Reviews for Cry of the Raiju
slythian chapter 16 . 7/22
great story hope ur still wrighting it bc ours an awesome story
Guest chapter 16 . 7/19
Are u going to continue this story?
Left Sock chapter 16 . 7/13
excellent story guys i absolutely love it
sinisterdevil chapter 16 . 6/29
love it love it love it.
looking forward to the next chapter!
StampedingYak90 chapter 13 . 6/28
My bad, I should have posted a review to this story ages ago, as it's currently one of my absolute favorites. As such, this is gonna be a little long. I just like the way the story's progressed, and I also really enjoy Naruto's characterization. He's neither needlessly idiotic nor some uber genius Mary Sue type who gets all women and outdoes everyone at their specialty. Rather, his ability to learn quickly is being acknowledged, and he's become a well rounded shinobi. He's putting his resources to use and getting the most of out them, and it shows in that he's extremely formidable without being peerless. I am also partial to stories where Naruto is super fast and precise because it fits his skill set and build more than being a wrecking ball.
Second, the raiju arc techniques are just awesome and the anticipation is high since he hasn't gone all out since he first used Tenton against Shinji. The combination of wind and lightning as the two most offensive elements has always been really intriguing to me. The fights are well thought out and pretty riveting, specifically the ones with the B-Rank Jinton guy, Keito and Shinji. Lastly I really dig the taijutsu emphasis with not one, but two fleshed out, well developed styles. Honestly it's one thing that was underexplored in canon, as far as different styles existing. Anyways, I'm definitely a fan. Keep it up bros.

Quick question though, the Shippu-Ken style that Naruto uses, was it not called Hiryuu-Ken in the first 8 or so chapters, or is it something different?
DovahKing99 chapter 16 . 6/19
great story but when will the romance start
my 2 guys chapter 4 . 6/14
that was good keep the chapters coming
D chapter 16 . 6/3
I see elements from pacific rim and naruto in this. I might have missed some others but they're likely in the techniques used. Great story very entertaining and involving. Good usage of leveling and balancing to make sure that this didn't turn into a godlike naruto fic at least yet. Can't wait to read more.
RandomGuy chapter 4 . 5/30
Your usage of gratuitous Japanese is very annoying. I repeat VERY ANNOYING. Your story has some potential, grammar here is with few errors but Japanese words in english sentences break immersion. I had to search for what those things mean.

And you could very easily replace 'kuso' with 'damn/shit' or 'ikuzo' with 'lets go' it would take you just a search and replace. I'll not take this story seriously as long as it has gratuitous Japanese. I'm perfectly okay with using '-san', '-chan', '-kun', '-sama' because it does not have some english equivalent but not for other things.
The Question chapter 16 . 5/30
When are Naruto and Fu going to realize their feelings for each other, or start falling in love with each other?

Also, why does Naruto still call Sakura "chan?" I feel like Naruto would have stopped that after the training trip.
Story Artist chapter 16 . 5/30
This is an awesome story, I really can't wait to see what happens next. I really love that you but Kaiju in this story. Thank you for that, there really needs to be more stories with that.
Guest chapter 5 . 5/26
Best three words to end a chapter. EVER
marquis.shax chapter 3 . 5/28
you know now that I think about it I think that Kishi's whole excuse in canon about Naruto's life being in danger if anyone were to find out about his heritage (well at least of his being Minato's son) is just a load of crap. Seriously he's got an organization of 10 S rank missing nin after him even if it is only two at a time what village could possibly spare 1 let alone 2 or more S rank shinobi just to kill a kid who poses no threat to them?
marquis.shax chapter 2 . 5/28
you know after reading this again I'm confused as to what the Raiju arc is exactly since Wind and Lightning nature chakra CAN'T work together they completely cancel each other out so unless the Raiju arc is extremely powerful lightning it doesn't work at all UNLESS you add water to it and more or less make it a storm style
Cerulean Knight chapter 16 . 5/27
Dragon kaiju named Manda, and Angirus. I hope he can grab both of them. The more kaiju the merrier.
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