Reviews for The Farrell Sisters
Janine chapter 7 . 9/29/2012
Great job with this chapter:) Sad to see this story end but looking forward to our upcoming collars.

I am not logged in bc I am having issues logging in on my phone.
showtunediva chapter 5 . 9/21/2012
Great job on this chapter. I kind of felt bad for Grace when she got in trouble. :)
manuelmusical14 chapter 2 . 9/8/2012
Will do nice job so far
Janine chapter 1 . 9/8/2012
Great first chapter my dear! :)
Grace kissed her heads This is supposed to be both their heads. I will work on chapter 2 when I get home at the gym right now waiting for zumba to start. g2g Janine