Reviews for Fifty Shades Full Circle
jess chapter 155 . 2/27
Instead of lovine this story I am frustrated by lack of updates and also find its just dragging along with no interesting developments. I agree you should stop while it's on a good note. Maybe a final chapter 20 years on giving a 'where is everyone now' to wrap it up would be perfect.
I'm not meaning to put you down, your writing is fantastic but I think you owe it to your readers to finish up if you can't commit anymore.
angelkrewe chapter 155 . 2/25
"To hell with Christian Grey-give me his housekeeper, Gail!" If he makes $100,000. an hour-she deserves half of that for all she does!
Please finish the story, Nuwriter. You should be riding the crest of the wave of the movie release. Give us the ending of a truly great story!
Anxious Guest chapter 157 . 2/25
Dear Nu Writer...
do you really not care anymore? Please update or at least let us know when you might update. this is torture and its not nice the way you are just ignoring us. Surely you can appreciate the fact that it is because we love your story! Please extend the same courtesy to us and let us know what is happening.
Suzecues chapter 57 . 2/25
What a GREAT CHAPTER! Elliot and Christian scene was hysterical Boys being boys!
Carli chapter 35 . 2/23
Where is their actual baby #3? This series should be more about their fam life and not a repetition of his past. Most likely taking in 2 kids would more than bring his past issues and Christian would fund and find a good home for them. Ana wanting to leave house - she goes to functions, with Kate, shops. Ana would be more than happy to give birth to more than 3 kids. This story is all about forced plot re tommy... #MEH I see neither Ana nor Christian as being a 100% more hands on as parents. Gail etc is the cook not nanny.
jtracey chapter 157 . 2/25
Missing your updates :( Hope you update soon
Gia chapter 157 . 2/23
Great story... Update soon... Kisses from Greece...
Guest chapter 157 . 2/23
It's been 5 weeks... Come on have some compassion for us that are waiting anxiously for an update or at least let us know what's going on...
Suzecues chapter 43 . 2/24
Wow! Thank you for clearing the Ava story up nicely,
Please don't leave Ana twisting to long in the wind here.
I know you completed this awhile go but I am so glad I found it.
Suzecues chapter 31 . 2/24
What a plot twist Susannah & Leila very Well Done!
guest chapter 157 . 2/22
Wow it's been a month since u last updated. Any indication as to when we can expect the next chapter or just finish the book rather.
Suzecues chapter 18 . 2/23
The segments regarding Sam are quite touching, I hope it helps Christian to grow emotionally.
Suzecues chapter 12 . 2/23
It's suprises me how much his dialogue makes me root for Christian and Ana still I relate to the eye rolling lip biting smart ass and want her control freak to let
Himself share and be loved.
sclark4 chapter 157 . 2/23
FrenchPress chapter 157 . 2/19
Can't wait to hear from you and the Greys. I will not be seeing the movie. I am in love with the characters and story here.
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