Reviews for Fifty Shades Full Circle
xxebenxx chapter 159 . 14h
I love this story, hope there's more.
BookHound chapter 159 . 5/1
Good chapter!
jcp77 chapter 158 . 5/1
I love that grace is so worried about "her baby". "Why is my baby cwying" and how she wanted Ana to stop when Mouse/Ella was crying during bath time. Tommy and his "my brain"was too cute. This is my -#1 story and I reread it all the time. I apologize for not reviewing more.
jcp77 chapter 159 . 5/1
I think I just reviewed as a guest. I love this story and I was worried about Tommy and his "my brain" . Love Grace and her baby, so happy to see Virginia. This is my favorite story and every time I see a FF alert I always hope it's you and this story. Can't wait to see what happens next
Thank You.
chante chapter 159 . 4/29
Awesome story love the poo story you always deliver 100% hope the next chapter soon cant plz
Twillupe chapter 159 . 5/1
Have spent the last week of my life reading all 3 books and have absolutely loved them, please don't stop
stacey chapter 103 . 4/29
Chapter 200
Guest chapter 159 . 4/28
I have enjoyed all 3 books! Just finished chapter 159 on third book. Please write more!
desini chapter 159 . 4/28
Thanksgiving will chaotic but fun, can't wait to read about it.
Lindacooks77 chapter 159 . 4/28
Great story really enjoy the bills all four.. please add me to your email list Thanks
R-J briggs chapter 159 . 4/29
Fantastic and so funnybwith the whole baby poop
Elisefan chapter 159 . 4/29
Love this story! I love the Interaction between Tommy and Christian! Tommy's my favorite.
hauntedone chapter 159 . 4/27
Oh, I love this. This family is so real, even if they're billionaires, s**t happens! Love Grace, she really makes me laugh out loud. Poor Greys, maybe they need to invest in some Febreeze, it will knock that baby s** t smell right out the house.
I now see, adopting Tommy has helped Christian come full circle, and baby Ella has done the same for Virginia. Great story!
Sharon chapter 159 . 4/27
Love it!
Guest chapter 159 . 4/26
Having Virginia around is wonderful! The kids are hilarious!
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