Reviews for Sigh of relief
Eq4qE chapter 1 . 9/4
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Deadpool chapter 1 . 7/15/2016
Sylmarien chapter 1 . 1/23/2013
Oh gosh I know, I could have killed Reilly for doing that, if I ever write a scarecrow story it will be in an AU where that never happened. T-T It was so sad *sniff*
Cool story -I would change one thing though -maybe make Libby hiss in pain or grit her teeth or strangle a gasp or something -making her whimper sorta seems a but wussy to me and Libby maybe a girl but she is no wuss. Just a thought everything else was wonderfully fluffy so thanks for writing :) we need more LibbyXScarecrow stories
goddessofolympia chapter 1 . 10/16/2012
Brilliant! I love it, it's adorable ] I totally agree, there aren't enough Matthew Reilly stories :/ And I was so upset when Libby got killed off! Ah well... Thank you for writing this 3
katinki chapter 1 . 10/6/2012
was just re-reading a bit myself and decided to search for some fic :) very nice little moment here. thanks for sharing it! and yes! why, oh why, did reilly have to kill her off! grrr!

Julie chapter 1 . 9/11/2012
Love it. Its really beautiful but not too 'pda' especially since Schofield and Libby are not those kind of people. Really lovely.
Bastetian chapter 1 . 9/4/2012
This is very cute. A lovely little one-shot, thanks for sharing it with us!