Reviews for OCS NEEDED
LeeSamantha chapter 4 . 12/21/2012
LMAO yeap you got that right. King of drama and flair is happy now. Thou may receive your...erm, thou thanks? Blergh I never understand old English XD

Supporting you all the way! Go go go! :D
LunaticSavage chapter 4 . 12/20/2012
Yes, Lyra's in! Once again, I'm sorry for waiting so long before finishing her profile. There are some really tall characters, aren't there? Anyway, can't wait till the story starts!
Oxenstierna D. Yuki-Rin chapter 4 . 12/20/2012
Wow, Yuki-Rin's the shortest. I think I will change that.

*Name (nicknames?): Molly O'Flannigan

*Gender: Female

*Age: 16

*Nationality (include accent if any): Irish; Has an Irish accent

Spoken languages: English and some Gaelic

Birthday and birth place: March 16th, Erin Island

Sexuality: Single.

*Appearance: Has black, chin-length, somewhat wavy hair and blue eyes. She's around 4'6 - 4'8, making her a few inches shorter than Yuki-Rin. For her first appearance, she wears a white, short-sleeved, collared shirt, a black tie, a green, white, and black, tartan, miniskirt, fishnet tights, and black, combat boots.

Attitude towards life!: She likes it. But sometimes, she prefers the simpler things in life to the more complex things.

*Personality: She's actually quieter than Yuki-Rin, but she loves her half-sister a lot. However, she is quite fearsome when angered or upset.

*Weapons: Uses an Irish-styled sword and shield

*Weakness: Is a bit too protective of Yuki-Rin sometimes.

Secrets?: Has kind of a schoolgirl crush on a boy back on her home island. However, it's an on-again, off-again crush.

Likes: Her sister, the Capricorns, and her home island.

Dislikes: The Tenryuubito

*Allies: The Capricorns

*Enemies: The same enemies Yuki-Rin has.

*Affiliations: Pirate

*Rank, position: First Mate of the Capricorn Pirates

*History: Molly grew up on Erin Island, One Piece's equivalent to Ireland. Her parents owned a pub, and Molly and her parents lived in an apartment aboe the pub. All in all, it was a happy family, until tragedy struck when Molly was 14. The Tenryuubito killed her parents (in reality, they faked their deaths) and set her apartment on fire. Fortunately, Molly wasn't home during the attack, but she was forcibly adopted by Saint Ayame, Yuki-Rin's Tenryuubito mother. Fortunately, Yuki-Rin and Molly became close, and they ran away from home to become pirates at sixteen.

Possessions: Her sword and shield, her Tone Dial that plays music, and her clothes.

*Are you ok if I kill the character, put them in a mature scene or make minor changes to them?: Yes to the minor changes and mature scenes, but no to the killing.

Now I'm really excited for this to begin.
Miyu Hinamori chapter 3 . 11/30/2012
I was skimming through the reviews to read about the other OC's and the funniest thing happened. There's an OC who could be the exact opposite of Victor! XD His name is Nguyen Quan Thao. It's so funny: Thao was born in a cold country while Victor was born in a warm country. Their ages are also quite close to each other and his attitude is so opposite of Victor's 'let come what may come'. And Thao is a bar brawler while Victor is the one who break those up. You should definetely do something with that. This is gonna be great!
Miyu Hinamori chapter 2 . 11/30/2012
Now here is the profile of Celia, Victor's daughter.
Name: Celia, mi hija

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Nationality: Grand Line

Spoken languages: She has taken over her papa's English with some Spanish mixed in.

Birthday and birth place: Santina, Santin, Grand Line. Birthday is not important.

Sexuality: Straight

Appearance: She's a lot smaller than her father, around 155-160 cm. She doesn't weigh much, Victor can pick her up easily with one arm. Her looks are often compared to her mother's but instead of her mother's brown hair, she has inherited her father's black but it's just as wavy as her mother's. It's very long and she keeps it in a long braid which ends at her waist. Her skin isn't as tan as her father's, but it's darker than the other inhabitants of the spring island. Her eyes are her mother's warm light brown. She has a small scar on her neck.

Attitude towards life: Like Victor she's very positive about life.

Personality: She has the same caring disposition her mother was known for and is constantly reminded by the villagers how much she resembles Maria. She doesn't mind it much, it usually results in stories about her mama which she soaks up. But unlike her mother she also has southern blood, so don't get her angry otherwise she'll start a tirade. Despite her temper she's usually a much quieter girl. She understand her papa's sense for adventure and although she wants to travel once herself, she's quite happy with the quiet life she has in Santina. She's also very patient, a trait she learned herself after seeing how patient and calm her papa is. She admires her papa very much, although she can be exasperated by his actions sometimes, but he's her only known living relative, so she endures it with a smile.

Beliefs: Life is an adventure if you make it that way, but you can find adventure and happiness in the smallest things.

Devil Fruit: None. Her father is very worried that she might get to eat one and not being able to swim but forgets that Celia doesn't want to eat one.

Weapons: She has a mean swing with any long object she can get hands but hasn't to learn to handle a particular weapon.

Skills: cooking, sewing and other household stuff. She and Victor have a system where both have a turn at any household task. Victor learned how to do all that in his years when he lived alone and when Maria died, so he isn't a greenhorn. He figured sharing the tasks was only fair. She's a remarkable dancer and sings well. Her guitar skills aren't so shining, but she plays the flute. She knows a bit about sailing but se isn't confident on sailing alone. She usually helps Victor in fixing their or other people's sails. She knows all the knots a sailor has to know. Knows how to take of wounds. She started painting when she saw her mama's paintings and discovered to her delight it came easy to her and was fun.

Weakness: being locked in small places for long, gets pale at seeing injuries (though she will help the victim), papa

Secrets?: she remembers everything about the day the pirates attacked and how they ultimately caused her mother's death. She also knows her papa has made an additional smaller grave for her unborn sibling and has the name Juan on it, even though they didn't know if it was a boy or a girl.

Likes: papa, cooking, sailing, painting, dancing, living on Santin.

Dislikes: pirates (can change if she encounters good pirates) and marines (likely won't change). Small spaces, missing siesta (makes her cranky for the rest of the day)

Allies: her papa, the whole island of Santin (everybody knows her as Victor's and Maria's daughter and as they were very respected and loved, it extended to her, especially since she's such a darling girl even though her temper is infamous)

Enemies: No enemies since she's very loved by the island. Of course if they threaten her marines and pirates are her enemies.

Affiliations: villager, fisherwoman, but she's more in charge of selling it at the market.

Rank, position: She won't join the crew, but if she did, she would be a do-it-all. She can be a cook, a nurse, a sailor (though she isn't that strong), a scout or a look-out. But she doesn't want to go to sea yet.

Romantic interests: She looks for a man who is strong, can make her feel secure, will work with her together, an equal. She isn't planning on having a husband to lead her through life, but someone to live life with. (May or may not get a crush on somebody from the crew, your choice, but perhaps it's better if she gets together with an other villager or traveler)

History: She was born in Santina, Santin and had a very happy childhood. When she was six she was very proud on becoming an hermana (big sister). But then the incident with the marines and pirates happened and everything was chaos. Her mother hid her in a closet and she heard everything: all the gunshots, the screaming, the taunting of the pirates. She sat with her hands clasped over her ears trying to block everything, crying but she still heard everything. She heard her mother cry out in pain and then she was taken out of the closet by the pirate who held his knife at her neck, threatening Victor that he will cut her throat. What happened next she will never forget. Her papa's face became thunderous, grim and he yelled at the pirate: “Nobody touches mi hija!” And with one mighty swing with his tonfa, knocked the pirate out cold with a severe concussion. She was afraid he would kill the pirate and ran into Victor's arms, mumbling that she was okay, that she loved him and that was the only thing that calmed Victor down enough to think clearly, leave the pirate to his fate and tend to his wife. Celia still has a small scar on her neck from the knife and developed a fear of small spaces after this. After the attack she was mostly found by her mother’s side until the day she died. She grew quiet but tried to stay positive for her papa and they clung to each other in comfort. She’s now very close to him because he’s her only remaining known relative.

Clothing: She usually wears all sorts of casual dresses, but wears black pants for fisher work. With pants she wears a white shirt. She wears simple black shoes and boots for fisher work. She’s certainly not a porcelain doll.

Possessions: She has a necklace belonging to her mama, keeps a bat close to the door. She has several books and loads of cook books belonging to her mama and some written by her papa containing the recipes he remembers from his mama. She has several other trinkets but not so many (her room is always orderly, because she doesn’t have many things, but she doesn’t need anything else) and they’re not as important.

Are you ok if I kill the character, put them in a mature scene or make minor changes to them?: As I said with Victor, please don’t kill her, she’s the man’s driving force. Also please nothing too mature (I don’t wanna see her raped or anything like that. I don’t know if you do stuff like that but it’s just in case). Minor changes are okay as long as they fit in with Victor.

Anything else?: Victor wants to take her to South Blue one day to see his family (if they're still alive) and show her her roots. Celia loves the idea. If Victor leaves with the crew, she makes him promise to take her to South Blue when he gets back.

Give me a few plot ideas that I can use with them!: Check Victor.
I hope you will like her! :D
Dragon Kin Roan chapter 3 . 11/29/2012
wait Thao can't be Zoro's lover!? MY LIFE IS RUINED!
Miyu Hinamori chapter 1 . 11/29/2012
Ok I got me here an adult male, that I hope you will like.
Name: Victor, Vic
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Nationality: I don't really get why everybody puts in real nationalities here, but if Victor was in the real world he would be Latino. In One Piece he's from South Blue.
Spoken languages: English with some spanish thrown in.
Birthplace: The island of Simeone, South Blue. His birthday is not important
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: He's a rather tall man (say 1m87), with a bit of a beer belly, but still mostly in shape. He has tan skin, dark brown eyes and short black hair. He has a bit of a beard and wrinkles by his eyes because he likes to smile. He was a rather dashing fellow in his youth. Very muscled arms (from rowing all the time) and has scars up his arms and a large one on his right leg because of old wounds. They're mostly faded because he's constantly under the sun, but the one on his leg is still prominent.
Attitude towards life: Life is only an adventure if you make it that way.
Personality: A very positive, boisterous man, joking all the time, enjoying life. He's alway taking it easy, but he is responsible. Life made him that way. He cares dearly for his daughter and is very protective of her, but he respects her and her choices all the way. Because he travels so much, he is quite a bother to her but she loves him all the way, the embarassing happy-go-lucky father he is. She learned to accept him. He still grieves for his wife and the way she died made him so overprotective of Celia, his daughter. He's also a very patient man, like a rock, calm, like the eye of a storm. Because if you make him mad, step away. Step away, don't question it, run for the hills. Because he will hunt you. And if you touch a hair wrong on Celia, consider your life over. This man, despite his sunny disposition, is hardened by life and the sea. Don't cross him. Family is everything.
Beliefs: The sea is a harsh and beautiful being. Don't trust the marines unless they earn your trust. Things will get better one day and if they don't you have to do something about it.
Devil Fruit: None
Weapons: Tonfa (the weapons Gin fought with), knife
Skills: He's more of a fist fighter initiating any bar fights in his younger years, but now he breaks them up. He is very strong, capable of crushing a rock if he's serious or really angry. He's also a very good guitar player, often accompanying his playing with singing which embarasses Celia. Also a very good drinker and dancer.
Weakness: Celia, family
Secrets: Still not over the death of his wife, Maria. Follows Celia on her dates until he deems the guy worthy. Misses his home in South Blue.
Likes: Celia, Maria, drinking, music, sailing, adventure, the feel of the sun.
Dislikes: Marines, drunk guys making moves on his daughter
Allies: His friends Martin and Raul (just as positive as Victor), the villagers, Celia.
Enemies: Marines until they have proven themselves. Any boy who made Celia cry.
Affiliations: Fisherman, fugitive.
Rank, position: Helmsman, fisherman.
Romantic interests: Has sworn of women after his wife's death. Also won't be running over to men. His wife Maria was a very caring woman, with a sweet sense of humor and very passionate about painting. If she had inspiration, she would get into one of her moods as Victor would joke. Her favorite subject was the sea and shared this love of it with her husband although hers was more of admiration from a distance instead of Victor's adventurous sense. She and Victor were strict parents but fair.
History: Born on Simeone Island in the South Blue to a family with an elder sister and two younger brothers in the bustling port of Carmina. His dad was a fisherman and taught his boys how to fish and sail. But although the family was happy they were being oppressed by the marines. Victor was a real rebel when he was young and couldn't handle the mistreatment they underwent because of the marines. The marines took most of their fish for their own kitchen and frequently ask for donations for the marine base because they were protecting the people. One day his patience ran short when one of the marine recruits started groping his sister. He gave him and his buddies the beating of their lifetime. He then gathered his belongings, said goodbye to his mom and siblings and sailed away on a small boat. He didn't want to say goodbye to his father because he knew he would be dissapointed. When he was already a good distance away, he turned to look at the island one more time and saw his father ankle deep in the water, standing with his arms crossed and his gaze at him and his boat. A whole while later when he was checking the boat for any potential leaks or anything, he found a knife in an old cloth, which he knew belonged to his father. It was like a silent approval. He was just fifteen.
He set his course to the Grand Line because it is full of fugitives and he had taken a log pose from one of the recruits (the recruits were demoted from a Grand Line post). He didn't know what it was, but he did know it was from the Grand Line and considered it a sign. The trip up Reverse Mountain wasn't as bad as it should be because Victor timed it to a T and he could steer the little boat fast. He saw Laboon but Crocus wasn't there because he is with the Roger Pirates. He got overwhelmed by the bad weather and part of his boat broke and a big chunk of wood embedded himself in his right leg (hence the scar). In pure desperation he sailed in the direction the Log Pose pointed to with the remains of his sails and as a final resort started rowing to keep alive. He thought he wouldn't survive. He lost consciousness someway in the middle and when he came to, he was dry in a bed with a girl by his side. Maria. She was just 14 and had found him three days earlier on the beach in the wreckage of his boat. His possesions were all recovered, mostly because he had been protecting them so zealously during the storm. Her dad called him stupid and reckless, but helped settle him in twon. The island Santin was a small spring island, almost just as warm as his native island (which would be a summer island if it were in the Grand Line) with only room for two towns Santina (where Victor ended up) and Santino and with his fisherman knowledge he fit right in. Maria's dad taught him how to fight with tonfa's in case of pirate attacks, which weren't so frequent as the pirates were in need of help most of the time because it was their first island. When he was seventeen, Roger was executed and the news traveled fast to Santina. Victor was dissapointed that the marines caught the Pirate King, but found the idea of a giant treasure brilliant. He attempted to travel to the next island but was stopped by Maria who had grown fond of him. She only let him go when her father said it would be good for the trade to establish contact with the next island and when they found an eternal post for him to take with him. Despite the bumpy weather Victor, a bit more knowledgeable, was this time succesful in his attempt and trade was established. This earned him respect not only in Santina but the whole island of Santin. He married Maria when he was twenty and Celia was born. They were a happy family for a while and six years later Maria was pregnant again. But then a Marine ship got on their island. They were fleeing from some rather ruthless pirates and demanded the islanders help fight them. Nobody was of course happy with this, but there wasn't a lot of time to think because the pirates were approaching fast. The following scuffle resulted in casualties from both sides. The villagers weren't as involved, so they got away with the worst being fleshwounds and burnt down houses. Maria was stabbed in her stomach by one particular ruthless pirate, who was promptly clobbered by Victor. Maria lost the baby and was sick for a long time after, but died eventually. Victor was left with only little Celia. He blamed the marines for the whole incident and blamed hiself too. He vowed to himself that he would keep Celia safe. He now occupies himself with fishing, the trade and traveling to other islands, always with the eternal post so he can return home.
Clothing: Just some black pants with shirt and a vest over it. Boots and a shawl around his middle to keep his tonfa in. People say he kinda look like a pirate but he just laighs it off.
Possessions: His tonfa, his father's knife, a handkerchief embroidered by his sister, basic survival stuff (bandages, a firestone, etc), the eternal post for Santin, a regular log pose, a brown sack (the one he took when he ran away from South Blue) where he keeps it all.
Are you ok if I kill the character, put them in a mature scene or make minor changes to them?: I don't really get this. Can't you keep the rating like it is in One Piece? Is it really necessary to do it more mature, because I think it is ok like it is in One Piece. I don't think killing him will be such a good idea. Just make him a minor character if you don't really wanna work with him. And for the minor changes? It depends on the changes. Like if you want to put him earlier in the story (not Grand Line) just message me.
Anything else?: Don't kill Celia! She's the man's driving force and it just will be too cruel. I will be posting her profile tomorrow, but i'll tell you already she isn't interested in joining a pirate crew.
Give me a few plot ideas that I can use with them!: Now Victor could be convinced to join if it happens under the right circumstances. Like in a situation where Celia is in danger and the crew help him save her. She then convinces Victor to go have that adventure of his and to take her to South Blue when he comes back (that is his most fervent wish). If you don't want him to join the crew, that's ok. He can just be a fisherman who helps them when the crew comes on the island and when they offer him to join them he can decline and say he has to look after his little girl. But I will be happy if you
guest chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
villian idea Male
name Midnight (last), (you pick first mabe Norio)
apperance shaggy long black hair, right eye black/left eye red,scars up and down his arms,shaddy to many, 6'5, age29,birthday unown
personality kinda of an a** but kind to the sick and injured(pretty much pity but not really go s to pirates)
likes guns,swords,fights,spicy food,beer,harming pirates,dogs
dislikes pirates,crybabies,cats,sweet food
weapons gun,sword fighting style karate
anything else is your choice
Esaki Nalex chapter 1 . 11/28/2012
Name: Kuron Rekka (last, first)- dark skinned inferno(passion)
Nickname: Oki (Ember)


Age: 23

Nationality: Hispanic

Spoken languages: English, Spanish (mostly when angry)

Birthday and birth place: an island in South Blue; June 20th

Sexuality: heterosexual

Appearance: wavy/curly black hair with a red tint; hazel eyes; dark skin; 5 ft 6 in; 115 lbs.; slender body build; delicate features; ears pierced- large gold earrings; wears large gold dangle jewelry

Attitude towards life: everyday is something new to look forward to

Personality: a dreamer who can be serious when necessary but is usually adventurous; can be suspicious when faced with new situations and people

Beliefs: Karma

Devil Fruit: Paramecia- Sunao Sunao no mi (Tame Tame Fruit)
Strengths: full control over animals(even water animals) and partial control over Zoan users; good for distraction, infiltration, messages. Weaknesses: sea water, sea stone, can be broken with Haki(whether used on animals or by Zoan users), can't understand animals (unless with Obervation Haki), can be broken by Zoan changing into a different form, can't be used on Sea Kings

Weapons: whip, throwing knives; prefers attacking from the shadows (assassination)

Skills: pick pocket, jewelry appraiser, spying, outdoor survival, Observation Haki

Weakness: sea stone, sea water, the cold, close combat, slight clausrophobia

Secrets: she has two –adopted- sisters in a circus that have to be hidden

Likes: warm climates, peaches, spicy food, loose clothing, dangerous animals (like Hagrid in Harry Potter)

Dislikes: tangerines, oranges, winter islands, being controlled, perverts

Allies: Cirque del Gitano, Kidd Pirates- met them while performing, and stopped Kidd from being bitten by a venomous spider

Enemies: Koue- rival gypsy clan, marines, marine base 85- stole top secret documents and started fire

Affiliations: Cirque del Gitano (Circus of the Gypsy), Vuur- gypsy clan

Rank: scout, dancer, spy, assassin, distraction (for enemies)

Romantic: someone to calm her, but not smother her. Can protect her when he needs to, but can fight with her when the time comes

History: left at orphanage when 5. no prior memory of parents. ran away because of abuse at 12 years old. ate DF two weeks later. picked up on an island in South Blue by a traveling circus at 14 years old and met her sisters (12 and 10 yrs old). when it was discovered she could control animals (16 yrs) she became the animal master and preformed tricks in the show. still in circus at present time, but wants to explore new places and see rare animals.

Clothing: mostly gypsy-style dresses, Arabic dancer outfits, scarves, shoes with little to no heels

Possessions: whip, throwing knives, bag (like Ace’s but black) with clothing, two black venomous vipers, gold jewelry

I don’t mind if there’s a mature scene or if you make minor changes, but please don’t kill her.
PandamoniumPress chapter 2 . 11/27/2012
I was looking through the reviews and saw that someone else had a character w/ a bad Marine background. Corrupt Marines maybe? :D
PandamoniumPress chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
Name- Russet(First name)

Gender- Male


NationalityAccent- Italian(Mothers side)
American(Fathers side)
American accent

Language(s)- English, a very small amount of Italian(only a few basic words)

Birthday and birth place-
• June 19
•Birth place is unknown, probably a Marine base

Sexuality- Straight

Height- 5'8
Weight- 162 lbs.
Hair- Dark blonde, short and messy, hangs in his eyes
Skin-White, lightly tanned
Eye- Rusty brown
Body build- Athletic
Facial features- Well defined cheekbones, small neck, black star tattoo on back of his neck

Attitude towards life!- Not really sure about this... I guess he thinks life is ok(Sorry, don't know how to word this) :P

Personality- Russet likes to make-and stick to-rules very closely. The only time he breaks the rule is when he thinks that the rule is wrong or anyone that he cares about is in danger. His sense of justice is strong and he always puts the truth out in the open, even if it affects himself badly. He likes toe keep the peace and keep everyone in line.
He comes of as bossy and mean but he really is a kind,quiet, and helpful person. He shows his quieter side when he is creating strategies and doing calligraphy.

•People in authority(Captians, generals,etc) should always be respected(Even enemies) unless they are unworthy of their position
•Strong belief of justice

Devil Fruit(optional)- Nope :P

Weaponsfighting style-
•Silver Handgun
•Smoke bombs,trip wires, other stealthy fighting thingys
•He prefers to fight by stealth, using tactics and strategy to easily take out enemies.

•Military trained

•Hates cruel or unjust leadership;abuse of position
•Witnessing unnecessary violence

•Marine deserter(Everyone thinks that he was trained by a spy that had been watching the World gov.)

•Protecting the innocent and ratting out the guilty

•Unnecessary violence
•Dishonest command(Controlling people by fear,lying to underlings,etc)

Allies- His crew, ally pirates(how do you spell the singular form of allies?!), other helpful characters

Enemies- Marines,enemy pirates

Affiliations- Pirate crew(Whatever your going to call it), Marines(former)

Rank- Scout, strategist, and infiltration expert

Romantic interests- Enjoys women who are creative and use their skills to their best abilities. Also likes women who respect commanding officers.

History- Russet was raised on a Marine ship. The ship was used as a training academy for new Marines. Before he graduated to become a full fledged Marine, he overheard a Marine captain talking to another Marine. The captain was saying how the new recruits would be sent into a fight were none of them were to live. The recruits were to be used as human shields for the other Marines. Upon hearing this, Russet fled the ship on a lifeboat. He reached a small island(called Harp Island) were he lived for a long time. One day, he read in the newspaper that over 100 Marines recruits had been killed by enemy fire. Angrily, he set out for revenge on the captain. Long story short, he found the captain and murdered him. With his new wanted status, he kept a low profile, traveling from place to place eating money to live off of. When he met his crew, his cover story was that a spy trained him like a Marine. Eventually, a Marine recognized him and blew his cover.

Clothing (not just one outfit [unless it's their signature look], give me a general idea and maybe a few examples)-
Signature look: White t-shirt,black cargo pants, green vest, black military boots,black wristband on both arms, dark green bandana tied around head like a head band

Other outfits: Think of clothes with a preppy,military look. Kind of like Sanji but a lot more casual.

•Small black backpack- Small calligraphy kit, maps, first aid kit, Smoke bombs,trip wires, other stealthy fighting thingys, bullets, sunglasses(black),money

Death?- Um...well I never like killing of characters but as long as I'm warned in advance that it will happen and it's a good death(Not like by gunshot, it must be epic!) I guess I'm ok with it. But If he can stay alive PLEEEASE don't kill him!

Hope this is good! PM me if you have anything to ask! Good luck writing!
Redcap55 chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
*Name (nicknames?): Tracer Hackle

*Gender: male

*Age: 25

*Nationality (include accent if any):

Spoken languages: English,

Birthday and birth place: Rellis Island, West Blue. He was born in December

Sexuality: heterosexual

*Appearance (include height, weight, hair color and style, skin color, eye color, body build, facial features and anything extra like scars, tattoos or piercings, etc.): Tracer has an average build, if not on the thin side. He's about 6'4" and has blue eyes and blond hair, cut short but not neat. Tracers skin is quite pale, due to not travelling much in the day, in order to keep out of sight, and he has a bit of a beard starting. His normal attire is a pair of black pants and a white shirt, but over that he wears a long coat that looks vaguely like a Marine jacket, although it's far more plain and has nothing written on the back of it (It's only got a blue stripe down the shoulders and arms of the coat, rather than tassels and the like). He does wear it with his arms in the sleeves, and although he wears no hat, his coat actually has a hood that he sometimes wears when he is being more sneaky, or travelling in the daytime. Tracer also normally wears a pair of black boots, and often a strange looking black vest that he wears over his shirt. This is actually a vest designed to protect again bullets

Attitude towards life!: He sees now that your life can take a turn in an instant, but he has no intention to die yet. The way he sees it, it's not over for him until the light fades from his eyes. Until, then, he has a tendency to dare people to try and stop him.

*Personality: Tracer is very calm, (Even in life threatening situations) and has become quite detached from things after what he's been through. He no longer cares about the distinction between pirates and marines, and he considers them equals. Because of this, he would be willing to serve on a pirate crew, but he has to see them as a worthy individual. He has a tendency to simply observe what it going on, rather than engage in conversation, most of the time. He'll talk if someone speaks to him, but rarely says something first unless it's a warning about something, and sometimes will only look at someone in response to being talked to. He's not cold, however, and often speaks compassionately and says things that seem well thought out, when he DOES speak. As a sharpshooter, one of his jobs is to observe and take in many details, and he's learned that part well.


Devil Fruit(optional): none

*Weapons: Normally carries a pair of 6-shot revolvers he “acquired” from a cocky bandit. (these are similar to what Mr. 5 used) as well as having a more powerful musket that is normally strapped over his back, for longer distance shots. Aside from that, he carries only a bayonet, and many, many rounds of ammo that are in dozens of pockets his coat has (inside as well as out).

*Skills: Excellent marksmanship, good hunter, excellent at hand to hand combat.

*Weakness: His biggest weakness is probably his own human limitations. There are many things he couldn't do compared to a powerful devil fruit user, even though he is quite strong. If he can't overpower something, he has to outsmart it


Likes: reading, fishing, swimming, and surprisingly he is good at dancing.

Dislikes: plain foods, snow and ice, sea kings

*Allies: The unknown woman he is trying to find, other than that, he has no known allies except those that are on the run from marines as well

*Enemies: Captain Garvin, The Marines, bounty hunters

*Affiliations: Formerly a marine, now a criminal. He could join pirates and not care since it wouldn't make him any less wanted by the law.

*Rank, position: Scout, also trained in marine tactics and weapons, as well as being an excellent marksman

Romantic interests (don't give me a specific person give me a type of person or an example, your character may or may not have a love relationship): none planned from my direction, but you can take a crack at it

*History: Tracer is a former Marine, and spent a good deal of his life so far having served the World Government with pride. His skills with firearms and stealth where conditioned since childhood, as he grew up on a more primitive island that had little technological development. His village was to be considered more along the lines of hunters and gatherers, but his skills where only sharpened under the training he received and his experiences as a marine. Although his reasons for joining the marines where rather naive at the time, he still stands by them and admits he really did want to see and experience more of the world and have his own impact on things. Until, that is, he was transferred into the service of a man named Captain Ellis Garvin. His duties aboard the ship where no different than to be expected, until he saw that the Captain's orders where becoming increasingly harsh, whether it was treatment of captured pirates or even how they handled civilians when they encountered them. It was a confusing time for him, but he followed orders and even rose in rank, until one fateful day. Their ship had come upon a smaller vessel that had the appearance of a simple cargo ship that had had their sails damaged in a severe storm. Upon seeing the passengers, Captain Garvin claimed to recognize a few of them as pirates and associates of pirates, and even after his men had the crew bound (for precaution) demanded that his men simply execute the lot of them by setting their ship on fire.

Deciding to make a test of Tracer's loyalty, he ordered him to be the one to start the fire. He'd taken orders he didn't like before, but he considered this to be a step too far. Tracer refused, tossing the torch overboard, and even after Captain Garvin pulled a gun on him, he refused again. Immediately charged with the crime of treason, he was arrested and sentenced to be executed. The Captain ordering another Marine to start the fire, Tracer was injured in a brief struggle when he broke free and tried to stop the man, and the last thing he saw before he was knocked out was the flames rising up the ship. Needless to say, his time in the ship's cell was dark, and not simply because of a lack of lighting.

It was several days later, when he was tied to a post and facing a firing squad, that things took a surprising turn. Moments away from being shot, a pair of smoke bombs where thrown into the area, and in the confusion that followed he was freed by what sounded like a woman that cut down all the guards in his way. (All he could see was a silhouette) The only thing she said was to meet her in the New World. Fleeing for his life, he managed to escape and went into hiding, but he never got to meet who had saved him yet, or find out why they had saved him. Considered a criminal now, Tracer decided that if he couldn't be a marine anymore, he would put his skills to use for someone that deserved it, pirate or whatever they may be. He found out later that Captain Garvin is stationed somewhere on the Red Line now, but he has yet to figure out a way to get into the New World and find either him or the woman.

Clothing: Tracer has an average build, if not on the thin side. He's about 6' even and has blue eyes and blond hair. His normal attire is a pair of jeans and a white shirt, but over that he wears a long coat that looks vaguely like a Marine jacket, although it's far more plain and has nothing written on the back of it (It's only got a blue stripe down the shoulders and arms of the coat, rather than tassels and the like). He does wear it with his arms in the sleeves, and although he wears no hat, his coat actually has a hood that he sometimes wears when he is being more sneaky. Tracer also normally wears a pair of black boots, and sometimes a strange looking black vest that he wears over his shirt.

Possessions (what do they travel with?): His firearms and ammo, some food rations and survival gear.

*Are you ok if I kill the character, put them in a mature scene or make minor changes to them? *Snaps fingers with a quick thumbs up* Go for it! Great things could happen!
siqwithaQ chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
*Name: Demarion (also called Dema for short)
*Gender: Male
*Age: 23
*Nationality: Jamaican, with accent
Height: Tall, 6 1/2 feet
Hair: Brown, almost-to-shoulder length dreadlocks tied back in ponytail
Skin: Dark
Build: Slim
Attitude: Wants to be friendly by nature, but is wary and suspicious by nurture
*Personality: Often shy and easily intimidated by strangers but always tries to pretend he isn't, stoic, amicable if he thinks of you as "safe", very patient most of the time. The one things that make his temper snap is when someone he cares about does something dangerous and rash.
*Weapons: He uses a spear. If the fight isn't serious or he otherwise doesn't want to hurt his opponent, he uses the blunt end in a sort of Block-Punch-Whack routine, where he blocks, punches/kicks them, then whacks them with the blunt end. If the fight is serious, he uses the sharp end to go on the offensive by slashing, stabbing, and sometimes throwing.
*Skills: Making herbal medicines and cooking basic meals.
*Weaknesses: Gullible (in a can't-spot-a-lie sense) and just a little sensitive (in a look-away-I'm-not-tearing-up sense)
*Allies: A dog named Oscar, if that counts, and (formerly) his sister.
*Enemies: The Marine who killed his sister, anyone who hasn't proven themselves "safe" yet
*Affiliations: None yet/civilian?
*Position: Doctor
*History: Has lived on a nearly deserted island all his life, with his younger-by-four years sister. He took care of her after their mother died when she was seven and he eleven. They found Oscar when he was fifteen. When he was sixteen and she twelve, a group of Marines stopped on their island. His sister had always detested strangers on their island, so she went to play-attack them and hoped to scare them off. Instead, the leader of this group of Marines killed her because they thought she was an enemy. Now, because of this Dema is so scared of something like that happening again he lashes out when someone he cares about does something rash. It is also why he is so wary of strangers.
Clothing: Typically dresses very minimalistic and in Earthy tones like black, white, brown, etc... Like shorts and t-shirt and maybe an overcoat
*Are you okay if I kill the character, put them in a mature scene or make minor changes to them? Yeah, fine with me.
Give me a few plot ideas that I can use with them!: Well there's the most obvious plot of someone winding up stuck on his island, then trying to befriend him (through difficulties). Or you could also do a plot in which you reveal the Marine that killed his sister – which can be any Marine you want, seriously. Like Akainu or someone's Marine OC or Smoker or Captain Nezumi, I seriously mean any.
The Will of D chapter 1 . 11/27/2012
Sounds interesting. Here's my OC:

*Name: Monkey D. Yukino (Yuki)

*Gender: Female

*Age: 16

Birthday and birth place: May 1st, Gao Kingdom, East Blue

*Appearance: Height: 5'3"
Weight: Mmmm...whatever's the average weight is
Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown with small, but slightly noticable, hints of green
Body Build: Small but with a bit of muscle tone

Attitude towards life!: Live life like there is no tomorrow and enjoy it while you still can

*Personality: Yuki has a very sweet, charismatic personality, even some of her enemies couldn't help but love her. As a swordsman, she highly honors the Swordsman's Code, though with a few exceptions. She cares about her nakama deeply and would do anything for them, even if it costs her her own life.

Devil Fruit: Copy-Copy Fruit - Legendary Paramythia; allows the user to use any Devil Fruit Power known to its full power. Due to how powerful it is, it is thought to be part of some sort of legend, hence the "legendary" part.

*Weapons: Three Swords; Santoryu

*Skills: Has all forms of haki, invents things, a great artist, highly intelligent.

*Weakness: Can only use up to 2 Devil Fruit powers at the same time (though she can also use it to her advantage depending on the battle)

*Allies: ...Almost everyone she meets

*Enemies: Navy (Koby's an exception...and maybe Garp), Tenryuubito

*Affiliations: Straw Hat Pirates

*Rank, position: First Mate, Swordsman, Strategist, and one of the main fighters

Romantic interests: Roronoa Zoro

*History: Both of Yuki's parents died, her father in some sort of accident before she was born and her mother after childbirth, making her a orphan. Garp, who was a family friend, took Yuki under his wing, adopting her as his granddaughter, and, of course, hopes to make her a great marine someday (figures XD). She and Luffy grew close the moment they first met. Sometime before meeting the Red Haired Pirates, Yuki ate the Copy-Copy Fruit. During the Porchemy Incident, she, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo was saved by Grant D. Nathan, or Nate, later becoming Yuki's mentor and father-figure, but tradgically died to modern day stage 4 cancer a year later, thus breaking Yuki's heart. Nate left his treasured sword, Kitetsu I, to her as a "thanks for everything" gift.

Possessions: Kitetsu I (given by her mentor), a good amount of sketchbooks.

*Are you ok if I kill the character, put them in a mature scene or make minor changes to them?: Any rating and minor changes are fine. Please don't kill her.
Dragon Kin Roan chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
Seems Legit
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