Reviews for Uncontrollable Urges
Mary Rose chapter 1 . 11/10/2014
Hilarious. I bet if the show would have been made today it would have been more like this. Not that it was bad as it was. It was great.
Miss Bridget Sharpe chapter 1 . 2/26/2014
LOL! That was waaaay too funny! I can see the Professor speaking this way and I can see Ginger wanting to smack him.
Magenta-Skye chapter 1 . 2/26/2014
Okay, I can't stop from laughing hysterically and by the way I love John Cleese as well as that movie! :)

Gilligan having nightmares of the two of them shouting the other's Mr. Howell covering his Teddy's ears, too funny!

I know secretly what those two shy little lovebirds (Gilligan & Mary Ann) are up to. Is Gilligan going to show Mary Ann his little seaman? LOL!

The whole post-coital discussion left me almost peeing my pants from laughing. I loved every word of it, just knowing how the Professor would get so excited by it.

This was a fun story and I enjoyed it! :)
Branmuffinpower chapter 1 . 10/17/2013
I liked this way more than I probably should have, This line, man: "Sometimes it's difficult for me to remember that occasionally you need to be told how beautiful you are. After all, I get to see you all the time, you only get glimpses in the mirror," he told her. "You must forget."

Perfect writing is perfect.
Jwood chapter 1 . 10/4/2012
Aahhhhh I didn't review this! Epic fail!

I really liked this. I loled. I got introspective. I felt for Ol Ginge when he started getting scientific. Poor kid...

But it's nice to see that he's not all brain. (What?) He understands her better than she thinks.

And I loved MAG's squirmyness and them running away to escape and loling w each other in the jungle. And G Man getting all "I was in the Navy" and MA being all meep! I was waiting for the naughties right there on the path! (But aren't I always?) There's a story, they've been inspired by Pinger.

Ugh ok my brains shutting down. This was fantastic. So great to see new stuff from you. Hope your enjoying your DVDs, we haven't discussed lately. Hope to see more writing from you!
Li'l Milk Glass Chicky chapter 1 . 9/26/2012
Oh this was a riot. Some good Ginger/Professor mixed with this much hilarity? Golden.

The seething volcano exploded! Hear Hear! Oops... they did. Awkward. Picturing Gilligan and Mary Ann, as uncomfortable the situation was but still getting so tickled was adorable, and I got a particular kick out of the Howell's reactions. Thurston shielding his dear Teddy's innocence, and Lovey reminiscing about her and the "Wolf of Wall Street's" younger days!

Gilligan and his discoveries. A pebble shaped like the Skipper's head...Gilligan should find a hoard of them somewhere on the island and then when they're rescued and become famous, sell them! I'd have bought one!

Ah, the afterglow conversation. *starts to swoon* It's just so...scientific? *stops swooning a moment*

Why I quite understand the ire that was building up in Ginger due to Proffy's choice of words, I really liked that bit of info on his past about that hussy, "Lucille Duggan."

- In his anger he swore that he would never fall in love again, and especially not with a red-haired temptress like Lucille. - Yeah, sure, whatever.

- Until, of course, he met Ginger. Ginger did a very good job of pretending that she was all hair, make-up, pretty dresses and Hollywood movie studios, but she was intelligent and kind and had settled down to life on the Island far more quickly than the Professor himself had done. And she was beautiful. Hopelessly, unnervingly beautiful. There were many occasions he'd completely forgotten what he was thinking when he spoke to her and accidentally managed to get lost in her eyes for a moment. He wasn't exactly sure when he fell quite so helplessly in love with Ginger, but he knew that there was some very jovial whooping from his internal voice when they finally stopped arguing and started kissing. - *goes back to swooning*

Oohh my my, a Pinger baby perhaps? *grins*

- "Really," he answered with a smile, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "Sometimes it's difficult for me to remember that occasionally you need to be told how beautiful you are. After all, I get to see you all the time, you only get glimpses in the mirror," he told her. "You must forget." She beamed at him. - Oh Roy, you really *do* know just what to say to a girl! Cool cat.

- "There's only one thing I like more than scientific theory," he told her, his blue eyes gleaming wickedly. She bit her lip and tried to stop the grin that was quickly spreading across her face.

"What could that be?" she whispered.

"Practice," he answered, kissing her deeply. - Yes, that's it. Practice makes perfect. Practice, practice, PRACTICE!

Groovy reading!
Teobi chapter 1 . 9/5/2012
Oh, man! I saw this yesterday and I'm sorry I didn't review it then. I'm so tired, Spev! I'm not getting a Patterdale Terrier anymore. I'mma get me a nice, docile, middle-aged labrador that I can use as a pillow while I watch Gilligan's Island. I feel like all my shoulder joints have been popped out. Anyhoo- I lol'ed when I saw this story. From one comment about a post-coital cigarette to this! Genius. Inner-John-Cleese-Voice or not (I can't think of anything more guaranteed to dampen the ardour!), you've done a great job of writing a naughty crackfic! (PS, I wrote a story called Pillow Talk too- or rather, FL did. See? We are totes psychic, mon ammy!)

Anyway, I'll shut up and get on with Things I Loved About this story.

. The Ginger/Professor argument. I can't imagine who was the bigger drama queen! I'll bet Proffy resorted to his Cary Grant voice while he threw his arms up in high dudgeon. I can just see Gilligan looking back and forth from one to the other with various expressions of awesome crossing those beautiful features of his :)

. The noisy lovemaking! 'Everyone knew that eventually something like this was bound to happen. They just wished it could have waited until after dinner.' Hey, at least they didn't sweep everything off the table and do it right under their noses.

. Gilligan and Mary Ann unable to even look at each other. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

. Gilligan predicting saucy nightmares for himself. It's inevitable!

. A pebble shaped like the Skipper's head. Good job it wasn't shaped like his belly- it would have been more of a boulder!

. MAG running away, then laughing and hugging on the path to the lagoon. And references to the farm animals! Woot! And then Gilligan saying "I was in the Navy." Don't underestimate him, Mary Ann. Watch his eyes carefully! 'She could feel his body convulsing in laughter next to her which made her cling to him even more tightly, getting giddy from their shared hysteria.' Love it!

. The post-coital cigarettes! Smugness personified. C'mon- we know the Professor would be proud of himself :)

. "I don't usually do this, Professor!" Ginger began. - She ain't talkin' about the cigarettes, Roy, but I'd like to know who she's trying to kid...

. Proffy's romantic past. O.O What a seething volcano!

. Proffy's whole explanation of why they finally made love. Why, it was all down to the primal urge to inseminate and reproduce! Not because they found each other aitch-oh-triple-tee or anything like that! OK, maybe just a bit. OK, a lot. :)

. "There must be something about me that makes me a more biologically pleasing sexual partner than, for example, the Skipper." - POOR SKIPPY! Not only is there a pebble shaped like his head down at the lagoon, but he's not even considered sexually attractive anymore. So much for being a salty old sea-dog. Not even Erika Tiffany Smith fancied him and he was besotted with her!

. Good job he didn't do a comparison with Gilligan. Ginger might have had to stop and think about that one. :p

. 'Unwittingly ovulating'. - Yes, we women do have a tendency to unwittingly ovulate at the most inconvenient times, like during polite dinner parties. Sorry about that!

. "I suppose I am younger than the Skipper and so that would probably make me seem stronger, more virile and therefore more capable of impregnating you." - And Gilligan's even younger, Roy, so I'd quit while I'm ahead if I were you!

. But he doesn't. He blunders blindly on and brings Ginger's age into it. HER AGE! This is the point where I'm amazed she didn't leap up and slap him across the face for daring to suggest she's in her thirties! Oh, Proffy. No wonder you're still a bachelor.

. 'The Professor looked surprised at her outburst, he really hadn't intended to upset her at all. In fact, he thought she had found the whole discussion as interesting as he had.' - Someone buy him a copy of 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus'. *facehoof*

. "There are, of course, other, less scientific reasons that this happened." - Do I hear the sounds of gentle back-pedalling?

The whole 'you must forget how beautiful you are' routine. WHAT A SMOOTHIE. yes, I am an old cynic. But yes, he does turn it around pretty cleverly. I'm sure he's being honest, too ;D

. "There's only one thing I like more than scientific theory, and that's practise." "OH, PROFESSOR!" SWOON! Fade to curtains, and hope Gilligan doesn't come running in to ruin THIS particular experiment!

Aw, Spev. I loved it, with love. It's nice to read about Ginger/Proffy being lighthearted and funny with each other rather than soul-searching and angsty. Not that I don't like soul-searching and angsty, these two seem suited to it. But I do like a bit of comedy in my Gilligan's Island, after all, that's what GI is all about!

Now, dare I ask that you do a funny one for MAG? Perhaps they got distracted looking for the pebble shaped like the Skipper's head...

Yours living in hope!

Teebodrama xx

TereseLucy384 chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
Awesome :) Nothing like a little tropical romp in the hay. That was terribly fun to read.

Professor's explanation of the whole process was brilliant, but I must say, my favorite phrase was the "post-coital cigarette". If I had been drinking a margarita at the time, I would have spit it out all over my keyboard.

P.S. I love your disclaimer ;D
liviloo9 chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
Wow! Lol this was a good story. And Proffy makes it sound so scientific... haha. You are a great writer!