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No body chapter 18 . 7/17
:,( it over. I can't bear it
No body chapter 15 . 7/16
No body chapter 14 . 7/16
The last two chap made me cry!i hate u so firking much
Chloe x chapter 18 . 2/11
I just read this story again and balled my eyes out, I kinda wish you would make another about what happens after because you truly are an amazing writer.
RaeSage chapter 18 . 9/30/2014
I love your ending. Its the kind of thing when you finish reading a great book and you cant quite wrap your head around it. Your left unable to move on to read another book and just for a while stare at the ceiling of your room wondering, contemplating and thinking of what will happen beyond the ending. I like that you didnt put a bow in the end and wrap it up nicely which i believe would have been easier, like after 10 years being married and having kids or such but somehow you made it realistic so that the readers in the end can maybe imagine whats next. I guess it'll depend in the person whether to be a cynic and optimistic about their future. Having said that theres still a part of me hoping that you'll write some sort of follow up or anything more about someday, but i guess thats the part of me wishing great stories to never end, being hung up on great novels like harry potter and looking for stories on fanfiction so you still have something to hold on to. So great job on making me feel this way!
ChiisaTeru chapter 18 . 7/14/2014
You wanted to write an epic love story.. and an epic love story you wrote. I enjoyed Somedays a lot, the more I continued to read this trilogy I found myself expressing emotions in real life, I laughed.. and I may or may not have cried on some plots.. that means either a.) I'm a sensitive idiot or b.) You're an amazing writer. Kind of leaning on choice B. 3

I love how you had multiple plots, and how you described scenarios, and how you reacted to feedback. I'm kind of late on this, as it's like 5 years later, but who cares. :)
Guest chapter 18 . 6/19/2014
sequel please? :D
Guest chapter 1 . 4/11/2014
Literally after I read this series I can't read an fanfic about them and their family and happily ever afters and stuff because this is reality and it's so good but so bad! You are so talented please keep writing!
Bookworm455 chapter 18 . 1/29/2014
Well you're an excellent writer but I'm pretty pissed at you right now. I stuck through the whole story, read the whole effin thing, and then you do this. So, you suck.
Amazingly talented but you make me so mad.
Guest chapter 18 . 12/24/2013
ever thought about doing a sequel? eg life during or after college and if they meet again?
Savannah O'Ryan chapter 18 . 6/4/2013
I read this final installment, and then before reading the thank you, went back and read it all again. You are brilliant in constructing 3 dimensional people from a movie aimed at teeny boppers. Obviously, and ironically, it wasnt the teeny boppers who fell hard for HSM. Perhaps that explains all of our writing to a degree. After all your hard work, I could deconstruct it and analyze it again, but I think thats unnecessary. All of the angry responses from others proves the depth of your work. The evolution of the gang was also the evolution of your writing. Gabriella questions what we should all question: What does it mean to be independent? Is it detrimental for our whole world to be based on someone else being present in it? How do we know? Your ending is like a tv season, where the authors and writers have managed to tieup loose ends while maintaining options so that the possibility of renewal is a feasible and viable option. What you have done is an accomplishment you should be proud of. Van
whateverzcool chapter 17 . 3/19/2013
Woah, as much as I hate to admit, this story epitomizes reality. You have really captured the essence of love, lust, passion, and heartbreak. You are correct in the fact that each individual should begin college fresh without any romantic ties. People do change as time passes and I applaud you for portraying a sense of reality that even I cannot accept. However, if I were as hopelessly in love with Troy like Gabriella was, I would not have the guts to cut off all ties lol. Gosh this whole saga was really amazing! My inner girly girl can't help but picture an epilogue with Troy and Gabriella married with children though hahah *hint hint maybe? Anyways, great job! I truly appreciate how dedicated you have been in continuing Troy and Gabriella's epic love story! This is coming from a girl who rarely writes comments! Man, now I can't go to sleep because I can't help but think of the "what could have been". I guess that says a lot about you as a never cease to amaze and surprise me! Oh, and I love the route you're taking with The Simple Need and if ever you need any inspiration, ideas, or just a person to talk to you feel free to inbox me! Just wanted you to know that you actually made a difference in my world! Do me a favor and never stop writing, seriously.
brianna4797 chapter 18 . 2/19/2013
Wow. Finally i read this whole series ! Im speechless. Ive never read anthing like this. You serioly blew my mind.
Amazing story , amazing ending .
Tears of happiness were brought to my eyes as i read their last phonecall. I really wish this wasnt the end, but it was a fantastic way to end.
Great work .
Persephone Lemonade chapter 18 . 2/9/2013
I have developed this terrible quality where I put things off to do them later and end up never getting to them. This fic was one of those things, but the day before yesterday, I got my shit together and started up chapter 12 again (which is where I left off when I was reading on time) and finally finished it. Let me tell you, I'm actually so very in love with how you wrapped it up. I love that they broke up and I love that she ended it and it was easily one of the most realistic pieces of work I've ever read. I loved that you brought out the realist side of Gabriella that has always been there, but that the films failed to portray at times (or well, failed to carry out at times). I liked that you addressed the notion that it's so hard to keep in touch after college and sometimes it's just because life happens. It has nothing to do with love or friendship or anything of the like. Life happens and people drift apart.

And this stopped making sense a while ago, so I'll continue with this, I am so very proud of you, Dani. I'm so proud of how you've trudged through nearly five years of the massive wonder that is this verse and I'm proud of how you made it through the other side. This fic went around the world with you and it's so obvious to see how you have and it has grown over the years. This will always be my favorite universe as far as High School Musical FanFiction goes, and I just have so many feelings at the moment.

I have so much more to say, but I have no idea how to articulate so I will just say Thank You. Thank you for sharing this world with all of us and for opening the doors to your imagination with it. I'm thankful for this work because it brought me to you and while we don't talk every single day like we used to, you're still a very important part of my life and I'm so glad to have met you. I can't wait to see where you go next after this, but I hope I get to witness the next step.

I love you very, very much.

- Nel, xo.
runninequalslife chapter 17 . 1/10/2013
Thank you.

I've been reading this story for a long time as you know. You also know that I don't tend to shut up on a regular basis, but I honestly don't know what to say. But this review is one of the hardest pieces of writing I've ever had to complete. I can't imagine your emotions when you finished this. After I completed reading this yesterday, I had to step away and settle MY feelings because I was on the verge of breaking down. It's been a day later before I can come up with the words I want. But, as you stated in your epilogue, these characters are real for you. So if there is anything I can do with this review is send you love (even if it is months late).

This story has been, truly, a journey. It wasn't perfect - there were points in TM that dragged, some of your Aussi-isms revealed themselves in the early parts of the story. But this part of the series, You and Me, was perfect. The pacing was steady but swift. You included all of the scenes that needed to be included; every scene was imperative to the story. It was tight, yet strong. That's damn good writing. You've come a long way since the beginning. Be proud of yourself for that. I wish you knew how much my heart gripped during their last night together. I wish you knew how perfect the airport scene was. A part of me wished for a Rachel and Ross expose, where she got off the plane and they lived happily ever after. I'm so happy you didn't give us that though. Writing completed love is beautiful, but writing heartbreak shocks the soul and stays with you forever.

I don't want you to write an "in the future" shot of them, as you suggested you contemplated in your authors note. If you do, to be honest, I probably won't read it. This ending is so unbelievably spot on that touching their future would be an insult to its magic. I don't want you to tell me if they get back together - if a person has really lived and loved this story, he/she know the answer.

Thank you for sharing your heart with the world for these past years. This story captures reality and love together, entwining them with perfection and creates a masterpiece. I am so proud of you, and so thankful I've been able to experience this artwork.
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