Reviews for Ah! my goddess: What if
CydneyWrekk chapter 63 . 10/29
I like the S idea it sounds really fun. :3
Jaenera Targaryen chapter 63 . 10/28
Reverse harem eh?

HVulpes2.0 chapter 63 . 10/27
A What If... What if the Norns were a Three in One deity like myth, with Bell/Urd/Skuld sharing a single body and mind (even with three personalities)?
Guest chapter 62 . 10/7
Hey HotelKatz I've got a couple of brilliant ideas for you that you might want to use. One keiichi as alucard when he does the zero release and people comment on the monster with thousands of souls trapped in him or have keiichi as Alexander Anderson. Either that or do it hellsing abridged over several chapters with him as alucard. You could even put him in situations that had fate grand order influences as there are Norse heroes in it imagine reactions if he had the famous brynhldr after him in some ahahahaha. No offence but there is an absolute shit tonne of possibilitys that you arent using. My favourite idea is actually a persona situation where he summons nidhoggr and everyone including hold collectively freak out as the most powerful things in existence are not hild and the almighty but Yggdrasil and nidhoggr
Sexy Fox Girl chapter 62 . 9/22
could you do another part where keichi is a god
Gamera68 chapter 61 . 8/26
Please leave the cooking to Belldandy from now on.
Bigou chapter 60 . 7/19
Another good chapter, now I want to read more "what if" of Ah My Godness thanks to you.
Dark Warrior of The Multiverse chapter 60 . 7/16
Hey i have one or two, what if Keiichi was the son of Jackie Estacado and had the Darkness or what if he becomes Spawn or how about what if Keiichi became Spider-Man?
psykeroro chapter 58 . 7/8
Grundini chapter 58 . 6/7
Apple. :)
Guest chapter 58 . 5/8
Rotten tomato
zeroIQ chapter 58 . 5/6
That was hilarious! A bit too meta, but considering the whole concept, it was funny to see a Hild who knows that she's been watched by others!

Looking forward for the next chapter. Keep up the good work!
Nuthenry2 chapter 58 . 5/6
Mango also I'm reading this on a tablet. Have anyone else's email not notified you for story updates?
Guest chapter 57 . 4/19
Hmmm can I put in a request? I want to see what would happen if during the lord of terror incident or something similar keiichi got his second wish from peorth. So he uses the wish for a form of power right? He could wish to have the powers and noble phantasmagoric of Siegfried from fate grand order but that would cause issues with the Valkyries because of the brynhildr thing or say he wishes for a lantern ring even goes with style Unlimited Powahhhh hahaha yea anyways it would be great I really love seeing story's where keiichi gets a from if power and grows sadly unlike with more used fictions like fairy tail and naruto I s rare for keiichi to be powered up at all in any story so I have to go now uh cya
HotelKat fan chapter 13 . 11/29/2016
More of chapter 13 plz
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