Reviews for The Havoc side of the Force
Smile Back chapter 19 . 12/6
that was fun !
timewastin chapter 19 . 12/5
Thanks for the update!

I can see Tobril getting railroaded for people desperate to place the blame on an easy target. Which makes me think Horn is not going overboard with his worries :P Lastly, I move that Shmi (and Kalu) be stricken from the acceptable targets list due to a severe case of innocence and naivete resulting in the lowest hanging fruit ever.
kosmospotter chapter 10 . 12/4
Observation: Based on the number of review and favorites, this story is making a killing!
Obvious Statement: Must be Hk's fault!
Inquiry: When can we expect the latest chapter in this marvelously houmoristically violent novel?
Ranmaleopard chapter 19 . 12/4
Again this is just really awesome and I eagerly await your next enjoyable chapter. Please continue
Tropp chapter 19 . 12/4
What a lovely surprise, a new chapter. Made me giggle like a little girl on the bus to work. As always a good chapter, I'm looking forward to the telling of HK trip with the wookies. Also, your version of HK is fantastic.

Take care/Tropp
BomeranG chapter 11 . 12/4
I'm with the Deadpool's "Jar Jar Binks is an abomination!" school.
... Okay, maybe not the "Darth Jar Jar Binks".
zekses chapter 11 . 12/4
This really lacks different POVs in my opinion. It's as HP is travelling the static world that is only alive and moving where and when he is.
Astroman1000 chapter 19 . 12/3
Hmm too true. I've been on a bit of a binge I read all three top Harry Potter Star Wars Crossovers in a week they are all damn good and your rogue Harry is a joy to read. Honestly it's tons of fun though I'm wishing you'll do a sort of... reneging of your previous statement of Harry having no time turners. I can't imagine a perfect opportunity but there absolutely can be a good arc that revolves around time turners and saving lives or whatever. I'm not demanding only thinking it could be cool.
Can't wait til the next chapter
Thx ;)
D chapter 19 . 12/3
love the new chapter great story
fred2008 chapter 19 . 12/3
Ayy, they live! Congrats you made it to chapter 19(and side chapters)
Ever look at tvtropes? Apparently they have tons of ideas to kick around. Filler sucks but it works in the end. Keep up the work yeah?
smeehee chapter 19 . 12/3
really enjoying the story cant wait for more
LordShotGun2 chapter 19 . 12/2
I love this story. Crushing the timeline allows so many fun things you can do. Harry helping to hide jedi after order 66, helping to form the rebal alliance on his station and so much more. Granted thats a bit further into the timeline, but harry could always lose or break his wand and have to search the galaxy for someway to repair or replace it, thus taking him out of the picture for a few years...
orderseeker chapter 19 . 12/2
Good chapter, I hope there is more soon.
anand891996 chapter 19 . 12/2
lol this fic is great, if slightly random. good job
Drake Darkduke chapter 19 . 12/2
Loved the story so far.

Keep up the gret work,

Drake Darkduke.
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