Reviews for Ah! my goddess: What if
Reishin Amara chapter 55 . 8/20
Ok wow,this was possibly the best one I've read...I really enjoyed this o.o
Gamera68 chapter 55 . 8/20
Loved this chapter which I did not expect, hence the title.

I'd like to see this into a full-blown fic and have a happy ending like this chapter.
Keep up the good work! :)
Gamera68 chapter 54 . 6/20
Another good chapter and glad to see an update. :) It was very interesting how this arc turned out!
Count Valerian chapter 52 . 2/6
We are looking forward to the real thing going up.
KamehameGadoken chapter 52 . 2/6
What if Keiichi and Beldandy switched places?
Gamera68 chapter 52 . 2/6
What a good chapter. Nice and detailed. Job well-done!
Rufael chapter 35 . 11/8/2015
As they say... Even Lucifer was at some point an angel...or Archangel. So he was pure. And now he represents exactly the opposite side. Or like Anakin Skywalker and his fall to the Dark side. How he nearly killed Padme in his anger, how everything she said or did had a twisted meaning in his eyes. I would like Belldandy to have a similar fate. Maybe that machine that poured demonic energy was a prototype... I doubt they managed to test it on a first class goddess before. And they did not account for the consequences: if bell was pure good... She would become pure evil, even more so then hild herself. To thrive in destruction and massacre of the innocent, to even wage war on Heaven. Good and evil is a matter of perspective. Like Mara explained, one just must avoid the extreme. And bell becomes that extreme. And when her sisters and keiichi try to convince her to stop... "If you're not with me...then you're my enemy". :D. I am sick. I know :)
Rufael chapter 34 . 11/8/2015
Wish there was an ending to this "what if" scenario. Maybe...keiichi would reject her for what she did to hagal and the others. Wish i could see a version where bell really becomes the bad guy. But really bad. Heaven and hell would join in to stop her.
Wolfpackersson09 chapter 34 . 10/12/2015
I have a scenario question that may be a bit more on the mature side, but I am curious: What if Belldandy turned into a Succubus?
Guest chapter 50 . 10/6/2015
Older Skuld x Keiichi what if? The two look so good together,though I'm still conflicted which one is better,Older Skuld x Keiichi or Belldandy x Keiichi.
Count Valerian chapter 50 . 10/3/2015
Mara and Keiichi, please?
TheManTimeForgot chapter 50 . 10/2/2015
Nice to see you back. This looks to be one of your better scenarios, can't wait to see more.
Reishin Amara chapter 30 . 9/2/2015
Fun fact is something like this IS out there it's kinda good too.
HunterBlackWidow chapter 47 . 7/5/2015
It uh... Seems I commented far too soon. I was laughing harder than I should at 5:00 A.M. I love that ending and I want to read more of any of you're universe's and I love the theory that Mokkurkalfi was saying. Well more of a fact in you're story; you get the jist. Or atleast the five finger shuffle. Amazing work, I applaud thei well.
HunterBlackWidow chapter 46 . 7/5/2015
I actually felt pity for Hild; Not that I ever hated her. I've actually quite enjoyed her character in the Amg Universe and your's. And a few other universe's by other amazing authors including yourself HotelKatz. But seriously, I feel like Hild is just misunderstood and has been through quite difficult things, such as literally going through hell and back. Despite the point that she was born in Hell and raised to rule it. Corruption still gets to you, and to be married to Tyr? She had a good heart at one point atleast. And the trauma with Urd... Well I pity her to say the least, but I love her character and the development you're running with. Food for though. ;)
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