Reviews for Tactician and the series
AquaticSilver chapter 1 . 11/20/2012

I just found out recently.
OMG! Finally! I dream about FE getting something like where all characters can be played and have an OC/tactician and choose you will marry. Really, i did! (a dream-thanks FFN for making me think like this). But who wouldn't have thunk?! Hahaha i kinda felt weird and creep out when i found this but who cares?! Here's something you never get to see. Finally something worth playing to (kind of like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory, Record of Agarest- where you can choose whom you like marry, except for Dynasty Warrior: Empire- you can create your own OC and marry one of the character).

Haha lol i bet a LOT of gamers will definitely play FE: Awakening and marry the chars they favor. That means a LOT of fanfics will be update! Yay!

As for me, heck i'm so gonna play all over and over and over again till i try marry all the chars! After i beat the game, i'll restart, make new avatar, try pursue or marry other characters then after i finish (that goal lol XD ), i'll go back to marrying my fav char again (or not) XD hahaha

But before that, i have to get me a new 3DS!
I just got my orig DS 2 years from my first paycheck. Argh! I hated 3DS! Never had thought it's gonna make me get 3DS! I thought 3DS' games lame...but now, oh boy. Now my 'hate' turns to 'want' 3DS so bad!

I can't wait for the release date! I want the game so bad!

LOL hahaha i gotta agree with you there XD

Yeah, i read the wiki. Seems like most of the character's traits improve and change. Good to know Roy will too. Sheesh, i always see him as a kid in the game unlike Eliwood.
TiamoisDoomed chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
Just a heads up...

There's a character called Mark in the new FE. Can be a guy or girl too... So his/her choices are actually limited to a select group of characters. Not the whole female cast. But hey, male Mark gets a dragon and female Mark gets a bunny.

...and what type of double teaming were you explaing to Hector exactly?
COOKIECHEESEMAN chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
You know you're shallow when the one thing you want out of your wife is boobs. :p What about animals? Animals have tits!

Hilarious! I AM looking forward to this game, thank you very much! It will still be a long time before it's out, though.

Humour is one of those genres where anything goes. You don't need to conform to anything, really, as long as it's funny. Thanks for being funny!

Some "words of useless wisdom"... make sure your wife is a woman!
10/10 Woo hoo!