Reviews for Linguistics
Loverofallthingsmusic chapter 1 . 9/29/2013
Omigosh! I love this! This made me laugh SOOOOO hard! HAHAHAHA! Great job! :)
Ladyaloysius chapter 1 . 5/13/2013
Love Timms! Love Gibbs! Love NCIS! Love your Drabble fluff!
cajunghost chapter 1 . 9/12/2012
lol i like this.
Quintessential Queen of Hearts chapter 1 . 9/10/2012
Oh my. I love this sooo much. Cute, funny and totally an outing I'd like to be a part of. Well done!
alix33 chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
"and Scottish Brogue, which was not technically a language but which Tim decided to count anyway." - I think it could count as a separate language, like Scots Gaelic, where it is derived from.
"ASL, Spanish, French, German, Italian. Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Pashto, Hebrew. English, he added belatedly. Binary. Klingon. Scottish Brogue. Anatomy-Speak. Angry Marine. Government Jargon. As a group, they were either brilliant or crazy. Maybe both. Probably both." - Hehehe, I agree.
"Tony reached over the table and nudged McGee's shoulder with his glass. "Hey! McThoughtypants!" Ziva snorted into her drink and Abby's cheeks got pinker as she tried to repress her giggles. "That one's pretty lame, DiNozzo," she gasped finally. "Don't doubt me," said Tony, waving his drink in her direction, "I choose when to use my skills. Now, McTipsy." Tim raised an eyebrow. "I can feel your mind working from over here. What is it that's making your little gears turn so hard?" "Just thinking." "Well yeah, we got that part. The question though, is what it is! What it is that's percolating in your head and making your little gears work so hard that smoke is practically coming-no, more like gushing out of your—" "Tony means he wants to know what you're thinking about," Abby finished loudly over Tony's ramble. "Yeah, thanks, Abs," Tony said, looking at the ceiling. "What? Your question was taking too long." "My question was eloquent." Abby gave him a pitying look and patted his arm." - These paragraphs made me laugh, as I could totally imagine them coming out of DiNozzo's mouth.
"Your question was far from eloquent," Ziva pointed out. "Says the woman who just told McGee to move in a language he doesn't even speak? Your communication skills, Ms. David," he paused to take a sip of his drink, "suck." Ziva's face took on such an affronted look Tim thought it nearly qualified as a pout. Abby slipped in to the rescue. "I think that might be overstating it, Tony. She's really pretty clear most of the time. And the malapropisms are kind of like a puzzle to figure out, you know? I like puzzles." "She said I looked like a 'porkupig' once! How is that effective communication?" "That was years ago!" Ziva burst in. "I had just gotten here!" Tim blew out a long breath and decided to drag the conversation back to its original track. "Guys!" Three faces turned to him, and Tim spared just a glance for the one that didn't—Gibbs seemed to be shaking his head at his bourbon. "Yes, Timmy?" Abby asked, head tilted at what Tim decided was a delightfully saucy angle." - That conversation I could see happening too.
"DiNozzo!" Everyone's heads snapped around to Gibbs, who was giving the group of them The Glare (albeit, Tim thought, with an unusual hint of twinkle). "Boss?" "Quit ribbing McGee. You want him to retell the story of the last time you had a little too much?" Tim screwed his face up, trying to remember something embarrassing he'd seen Tony do drunk lately. Nothing particular came to mind. But both Abby and Ziva looked curious, and Tony's eyes shifted nervously from Gibbs to McGee to the scotch he'd been drinking. Just then Tim caught the tiniest twitch of a wink from Gibbs. "Ohhh," Tim said loftily. "THAT time." "What time? There wasn't a time!" "You do not want me to tell about that time, DiNozzo." "Seriously, whatever I did, it wasn't that bad," Tony informed Abby and Ziva. Abby laughed. McGee smirked at him. Gibbs sighed pointedly. "Shutting up, boss." - Hehehe.
"And Ziva and I are like your sisters. And—" here her metaphor ran out of steam as Tony's face took on a slightly uncomfortable expression and Tim felt his own face morph to mimic it. "Hypothetical sisters," Ziva offered. "Yeah. Hypothetical," Abby said with a grateful nod to Ziva. "Not biological, of course. Because we don't even look, like, remotely alike. So, adopted siblings. So we could technically procreate with each other and not have the genetic risks of brothers and sisters procreating, but we still manage to keep that tight brotherly-sisterly and parent-childerly bond!" She paused. "Childerly's not a word. Childish?" "Abs." Abby looked at Gibbs, and Tim nearly laughed at how abruptly her face turned guilty. Framed by the swinging pigtails, she looked remarkably like a toddler who had been caught pulling the cat's tail" - Hehehe.
"While Gibbs gave Abby some sort of wordless admonishment, presumably for the offense of putting into his head images of his de facto children doing the sorts of things which might create de facto grandchildren," - Hehehe.
"Hey. You're still quiet." "Gibbs is talking without words," Tim said. Tony blinked. "Okay, not the answer I was expecting. But you should really have already noticed that he does that. It's been like nine years, Probie. That's a quarter…a fourth…no…well, a lot of your life." "Do you think he was born with that ability, or that he picked it up when he was a Marine?" Ziva asked as she played with her straw. "Born with it. Nonverbal communication. You should know, Agent David." Tim interrupted the start of a round of his teammates' favorite form of nonverbal communication before it even properly began. "Would you say that counts as a language?" "I suppose," Ziva shrugged. "Definitely. I happen to be fluent in body language," Tony said, winking. Tim was not completely sure if the wink was meant for him or Ziva and considered rolling his eyes until Ziva stole that idea and threw one of her wedges of lime at Tony to boot. Yes, of course the wink was for her. Stupid question. He must be McTipsier than he had thought. Tipsier. God. Language was hard." - So, Timmy is a baby functional mute? Hehehe.
"McGee." Three heads swiveled to the end of the booth. "Yeah, boss?" Really, Gibbs had amazing hearing. "Can you communicate with all of us?" "Um…usually." "Are you looking for a new job?" "What? No!" "So you want to keep this job?" "Of course." "Did I hire you to be a translator?" "No." "Well." "…Well, what?" "Well, okay then. Stop worrying." He pointed to McGee's drink. "Drink whatever it is you've got there." "Told you," said Ziva. Tim blinked around the table at all of them. "Okay," he said." - I think Gibbs was trying to be very reassuring there, in less than ten syllables at a time (probably a functional mute limit or a rule or something), there.
unilocular chapter 1 . 9/8/2012
really like the story. it's a fun piece to see the team spending time together outside of a case/work. i think you're characterizations are really accurate. love the part about ziva speaking in different languages while drunk!
dvd123 chapter 1 . 9/8/2012
It's cute to see the little smidgen of insecurity from McGee, especially when he has grown with more confidence throughout the years. There's so much more team spirit in season 9, that I can really see the gang hanging out together after a case. Here's to hoping we can actually it on-screen someday. :D
DisneyCrazed26 chapter 1 . 9/8/2012
I liked this a lot. It was so serious and then you ended it with that funny bit with McGee almost choking. I could see this happening to them in "real life".
Chatter in the Monkey Mind chapter 1 . 9/8/2012
I thoroughly enjoyed that!
great piece of work!