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bammbamm28 chapter 79 . 7/30
On vacation for a week so I read this whole series in a very scary short amount of time.
Seriously, one of my fav fics.
on to DD! :))
Never a Writer chapter 18 . 4/24
I kind of feel like Dom's a bit shallow because he only noticed Letty after she's "changed", I hope I'm interpreted wrong and that he's actually into her for her personality.
Never a Writer chapter 14 . 4/24
LOL she thinks her mom doesn't know, but she does
Never a Writer chapter 13 . 4/24
And so it begins...YES!
Never a Writer chapter 10 . 4/24
LOL She should say that the reason she doesn't want to tell them is because she doesn't want them to scare him off
Never a Writer chapter 2 . 4/24
I can't wait til Dom starts noticing her as a girl instead of a sister
Never a Writer chapter 1 . 4/24
I can't wait to see your take on how things might've been for Letty pre-TFATF
Dom-Letty chapter 55 . 9/28/2014
This story is incredible so far! I love it
Dramamomma19 chapter 53 . 9/25/2014
You need to fix where they hold hand there is a no touching rule. It bothers me everytime I read this story. Sorry.
Nikki.P2 chapter 79 . 8/3/2014
Probably the truest and most haunting lines in this story:

"Don't play…its torture." He whispered as he backed me against the car.
"You know what else was torture?" I hinted and he groaned closing his eyes in pain.
"Yes… I'm sorry, so sorry baby. I won't ever be that person again." He promised and I made a noise of content in the back of my throat but I knew the damage was done. *There would always be fear in the back of my mind.*

OOHH that was beautiful and awful!
The fact that Letty will ALWAYS have fear in the back of her mind is the tragedy of the story. Dom has destroyed something that he can NEVER make right. No matter what he does, Letty will always have that fear in her mind. So sad. So unfair. Dom (as usual) gets everything he wants, and Letty is left with a relationship that will always have a reminder of how he broke her heart.

Why did you write that line?! It's like you didn't want us to believe that Letty could actually have a whole relationship with Dom. You wanted us to know that she is broken a little And you never write anything that shows that Dom will always have fear, or sadness, or anything negative *for the rest of his life* as a result of him cheating in Letty. He is in the clear. No evidence of lingering guilt at all, no sense that he thinks their relationship will be anything less than perfect. How about a "he would always have that fear that if he messed up again she would leave him"?! Nope! Dom has no long term consequences from him cheating (ok-maybe his bruised balls count! :-) bottom line: He gets his girl back and his relation ship back with no evidence that he has any worries! So unfair!

In fact, he's already his old cocky self-so sure that she's forgiven him that he's teasing her instead of worshipping her body that she's (finally) allowing him to touch! Maybe it's because you wrote the scene from Dom's POV but it seems all about how Dom sees the desire in Letty's eyes. What about him thinking about HIS desire for her? His relief that he's even allowed to touch her again?! His joy that they *might* actually have a chance of working out?! I need to see more emotion from Dom!

This night should have been all about Letty! The orgasm he gave her up front was great! But instead of allowing her to give him a blow job, he could have said, "not this time baby, this time is all about you"!

Ps Dom still owes Letty a shit load of extra orgasms for all the ones he got with Michelle. He should think of it as penance for cheating! In my mind that's what he does for three days (and hopefully for the rest of his life!).

The end was poignant though-watching as Dom makes the poor decisions that will lead the whole team down the path that messed up their lives. And of course we have Letty, only THREE DAYS after making up with Dom, saying " ride or die" and being more loyal than anyone should ever be to a man making stupid decisions. Sigh.

For all the times we hear the phrase "ride or die" it's ironic that it never seems to apply to Dom. It's always about Letty being loyal to him , staying by his side. Yet when HE decides it's time to go, we see him leaving her in the DR without explanation (no note, no discussion, just a pile of money and his cross) and then he makes no effort to stay in touch with her for months... I really hate that phrase since it seems so one sided...

I am hopeful that in your final story , Dom proves that he will ride or die for Letty. And he will be as loyal to her as she was to him. Letty has worked way too hard throughout all of your stories - it's Dom's turn now!

Keep writing these awesome stories-just give us a little more balance and fairness between Letty and Dom!
Nikki.P2 chapter 78 . 8/3/2014
Beautiful writing in this one-such amazing insight I to the characters!

I especially like this paragraph:

"I had made up with Mia, to an extent, after she explained to me how she found out and apologized for not telling me and also for making me feel guilty about Dom being sick. Our relationship wasn't the same as before but we were still friends. I just didn't tell her everything anymore but she understood. She knew there were trust issues there and she didn't push but she didn't like it either. Maybe one day it would be different."

I love that Letty and Mia's relationship is forever changed because Mia lied and covered up for Dom. In real life , things don't just to back to the way they were because of an "I'm sorry". The fact that they still have trust issues is a consequence of Mia's decision to take Dom's side and cover up for his cheating. She only has herself to blame. (Ps. I hope Mia also apologized for not calling Letty every day to check if she was ok, like a real best friend would).

Love that four weeks have gone by (not a couple days) and Dom is still working to get out of the doghouse! But Why is Letty so on the verge of giving in to Dom? Is it hormones? Lust?
"I stayed in Mia's room after we made up and I knew it was still taking a toll on Dom not having me as close as he needed and to be honest I don't know how much longer I could go either. "

I can't believe that each time she looks at him that she doesn't see him fucking Michelle. If that's not a mood dampener I don't know what is. ;-)

I love that Dom is trying even when he gets lukewarm responses from Letty! Good! Maybe he will cherish her more, treat her right, if he has to work for her this time! This part was excellent! Truly excellent!

"I wish I could do something big to get you to trust me again." He whispered and I heated under his gaze.
"It's not that easy." I said quietly and he nodded. (EXACTLY! TRUE!)
"I know… I wish it were. I miss you."
"I'm here." I said cautiously.
"You know what I mean…you're here physically yes but I miss us. I miss holding you, touching you whenever I wanted to, I miss kissing you…" He trailed off as I gave him look and he let me go sighing quietly.

Dom most his right to have kisses and touches when he cheated. He can't expect to have that back yet (other than the random bit sex Letty allowed him that first night back...). But note that Dom still remembers Letty saying That she is HIS! And throws that right in her face...

The race was great but I didn't like that Letty not only allowed but promoted herself being part of the face bargain. Whether Dom won or not , she basically made herself out to be an object/ possession to be passed from one man to the next. (Not to mention that she hasn't given Dom the right to call her his girl-so when Johnny said Letty was Dom's girl she would have objected!)

She JUST told Dom that he couldn't make one big gesture to win her back and then she allows him to do exactly that with the race. Talk about mixed signals! And how is racing , something Dom does all the time, evidence of his love for her? How does him winning a race make her trust him? It isn't! It's an excuse to get him hopped up and arrogant and controlling of her-like he owns her. (Note that even VINCE knows it was luck more than skill that had Dom winning the race. Hardly the test of trust or moral character or even love that Letty deserved... Why did she settle for so little?)

Actually I assume that she have in to her hormones or whatever and decided ahead of time that she was going to give in to him that night ( maybe he wowed her at dinner?) and used racing as an excuse to allow him to claim her. Otherwise I can't figure it out.

My biggest concern however is that , other than his insane possessiveness (I think he says "you're mine" about ten times in this chapter) DOM STILL hasn't said that he loves her! what is he waiting for? "I want you" is not the same as "I need you". :-)

I love though that Letty gets the last word: "I'll cut them off if you EVER cheat on me again." I warned all too aware his lips were closing in on mine. ROTFLOL! Awesome!

Overall excellent chapter! Glad to see Letty keep a little of her strength! Wish she would keep it forever. Maybe she can find it again in your newest story...? It's never too late for Letty to be that strong and powerful woman who DEMANDED the respect she de served from Dom. :-)

Ps. Mia's whole attitude that Letty should just forgive Dom was annoying and makes me happy that her character gets her heart broken by Brian in the movie... Maybe after that Mia will have a little empathy for the woman her brother cheated on and broke her heart!
Maybe THAT Mia wouldn't be so cavalier when Dom abandons Letty in the DR.
Nikki.P2 chapter 77 . 8/3/2014
Another great chapter. Love how Letty is testing Dom and that she is so up front about it

Loved how you write this part:
"You're making me nervous." I confided after she didn't say anything.
"You should be. I can leave at any time Dom, the choice is yours." I frowned and turned to her.
"I hate it when you say that." I muttered turning my whole body towards her.
"It's the truth." She shrugged staring at me carelessly.

Fantastic that she is making it clear that she can and will leave his sorry ass if he screws up again. He's had all the chances he's going to get. This is his last one...

But why have everyone blame Michelle for Dom cheating?! Dom is so fast to blamed anyone and everyone BUT himself. In earlier chapter he partially blames Leon and Vince for "convincing him" to keep his initial kiss a secret. He literally Tells them "it's not all your fault". Um. It's not their fault AT ALL! The ONLY person to blame for Dom cheating is DOM! And until he can see that and admit to it, he will not be a changed man.

Here Dom literally tells Michelle " You fucked up my entire relationship."
NO, DOM-*YOU* FUCKED UP YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP! YOU CHEATED ON LETTY! When will he understand that it is no ones fault but his own...?

And why Letty is more pissed at Michelle than Dom is crazy. DOM is the one who was her boyfriend and who owed her his loyalty. Michelle owes Letty nothing. Yet she beats Michelle up? Michelle isn't worth her time or effort. And certainly isn't worth the emotion Letty is expending on her.

Again again-just like two chapters ago-Letty is already giving in to Dom, showing him that she's already calling him "her man". (I hate when he gets arrogant about that-he should still be worried and wondering...)

I LOVE though that you show that Letty is NOT ready to let Dom in-he can't earn her forgiveness in a few days. It is going to take a lot more than that!

Great stuff:
"Fair enough. Do I get to call you my girl again?" I asked quietly and she shook her head making me feel down

"You're not forgiven, I'm sorry. Last night won't happen again." She whispered and it was the first time since she came back that I could see the hurt in her eyes.

Dom needs to work and work to *slowly* earn back Letty's love and trust!

Keep up more like this!

(Ps. It is sad that Letty allows herself to become a bitch, to fundamentally change Eleni she is, all because of a cheating boyfriend and his skank. :-.
Nikki.P2 chapter 76 . 8/3/2014
Letty seems to have been only with Dom. It's not like she's even dated much. And yet (as going as she is) she knows that he is he only one for her? The only one who can compete her?! (Even sadder when you read BERLIN and memories in Mexico and you realize that Dom can and will hurt her more than any person should accept-and she still "needs" him. So so sad to see Letty like that! She deserves better than Dom. I can only hope that she gains some of her *own* strength back in your newest chapters with Letty going to see her mom with Ava. Letty needs to stop relying in Dom to "complete" her life. It is great the Dom wants to be there for her but can't she have a little strength of her own? She needs to complete herself and THEN decide that she wants to be with Dom , as an equal not as a possession or as a dependent. Please! After so many years of Letty suffering PLEASE allow Letty some strength and dignity in the end!


Ps-I agree with some reviewers that it's too bad Letty didn't really sleep with someone else but I get that she was probably too hurt to allow herself to be with another man (and yet apparently not so hurt that a she can't keep herself from sleeping with the very man who tore her heart out...). Once, just once!, I would like to have Letty sleep with some guy (maybe because she is kissed at Dom and they are apart) and then have her tell him "it's ok, be said he meant nothing to me, it didn't mean anything..." Lol! Just once can't Dom be the one hurt by Letty instead of the other way around?!

In your story does Letty ONLY ever sleep with Dom in her whole life (other than any rape episodes)?! Why?! Is your vision one of how much shit can Letty be forced to endure for Dom, while he gets to sleep around (up to and including Elena? That's right, Dom actually has a loving relationship with another woman while Letty can "only" be with Dom. No other man will do for Letty but other woman are just fine for Dom. It just continues to show that he doesn't love her nearly as much as she loves him and isn't that the saddest part of all...?). Why such an imbalanced story? Maybe the subtitle should be "the ongoing saga of the terrible suffering of Letty Ortiz at the hands of Dominic Torietto"). I hope that we see a resolution in your final story.

As I said. I LOVE your writing style. It is so evocative of emotions , both good and bad ones, you really take us inside the characters through their actions and dialogue (as well as their thoughts). It is amazing! I looks forward to each and every update! I just want to see some happy ending for Letty in the end after all the shit she has gone through. I want broken-Letty to fix herself (maybe with Dom's help but he shouldn't "fix" her. She needs to know that she is strong enough to do it herself!).


This chapter was great! Thank you for having Dom wake up alone and panic! Hahaha! He deserved it after the times Letty was wondering if he was cheating in her. After the lies he told her. Thank you! And especially thank you for not having Letty move into Doms room. At least (after her weird submission to his sec and creepy controlling demands she is trying to drop a little strength and a little power.

Glad that Dom noticed it too "an attitude I wasn't used to seeing on her." :-)
It really is too bad she went and slept with him last night. It makes it seem like she's just pretending to be strong but has already given in to him (unless there is a possibility that she could actually leave him, then he has already won *without* having to prove that he has changed. Talk is cheap , Dom! Let's see some action!

Also nice to see try isn't white ready to forgive the rest if the team. They too will have to earn back her trust (hopefully slowly- she should make them all work for any tiny bit of trust she ever gives them!)

I hope she has learned her own lesson about trusting people and standing up for herself. !
Nikki.P2 chapter 75 . 8/3/2014
I love all your stories and was so loving the protracted angst here! Awesome how you show the deep and torn up emotions of both Dom and Letty in prior chapters. And I loved seeing Dom actually suffering a bit (for once!). And after so so many stories with a naive and passive Letty I was so excited to see Letty portrayed as a strong and powerful woman who will not allow Dom to walk all over her! One who leaves him and doesn't immediately come back and forgive him... :-)!

But this chapter kind of threw me for a loop. I was all set to watch Letty be in complete control but the. She completely gets submissive near the end! Why?!

This part haunts me!
"You're not forgiven and I don't trust you. You have to win that back."

Um. What kind of "great sex" can she have with a man she does not trust?! The fact that you have her thinking that it was the best sex they've had is disturbing. Particularly after his creepy possessive behavior. She JUST got back and he's already saying that she's his and *forcing* her to say she is his, that she belongs to him!?

WTF?! So much for strong and powerful Letty! She was doing so well being strong, staying away, making Dom suffer and work patiently to get her back. Smacking him across the face (as he deserved)! It was glorious!

But then, In one fell swoop you completely robbed Letty of her power:

First she tells Dom that she can't hate him even after all the hurt he caused her: "God I want to hate you so much but you make it fucking hard to."

Then, you have her have sex with him despite the fact that she does not trust him and hasn't forgiven him-again, WTF?! So, the lesson dom learns is that whether she trusts him or forgives him, he gets hot hot sex. Wow-he should fuck up more often if he's rewarded with the best sex of his life! What is the downside if he gets he best else. Of his life out if it ..?

And Letty says "Just shut up and take me. I need you." Yep- she lets him know that he has power over her because she *needs* him. she has said ten times more about her feelings to him than he has (ever) said to her. In this chapter, he says he owns her several times, even that he "needs" her but never that he "loves" her... Hmmm.

And then the creepiest part of all-Dom using orgasm denial (!) to *force* Letty to say out loud that she is HIS, and only HIS! I know you tried to soften it a little with him saying "I'm yours, just yours and you're mine." But really, he's just being his same controlling arrogant ass and getting exactly what he wants (and doesn't deserve).

Dom's dialogue:
"You're MINE."
"This is mine." He stated as his hands ran down my body clearly on a route to what he wanted the most. I almost purred when I felt his fingers enter me roughly.
(Ps. Having Dom claim Letty's vagina as "his"- sounds like she is a possession rather
than a real and whole person that he *loves*...)
"Mine." He stated again and I panted heavily as he worked me quickly to the edge before pulling away leaving me hanging. (HE IS USING SEX TO TRY TO CONTROL HER!)
"Say it." He demanded. (He "DEMANDED"?!)
"Letty say it." He whispered angrily but again I shook my head stubbornly knowing his patience was running thin.
"Say it." He snapped quietly as his thumb found my clit suddenly and I cried out.
"Yours, just yours." I panted aching for my release. (AND SHE IS *LETTING* HIM CONTROL HER WITH SEX! She just lost whatever power she had ever gained by giving in to him - especially after acknowledging that she doesn't trust or forgive him... Aargh!).


So HE cheats on her (repeatedly) and lies to her, but has the nerve to act like he owns her body and heart?! Where the fuck does he come off acting like this?! And why would Letty allow him to?! She just gave up and became submissive. No wonder she ends up the way she does later in the story. It's like the Letty of the movies never existed. The one who was strong and awesome and Dom's equal in every way. Sigh.

Great life lesson for Dom-"why change when Letty will just allow me to treat her like dirt beneath my feet...?it is so much easier if I have to do NOTHING to change myself..."

Dom was otherwise doing SO well with his persistent regret and penitence:

"I deserved that." He whispered.
"You deserve a lot more you prick." I ground out and he nodded.
"I'll agree with you."

"You haven't even asked for forgiveness." I said coldly.
"I don't deserve it… why would I ask for it?" (EXCELLENT EX ELLENT WRITING HERE!)

And his apology was SOO GOOD!
"I'm sorry… I'm unbelievably sorry. I need you… only you. No one else can give me what I need." (ALTHOUGH NOTE THAT ITS ALL ABOUT DOM AND WHAT HE NEEDS-is he only sorry because he needs Letty and lost her through his own actions? Or is he actually Sorry that he hurt her? )
"I'm sorry." He said one last time.
(WHAT AN EXCELLENT T APOLOGY OVERALL! why ruin it with his domineering behavior immediately afterward?! I wanted to see more groveling from Dom, more of him expressing his sorrow being with out her, his honest regret for hurting her, his soul searching while they were apart. He may have left her voice mails but I wanted to see him tell her to her face before she gave in and slept with him! If she was that horny she should have slept with some random guy to get it out of her system...

And at the very end she AGAIN gives in to him and agrees to stay the night! AFTER she says that she doesn't trust him, that he's not forgiven, that she's still angry at him, still hurt." and AFTER she says "I'm not staying in here with you, this shouldn't have happened." She immediately gives in to him and agrees to spend the night in his bed. This whole chapter, other than one slap to the face, is Letty giving in to Dom. ...

Aargh! Sorry for the rant but I LOVE your stories! You do such a great job with building tension and angst, and the hot love scenes! But I feel like the story is SO imbalanced against Letty! I agree with DANIDANI who said "Letty is the only victim in this story"! She is totally right! Not only does Dom cheat on her, but Letty's entire "family" lies to cover up Dom's cheating-further betraying her trust. And none of these friends/family seem to bother trying to make amends with her, or even check to see if she's ok, other than a couple calls from Mia. Oh no-it's all about Dom! Poor Dom! How dare she make him feel bad for cheating on her... (And I won't even get I to her suffering in the other stories...)

I couldn't believe how many reviews thought Letty was too harsh on Dom and the team. Are you kidding?! I wish she had held out more after she came back to the house! I LOVED that she kneed Leon and Vince in the groin! ROTFLOL! THANK YOU! ;-) and it's too bad she cut off Mia and Leon about them wanting to talk and explain. I wanted to hear them all "explain" why they betrayed her trust and covered up for Dom for months!

If I seem harsh, it is because I have worked with abused women (through my job) and honestly this is exactly the kind of behavior I expect from an abuser-possessiveness and treating Letty like an object that he owns. Note her Dom didn't *ask* her to take him back, he demanded (or forced) it! Even in his apology, he needs to have control over her.
Sad, scary, and maybe that is exactly what you were trying to portray... If so, kudos! Because you have my emotions all riled up and angry at Dom. Maybe I am just counteracting the fact that every single other character (including Letty) is so focused and worried about Dom... I feel like I have to counterbalance the seesaw. ;-)

I am SO concerned that they had the best sex ever immediately after Dom's creepy possessive behavior and Letty's honest remark that she does not trust him. I hope that you understand that two people who do not trust one another can NEVER have that deep and connected sex that defines making love. How could you portray this otherwise?! Without trust there is no deep connection. You CANT connect with someone you do not trust.

Is this attitude why so many women Stay with abusers? Because they like feeling "possessed" or "owned"?!

And immediately after they have hot trust-less sex Letty thinks "This was where I belonged as much as I hated that at times I knew this is where I belonged". Wow! Why does she have so little self-worth? That she thinks she belongs with a man who has yet to prove himself to her. He hasn't YET earned her trust back but she's already sure this is where she belongs. Maybe if she had thought that AFTER he had proven himself to her over a few weeks...maybe then! That line in particular Makes me cringe because we all know Dom is going to abandon her in the future. Because that is Dom's role in this story- to torture Letty apparently. And she allows it by making him the very center of her world (in a way that I have her to see him reciprocate). I have high hopes for your newest story and chapters-waiting to see Dom come to terms with his demons. To stop being a coward and finally fix himself so that he will finally be a man who deserves the love that Letty has given him over the years... The problem is that Dom never seems to learn his lesson- he just keeps hurting Letty over and over again. I can't wait to see them finally in a good relationship. Please!

Letty seems to have been only with Dom. It's not like she's even dated much. And yet (as going as she is) she knows that he is he only one for her? The only one who can compete her?! (Even sadder when you read BERLIN and memories in Mexico and you realize that Dom can and will hurt her more than any person should accept-and she still "needs" him. So so sad to see Letty like that! She deserves better than Dom. I can only hope that she gains some of her *own* strength back in your newest chapters with Letty going to see her mom with
Guest chapter 79 . 6/13/2014
I hope your real life relationships are better than Dom and Letty's relationship here. Letty borders ok being an abused woman. Dom is possessive and controlling to an incredible extent. He does not listen to or value her opinion. He hurts her constantly, cheats in her, and she always takes him back. Unlike him (who is with so many other girls) Letty is always "faithful" to him, even when they aren't together. You'd think she'd at least date other guys to see what is out there. Maybe a nice, hot, non abusive guy who won't treat her like shit...

The fact that Letty lets him get away with everything is what allows Dom to NEVER change. And because of that he will ALWAYS keep hurting her, over and over.
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