Reviews for The Enigma Chronicles: Echoes
MikariStar chapter 29 . 7/17/2017
Didn't expect to hear about Konani again, it was a nice reference to the past.

I'm curious to see what Viper will do!

Metsuma deserves the nightmares :P

Dreaming about waking up is something that happens oddly often to me.

Looks like Eden will have to learn the necessity of flexibility. It reminds me of Tales of Berseria, when they say that a sword must not only be strong, but also flexible, or it'll break.

I enjoyed the exchange between Gaius and Sadow.

Interesting connection to Ariana.

The scene with Joy and Oliver was cute, though also foreboding because it's never that easy.

The scene in the lab was intense! Looking forward to more information on this and connections, to Cayman perhaps?
MikariStar chapter 28 . 2/21/2017
Lol Rita is always hilarious! Makes me curious about who the child is and what will happen. Metsuma has quite the life! I'm curious about Anna but I need to get to bed, I have work tomorrow. Looks like it'll take me a few days to finish listening to this chapter but I'm enjoying every second of it!

Continuing listening from where I left off and wow, there's certainly a lot going on! I though the name Rita picked for the baby was amusing, fitting yeah, but maybe she also just generally likes gangster sounding names.

Anna has certainly fallen and there's no end in sight for her problems. Sad to see her like this but she just couldn't let go when she had the chance.

Viper and Joy seem close, though I have a feeling someone will make that end badly for her.

Awesome chase scene in Anna's new job. It's going to be an interesting encounter when she eventually runs into Metsuma.

My evening is over now so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to continue. Metsuma' mental back and forth with himself still rings of denial on a certain detail. XD Thankfully, I have the day off tomorrow, so I'll have more time to listen to the rest of the story.

Poor Cayman, before the drill scene I thought he was dead, though in his condition that wouldn't have been too far from the truth. How would Eden react if she saw him like that?

Interesting scene with Sadow, this is going to have consequences.

Sadow stuck on a mission with Gaius XD that should be interesting!

Anna's! That's going to be one messed up kid, if he even survives, if not because of the drugs then because of any influence Metsuma might have. Looks like I'm nearly done listening to this chapter but it's late and I've got a cold so it's off to bed. I'll save the ending for tomorrow.

I finished listening to the chapter today. Looking forward to seeing all the storylines tie up!
MikariStar chapter 27 . 10/25/2016
It would be soooo cool to watch Cayman's battles in movie form! I keep picturing every time a new chapter comes out.

Jordie's final scene was tragic yet epic, I never would have guessed he would be such an important character at first when he was introduced, but it's great how you introduced him as a side character and he became more important later. It's interesting how he and Anna have changed so much too.

Peer's scene with Cayman reminds me of The Last Samurai when they know they'll lose the battle but fight anyway.

So much denial from Metsuma and also from Anna. It's like they're looking at one aspect and using it to hide what they don't want to see. Metsuma has feelings for Anna, but he's still a terrible person, Metsuma doesn't feel like other people do, but he feels a little in his own twisted way. It's interesting how they're both focusing on one side and refusing to see anything else.

That twist at the end! I was expecting this to happen but you still delivered a surprise in how it happened. Can't wait to see how this plays out, you did really well building up the tension!
GoodIntentions317 chapter 27 . 10/22/2016
FINALLY caught up! Sorry I don't frequent the site as often as I used to, but I still really love this story! That last scene was very suspenseful. I knew Anna obviously wasn't going to shoot Metsuma but I still felt bad for her, she has gone through so much just to protect him and I wonder what the consquences will be for the choice she made. Also curious... is Cayman dead? Really looking forward to these answers in the next chapter!
MikariStar chapter 26 . 9/7/2016
Hi! Sorry for the late review, work has been busy. As usual, I listened to this chapter and this time it was really helpful in my survival of the more boring/tedious parts of work. I converted it to mp3 format and listened to it from my phone via bluetooth. I listened to it half one day and half the next day. It's amazing how you can make the chapters so long while keeping them intriguing and relevant. It's so engaging seeing how the characters evolve, I think this of every chapter but it never ceases to be noteworthy.

Anna has changed so much due to everything she's gone through and even Metsuma has discovered things about himself that he wasn't so fully aware of before. It feels like this chapter has presented the changes in each of the characters even more. I love all the character development you put into the story and how each event has consequences. Maria's death scene, though I knew it would happened because of the later stories, still had an impact, how she was broken until she committed suicide.

One thing I thought of when listening to Metsuma's speech and the crowds' reaction was about how people are influenced by emotion. For example: they react differently to something being done with a particular emotion than they would to the same action being done with a different emotion. I'll admit it's nonsensical at times, as I am one who, despite having emotions, doesn't believe in justifying actions that I would otherwise condemn. That is, if I'm going to forgive someone, I'll forgive people because they're actively trying to fix what they did and making reasonable progress, not because they feel sorry. Emotions count but they are nothing compared to actions, which I realize many people say but don't act on. It's amusing because the crowd and Metsuma are in opposite extremes. Ha, ha, Metsuma is so unbalanced by the concept of love it's comical. Most antagonists would take it as a tool of manipulation but I guess for him it's too unknown.

Eden has also come so far from how she was at the beginning. It's interesting to see her learning of the complications of power, and realizing that having power and maintaining it isn't the only thing to be concerned with, but also using it can be complicated even if her motives are good. Kade is always great for a laugh, I hope to see more of him in future chapters and maybe a cameo by Rita. Looking forward to seeing what happens with Cayman and Peer too!
MikariStar chapter 25 . 6/4/2016
Looks like Sa'lu and Ry'uun are going to steer up some trouble! Things are building up! Poor Anna is having quite the breakdown with all that back and forth. For a moment I thought Metsuma was going to try to kill her, though that would create quite a disturbance. It's always fun to see Kade, even if it's just on a small scene, he's really grown on me as one of my fav supporting characters. Maria's breakdown was epic! I also get the feeling that both Peer and Cayman know more about the Oliver/Viper connection than they're willing to admit to each other. That would be quite a heavy conversation to have and it may seem as if it doesn't really change the situation so they might not think it's worth going through directly talking about it or admitting too much. The scene with Joy and Viper was cute, though I have a feeling the situation won't be in their favor.
MikariStar chapter 24 . 4/4/2016
Yay new chapter! I've been having a busy schedule, so it's nice to finally have some time to listen to it. :)

I remember that scene between Maria and Metsuma in the office being hinted at a long time ago. It's fun catching all these details and how they link together.

Lots of tension going on in the interrogation scene. I love all the suspense hanging in the air.

I knew the swords of justice couldn't be controlled just because of a trade. I expected this, but it was still so much fun to hear it happen!

I'm curious about what will happen to Viper and about that possible unsteady "alliance" between Cayman and Peer. Also wondering what will happen if Maria wakes up to find Anna, poor Anna already has enough guilt to deal with.
MikariStar chapter 23 . 2/2/2016
I liked the little summary you included at the beginning, a good way to refresh memories. As usual, I commented on scenes as I listened.

I find it both ironic and amusing that Anna is all like "let's take a break" and Metsuma is the clingy one. XD I imagine that he wouldn't like being called "clingy" lol! XD

Rita always bring so much energy to the story. I love all her scenes, they're so fun! I'm curious about what will happen with her and Calypso.

Aurora is such a poor little sweetie, I hope Eden can save her.

Cayman is really into his training. It would be great to see this scene animated.

Looking forward to seeing more about Peer and his plans.

Agatha could find out sooooo much about Anna and Metsuma! I knew something had to happen to stop her. XD

I knew it! I knew he'd kill both of them!

Kade is also such a funny character. He and Rita make me laugh even in the serious scenes. XD

lol lol lol! XD XD The never ever game was hilarious!

Things really got serious at the end there. Looks like Cayman is cornered. :o
PokemonFreak90 chapter 23 . 2/1/2016
I'm guessing that this Riolu is related to the Riolu that Ash met in Sinnoh?
Subject 666 chapter 12 . 12/5/2015
The idea of the Umbra Kaisers as rivals of the Aura Guardians is pretty cool.
MikariStar chapter 22 . 12/1/2015
I wonder how much Joy will know eventually, probably not that much. Though if Viper wants to keep her safe, Metsuma better not find out he likes her.

Great twist with Eden's side of the story :D She has grown so much and I'm not the only one making that observation.

That was a super sad moment with Viper and Cayman crying, Viper must be feeling so guilty. Poor Cayman keeps being pushed down just as he seems to be improving. It's just like him to not use the poison though, he's impulsive and angry, so he'd want to go all out with his revenge. That would be some epic duel, though I know how it'll end.
MikariStar chapter 21 . 10/15/2015
As usual, I typed little comments as I listened to the story.

It's interesting to see Metsuma and Maria back in his old home town. :D So many possibilities.

Interesting to see how Simon and Viper interact.

Let's see how Cayman's investigation goes. :D

I love Beedrill chases! XD

The scene with Viper recalling his past was very well done and detailed. Again the characters keep coming alive. :)

Giovanni! It's great to see him here, even if it is in a vision.

Lol Metsuma tries to be so independent yet he learned so much from the maestro and now from his ancestor. XD

I loved the tension with the cabin and the bombs! :D And the possible teleportation cliffhanger was so fitting for the drama :D Even if he didn't make it, Mew still has something from him.

As always, looking forward to the next one! This chapter had a big leap forward, which is great! :D
GoodIntentions317 chapter 21 . 9/27/2015
Okay ... that was just heart crushing. Horrifically. I hate Metsuma's guts so much right now and I don't even care that he's the main character. I seriously can't even- that was just disgustingly evil
MikariStar chapter 20 . 7/15/2015
Everyone's dealing with all sorts of complications, this is fun. _ I enjoyed Anna and Metsuma's interactions.

Peer is such a fascinating character too, it was great seeing him again. I'm sure he had a lot to think about after talking to Metsuma.

Gaius seems to be plotting something. XD Eden appears to be fond of him though.

Interesting development with Viper, Joy and Metsuma's return.

I love the technology at the party *.*

Pokemopolis is very interesting!

Rita is so hilarious! XD I love all her scenes.

Oh oh, Simon is in trouble... :o

I knew Eden wouldn't be able to leave easily!

So many cliffhangers in this on, Anna, Viper, Simon, Cayman, Eden, practically everyone is in a dangerous position. I love the suspense and how they keep going back and forth setting traps and tricks.
MikariStar chapter 19 . 3/25/2015
Interesting reception for Cayman, looking forward to seeing more interaction between Simon and Viper.

lol Rita, her scenes are always so fun, it makes me smile when she appears in the story, because I know a good laugh is to follow.

lol Kade and the money and lol the stolen drapes XD

I thought Metsuma might like the wild pokemon.

Interesting scene with Difo and Abra and the mention of Mel.

Eldar! Good to see the connection,I like how everything has consequences in this series, it's fun to see it;s continuity develop.

Good to hear from the Azure tribe again, it ties to Sedition nicely.

lol Viper and Cayman's bonding moment is hilarious XD

Good to see a bit of Aaron again, even if it's a vision. The conversation Metsuma had about Cayman was interesting, looking forward to more interaction between them in the future and maybe a battle? Though it'll likely not end up so well for Cayman.

I knew the Metsuma x Anna scene had to happen eventually, but it was still a big turning point in the story. Looking forward to seeing the aftermath of their little reunion.
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