't update for awhile, if ever. You can't believe how surprised I was when I got back from my vacay to read you've update a few times! I nearly screamed. I'm so glad you are back! I love this story 3
Guest chapter 59 . 6/13
Loved this!
bluemarlin chapter 59 . 6/13
Outstanding chapter. Especially enjoyed the last scene. Looking forward to more.
bioticnerfherder chapter 59 . 6/13
Oooh I love Project Exodus and your take on Andromeda! Great way to bring it into this story!

Poor Shep and her prothean visions... but Kaidan taking care of her was a lovely scene. And I'm also glad Javik is joining the crew, he's a great character!
bluemarlin chapter 58 . 6/11
Wonderful chapter. Glad Leng got killed. Nice job writing the family reunion. Looking forward to more.
bioticnerfherder chapter 58 . 6/11
Oh YES to Miles and the family reunion, oh NO to Project Gemini... But honestly I'm so glad Kai Leng is dead before Thessia in this fic, what a slimy slippery bastard, how dare he stab Kaidan? A great chapter!
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