Reviews for Fall Back Down
AussieSweet chapter 47 . 10/7
Why don't they make themselves a proper family now? It's silly, they shouldn't wait till the baby is born.
AussieSweet chapter 41 . 10/7
I doubt Hermione would be so weak and indecisive in front of Lucius but the bit about Scorp's accidental magic was good nonetheless.
AussieSweet chapter 36 . 10/7
Wasn't Ginny already pregnant when they performed the spell?
AussieSweet chapter 34 . 10/7
Why the chapter is called Fabian Prewett's watch? Fabian was Molly's brother.
AussieSweet chapter 26 . 10/6
Is she pregnant? Or just nerves?
AussieSweet chapter 22 . 10/6
Love little sly Scorpius! But Draco behaves like an idiot.
AussieSweet chapter 16 . 10/6
Ok, so Draco is jealous, I guess. What about Ron? Is he seeing someone? Or he will hook up with Pansy?
AussieSweet chapter 11 . 10/6
That what happens if you jump into bed with someone before dating that someone.
AussieSweet chapter 8 . 10/6
If James just turned three or even four, he wouldn't be going to Hogwarts in at least seven years, not couple.
AussieSweet chapter 7 . 10/6
Ron is just Ron. As usual. Say first, think second. Or not think at all.
AussieSweet chapter 6 . 10/6
Yay Narcissa!
Just wanted to ask if you have a beta. This story will gain a lot if somebody can proof read it.
AussieSweet chapter 5 . 10/6
At least he understands that his son's future depends on his behaviour.
AussieSweet chapter 3 . 10/6
I hope Ginny wouldn't be hostile to the child.
AussieSweet chapter 2 . 10/6
He was just a child at that time! A terrified child! It's easy to pick on him now. I'm sure nobody would dare to do the same to Lucius.
AussieSweet chapter 1 . 10/6
Cute. I love stories about children. And I especially like when Draco is a loving father and not like Lucius.
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