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Fantastiggerisch chapter 12 . 8/26/2014
Hi there, I like the story and would love to see an update.
Liz86000 chapter 12 . 1/11/2013
Love this fic! I was always so angry at Luke at that time... Can't wait for more!
georginiuxa chapter 12 . 10/30/2012
nice history i just hope you continued
RhizOneill chapter 12 . 10/15/2012
please update soon!
Clara chapter 12 . 9/30/2012
I know that the reviews over your story have been all over the place, but I hope, I wish, that it won't stop you from going forward with it. You've got real talent as a writer and I encourage you to keep writing what feels right to you. There is such few good stories about Luke and Lorelai these days and I always look forward to reading something new. I really hope you continue and don't give up. And I'm sure that even the readers that review negatively will keep reading just to know where this is going. Just because this story isn't going the way they want, doesn't mean that it's a bad story and that people are not reading it.
I really hope you continue and update soon. I'm looking forward to reading more of you.
gilfoy chapter 12 . 9/20/2012
Can't wait for the next part!
SA-fan 2011 chapter 12 . 9/19/2012
I share the opinion of the last review!
Guest chapter 12 . 9/18/2012
I don't know if I like this story or not. I don't like that you made that everything was Rory and Luke's fault and Lorelai is more or less blameless. I think that Lorelai should admit that she made mistakes too (don't speak to Rory, ultimatum, not tell Luke about how she feels,...). And I don't think that Jess would be on Lorelai's side and call her aunt Lorelai, to me it seems forced.
A Thousand Undiscovered Stars chapter 12 . 9/18/2012
Awesome new chapter! I REALLY don't want Lorelai to forgive Luke! :)
Zoe chapter 12 . 9/18/2012
That was a good first face to face for them. I'm glad she told him she didn't love him anymore. He needs to get out of his head and back to reality. God, he's really a jerk. He thought he would just show up, talk a little and get her back. They didn't even talk about what he did wrong with April. And his explanation of what happened felt all wrong, like he would have said anything she wanted to get her back but not the truth. I didn't really get what he meant by:
"You were already in pain and I didn't help you because it brought us closer together."
What did that mean?
And he said he learned from what happened. What did he learned? He's just starting to realize what happened, what he did wrong, how badly he hurt her, how could he be so sure that he learned anything yet?
In the show, I always hated the fact that Luke got close to Lorelai again when April left for New Mexico. Like since April wasn't there anymore, he could start paying attention to Lorelai again. He replace one by the other, and never made the effort to bring them together. And I can see that happening here also. If he hadn't lost April too, would he be there, trying to get her back? Would he be trying to get the three of them together or would he still be keeping them apart? He never actually tried on the show to get them together (if I remember correctly).
gilmoreintraining chapter 11 . 9/18/2012
I think Luke needed to hear that speech on the show
A Thousand Undiscovered Stars chapter 11 . 9/18/2012
Great chapter! I loved how angry Jess was at Luke!
Jarnac50 chapter 11 . 9/18/2012
I agree with everything that Clara wrote.
I admit, I was losing a bit of interest in this story when Jess came along, but this chapter made it better. Hate Luke! How could he have not realize that she needed him and that he was the one causing her pain. Thank God for Jess and Lane! Can't wait to read your next chapter.
Clara chapter 11 . 9/18/2012
Ok, I actually liked this a lot. I'm getting around to the Lorelai - Jess dynamic. And I'm starting to think that Luke doesn't deserve Lorelai. God, what a Jerk!
"She never had you, not the way you had her." So right!
And I know that some people think that it was ok for him to not get Lorelai involve with April because she didn't want him to help with Rory, but at that time, Lorelai wasn't seeing or talking to Rory either. She wasn't in contact with her and going behind Luke's back, keeping Rory to herself, lying, keeping secret, like Luke did to Lolelai. And while she was on the outs with Rory, she was moving forward with Luke, getting engage, talking about the future and having kids, moving in together. When Luke started getting to know April, he stopped moving forward with Lorelai and stopped talking to her. He just took her for granted.
SA-fan 2011 chapter 10 . 9/17/2012
Is Jess going to meet his uncle on his own, to be able to really confront him about what made him neglect Lorelai of all people, or is he giving Luke the chance, he owes him after everything he did to his uncle, and lets Luke tell his version of what happened?
How Lorelai didn't want him to help her with Rory.
How he found out about April, and became terrified to suddenly be the father of a 12 year old girl, who already had her own opinion on things.
How Anna hadn't told him about April in the first place, because he didn't like kids.
How Anna and some of the townspeople didn't think he knew how to be a father, and how that made him doubt himself.
How he wanted to get to know April on his own, and be sure she was comfortable enough around him and be able to form a strong father-daughter relationship, before he introduced Lorelai to April and let his daughter be around Lorelai, being convinced that he wouldn't stand a chance to get close to April with Lorelai around, who kids adored, and was afraid that April would like her better, and only continue to come to Stars Hollow, to spend time with the cool and hip Lorelai, instead of the grumpy diner-owner, who was scared about doing anything wrong, when it came to being a good parent, and bave April like him!
How he didn't want to hurt Lorelai, and her to become jealous of him, for him being able to have his daughter around.
How he wanted to prove not only Anna and the orther disbelievers wrong, but most of all prove it to himself, that he could be a really good dad to April, and was extremely terrified about Super mom Lorelai seeing him fail at being a parent, being afraid, that she might not want to marry him anymore and have kids with him, if he did.
How he was about to totally ruin his daughter's 13th birthdayparty, wanting to do it all by himself, giving her the totally wrong birthday-present, and not having anything planned other than having made a cake and decorated the diner! Then having Lorelai come to his rescue, exchanging his gift with her idea of a perfect present for April and making the party to a smash hit, making his daughter and Lorelai happy, which made him happy. But then Lorelai came up with the idea, to turn it into a slumber party, that he couldn't see any problem with. However it made Anna mad, because Lorelai was the one, that stayed with April and her guests in the same room, making him look as a bad parent. And then Lorelai went to Anna to talk to her about it without his permission, instead of talking to him.
And how Lorelai didn't talk to him for a couple of days, until she suddenly turned up one night, giving him an ultimatum to marry her now or never, not being able to give her what she wanted, he let her walk away from him!
How he wanted to let her calm down first and then talk to her about everything that was bothering her the next night or the day after that; but then she was already gone, after having gathered his and Rory's things and made a bonfire out of it on the lawn in front of the house as a parting gift!
And because he had hurt Lorelai and let her down, he was convinced that Lorelai was bertter without him, that he didn't deserve her, that he wasn't worthy of her anymore!
And to let her be happy, and not make her feel guilty of him being depressed by her absence, which could only be blamed on him and Rory, he put on a haapy face for the town, to not have someone tell Lorelai, that he has been and still is a mess without her, because he didn't want to make her suffer anymore!
And that he fought April's mother in court to get shared custody of April, before they moved to New Mexico in January, but that he lost!

And what will happen, when Jess shows up, and gets the shock of his life, being reminded of his terrible childhood, when he finds Luke sitting snorring on the couch with the dog and surrounded by a lot of beer bottles, having been drinking himself to sleep, and realizing that this has been going on for a while?

Or does the dog bark, waking Luke up to welcome Jess in a drunken haze?

With Luke being drunk, will it make it easier for Jess to get his uncle's true feelings about Lorelai out in the open?

And how is Lorelai going to react, when Jess tells her, that Luke is a mess as well, drinking himself to sleep; but that no one knows about this, because his uncle has just been keeping it to himself behind the closed door of his apartement above the diner?
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