Reviews for Ah! my goddess: What if
HunterBlackWidow chapter 47 . 7/5
It uh... Seems I commented far too soon. I was laughing harder than I should at 5:00 A.M. I love that ending and I want to read more of any of you're universe's and I love the theory that Mokkurkalfi was saying. Well more of a fact in you're story; you get the jist. Or atleast the five finger shuffle. Amazing work, I applaud thei well.
HunterBlackWidow chapter 46 . 7/5
I actually felt pity for Hild; Not that I ever hated her. I've actually quite enjoyed her character in the Amg Universe and your's. And a few other universe's by other amazing authors including yourself HotelKatz. But seriously, I feel like Hild is just misunderstood and has been through quite difficult things, such as literally going through hell and back. Despite the point that she was born in Hell and raised to rule it. Corruption still gets to you, and to be married to Tyr? She had a good heart at one point atleast. And the trauma with Urd... Well I pity her to say the least, but I love her character and the development you're running with. Food for though. ;)
ceroxon chapter 47 . 6/6
To be honest: change this chapter for two reasons.

First: In this chapter the "real" ah y goddes universe is changed, satan and god existed. It is false. Tyr and hild are "god" and "satan".

Second: Mokkurkalfi reveal that machine show alternate universe and no only "possibility" of alternate universe.
Gamera68 chapter 46 . 6/1
Loved it and this kind of ties into your Ah! My Star Trek which I enjoy as well and hope for another update when you can. I also liked all the references in this chapter like "Captain Proton" from Star Trek: Voyager. Nicely done, overall. :)
Guest chapter 45 . 5/16
The next chapter is written since one year. But my problem is I need someone for beta read it. Not easy to find.
zeroIQ chapter 45 . 5/16
That was an enjoyable chapter. I hope that, Ceroxon might continue this and maybe finish it.
manticore-gurl071134 chapter 45 . 5/15
great update :)
Count Valerian chapter 45 . 5/15

Great chapter, and thank you for updating this segment its been so long, but please don't break Mara and Keiichi up. They work so well together.
manticore-gurl071134 chapter 44 . 5/11
interesting outcome and update. Thanks :)
Gamera68 chapter 44 . 5/8
Another good chapter. Will you continue the Keiichi as a superhero soon? I was wondering how it'd play out ;)
Fox Boss chapter 44 . 5/8
Once more, I suggest doing a Demon Urd.
Deathmvp chapter 43 . 4/7
Great idea with the superhero set up and the connection they are already making.
Gamera68 chapter 43 . 4/4
Another good chapter. But if he wanted to be a magic-based hero, he could've gone with "Captain Marvel" aka "Shazam". Just an alternate idea, but I'm not sure if he's well-known in Japan being a DC Comics hero. I wonder what kind of tests Keiichi will have to go through with Belldandy, though? Should be interesting to say the least. :)
ceroxon chapter 42 . 3/14
What if Hild and Tyr exchange their job?
James Birdsong chapter 42 . 3/12
What a good story of course. Yep.
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