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DasCheesenborgir chapter 2 . 1/9/2016
"You... you seduced me."

Hold on.



64-seeks, this platform is experiencing extreme hysteria

thermal dissipators in the crotch region have reported a 50% increase in temperature as well as steady secretion of a strange white fluid

in the interests of maintaining functionality we would request that you stimulate this platform further

studies of human mental state has indicated that heightened arousal has a strong correlation with greater capacity of intellectual thought and the formation of natural and pleasant dialogue

we believe that this phenomenon known as 'smut' has led to the proliferation of highly productive cults of individuals with inhibited mental processes that can easily be appropriated into useful pawns for greater and more worthy machinations

we have reached consensus that you have not exploited this well-known fact as well as you could

we would suggest that perhaps the populace within this sector of the Internet is yet not as susceptible to such indoctrination

we have studied the phrasing of this peculiar device and have reached the consensus that in spite of such mental inhibitors as the example presented before, you have constructed this device to be a serious piece of literature

we must conduct further research on human obsession with bondage and forthcoming tendency to speak in highly technical and concrete terms when discussing frivolous copulation with each other

we are under the impression that your ongoing work on this device within this sector is severely inhibiting your own capacity for thought and development of other useful weapons

we would suggest that you sample the population at another sector, 'Literotica', and enthrall a more appropriate mass of meatshields there, even if their grey matter is inherently more difficult to harvest

we shall await the delivery of your new shipment of diluted biomass scheduled for the following ten cycles

- The Assorted and Wooden Logs of Thief-Tree Kawaii Shogun, The 30th Day of The Great Harvest
Antoine chapter 10 . 1/26/2015
I like the beginning of this latest chapter. I like how well Miranda is dealing with Jack's jealousy.

I was also glad to see how happy and comfortable Kasumi was with her shower, and how pleasantly she began her use of her new control. I was also a little surprised to see how obedient Jack was being. I suppose she had been well trained by this point. ;)

Silk scarves are, indeed, sexy, and so are crimson sheets! I like where this is going. I could not help but feel a little "awww" when Kasumi granted Jack's request to touch Miranda. I was very glad that Kasumi was enjoying the show, and it certainly seemed to be helping to build trust with Jack that Kasumi was letting Jack play with Miranda as Jack wanted.

I knew that Jack's impulsiveness might get her into trouble, though, and when she disobeyed Kasumi's order to leave the gag in, I anticipated some more fun aimed at Jack thereafter.

As always, you, the author, leave us wanting more. Now, considering that you have not updated this story in almost a year, I am not expecting much more, but I want you to know that I enjoyed it immensely! I have seen a surprising variety of genres from you, now, including drama, intentionally crappy (for humorous effect), and now, erotica. Your skill is truly admirable!

Thank you for the good reads. :)
Antoine chapter 9 . 1/25/2015
I loved the calm, warm, and sensual opening of this chapter.

Ah, yes, what to do about Kasumi. If she is not willing to keep a secret, perhaps a little kindness in captivity will induce just enough Stockholm syndrome to motivate her. I also enjoyed Jack's little jabs, reminding Kasumi of what she had done to Jack the previous night. I can see how this would start to wear down her resistance.

I liked the brief discussion between Miranda and Jack about Jack's punishment for her indolence.

I also loved Kasumi's description of the moment she always remembered about Miranda at the meeting in the comm room. That was quite vivid.

The ending to the chapter was another wonderful lead-in to the next chapter. You always know how to leave us readers wanting more, theseeker64. I look forward to the most recent chapter!
Antoine chapter 8 . 1/23/2015
The description of Miranda's body is exquisite, and I laughed at "'Why didn't you say something?'" Another wonderful beginning to another chapter.

It was amusing to watch Kasumi's reaction to the whole scene. I can imagine it being a bit much to take in for someone unfamiliar with kink. Yes, Kasumi, difficult as you might find it to believe, they are both very happy like this.

I was also happy to see that they were comfortable sharing somewhat "beyond monogamy". I really like Miranda and Jack, now. :D

Oh, Kasumi, just relax! Everything is a lot more fun when you let go of your hang-ups. ;) Miranda seems quite skillful at orchestrating a scenario to help introduce her to everything, and I like that.

I laughed again at "Who? Oh, Jack?" Yes, the only other person in the room, Kasumi. ;)

What a nice night that was! I eagerly look forward to more!
Antoine chapter 7 . 1/22/2015
I laughed at the beginning, how the three ladies all began speaking at once, especially at Jack's choice of opening statement.

Oh, Samara, can you not just let it go? You were just as guilty, after all. Oh, well. I am glad Shepard is not interested in getting rid of Jack. I, too, have grown fond of her.

I was happy to see everything work out and result in some CONSENSUAL playtime for once. ;)

The exploration of the toy bag was also interesting. Having been to a few kinky parties, I have seen a fair share of toys, but that one with the bristles was a new one to me, too!

Once again, you succeed in pleasantly surprising me, theseeker64. I certainly was not expecting tickling, and it was just adorable! :D

Those two are just so cute, now! I really like seeing them so happy together!

I really laughed out loud at "'Sorry'... 'Mmf was last week's magic word.'"

I look forward to more!
Antoine chapter 6 . 1/21/2015
I laughed as Miranda asked "Jack, what the hell are you doing to her?" I thought that it was rather obvious what Jack was doing to Samara.

I also appreciated Jack and Miranda's... exploration of Samara, you know, for science. I was also pleased to see Samara enjoying herself. The toe-curling is, indeed, a sure giveaway. It was nice to see a chapter where everyone had fun!

"And when she does, we'll deal with it," This line hinted at still more interesting developments to come. I share the curiosity of Malek, another reviewer. I look forward to reading more!
Antoine chapter 5 . 1/20/2015
Oh, Samara is such a kinky bitch, is she not?

It was interesting to see Miranda, who had once been so dominant earlier in this story, be acting so submissive to Samara at the beginning of this chapter. That said, I was impressed, and even a little surprised that Miranda managed to reverse that role about half-way through the chapter. I grinned and shook my head in slight disappointment at Samara for not turning over control when she submitted as she had previously promised, but then again, of course, that gave Miranda and Jack an opportunity to restrain her further, and I cannot complain about that. I fully agree with the guest review saying that it was an awesome idea! :)

As usual, the end of this chapter hints at much more fun to come, and I am eager to read more tomorrow! :)
Antoine chapter 4 . 1/19/2015
I got a wide grin at the beginning of this chapter. Having fun, like a lovestruck teenager, coming down with the giggles, all of those things resonate with me so well, adding an element of innocence to the whole, torrid affair.

I was amused when Miranda said that Shepard had no problems with relationships onboard the Normandy. From what I have heard about those games, Shepard is quite a fan of having "relationships" onboard the Normandy, himself.

I cannot honestly say that I did not see coming the events that transpired in the starboard observation room, but it was amusing to see it begin, all the same. I enjoyed watching the heretofore main characters getting manipulated in this way.

I could not help but ponder, for a moment, how Samara's accusation of playing games instead of commanding the ship seemed somewhat hypocritical, given that she, herself, was committing the exact same offense in her attempt at "punishment", though I let that thought slide. It seemed somehow unimportant, ultimately.

I was pleased that Miranda was able to avoid the gag. I look forward to the next chapter!
Antoine chapter 3 . 1/18/2015
As this chapter began, I felt as though we were getting back to a bit more realism after having such a rush of kinky fantasy, and I think that was a good move! I think that it helps keep the fantasy parts from feeling overdone, and it helps the whole thing feel just a bit more "real".

With Samara's entrance, I was pleased at the panic of being nearly found out in one's guilty, irresponsible pleasures. I also liked Joker's blabbering about supporting her.

I like how distinct each characters voice is. Furthermore, I was surprised how entertained I could be reading a description of a foot rub.

I definitely found Samara's repeated intrusions amusing.

As for the ending, it was surprisingly sweet, it its own way! This story is pretty rich, for its genre, and I am eager to read more!
Antoine chapter 2 . 1/17/2015
Oh, yeah. Now we are REALLY getting into the kinky stuff! Forcing someone else to have extreme pleasure is certainly a fun fantasy, and I could not help but giggle a few times reading this chapter! In an odd way, I was happy for Miranda when Jack finally let her come. I laughed when Miranda shouted "You know what you did!"

I will say, I was very pleased at how this chapter ended as a sort of reverse of the previous one. I look forward to reading more!
Antoine chapter 1 . 1/16/2015
I only have a little bit of experience with "Mass Effect". Most of what I know about it I learned from mans1ay3er's "Gamer Poop: Mass Effect 3" videos. ;)
That said, I was interested in reading this story because I have enjoyed theseeker64's previous work.

The description (and the picture) of this story was very good at letting me know what to expect, and I grinned as I saw things start to drift into the kinky territory. That said, it was also good to see a little bit of actual backstory going on, too, with Shepard and company on Earth. It helps keep the story from feeling too gratuitous. ;)

I could certainly relate to Miranda's frustration with Jack. People who have that much pent-up aggression can be quite... aggravating.

I like the pacing. It was not too quick, as to feel too unnatural, but neither was it too slow, to be plodding. It was just right. :)

The "action" scene was quite hot. I was amused as things turned around on Miranda and I reconsidered the wisdom of having EDI cease monitoring Miranda's room, even before that was mentioned in the end of the story.

You have my interest in yet another story. I will be reading more later.
Reven207 chapter 10 . 8/11/2014
Please keep this going!
Guest chapter 10 . 8/1/2014
This story is so hot! Don't stop here, please!
Shadow knight1121 chapter 10 . 2/28/2014
Great smutty work as always buddy. Great job.
Atruya chapter 9 . 2/27/2014
Interesting twist. Kasumi in charge, that's a new one. Can't wait to see what happens.
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