Reviews for Fifty Shades Full Circle
Guest chapter 162 . 8/21
I give up on this story! It's been 8 months!
hatice.busrag chapter 66 . 22h
g cv
Bellafleur chapter 162 . 8/21
I can not belive you wont finish this story, it's so well constructed snd written! Please let us know if you have in finished somewhere else. I wouldjust love to see it complete.
Best regards from Brazil.
Guest chapter 50 . 8/10
When will the next chapter's follow...
Sandy48 chapter 162 . 8/8
I love this fic! Will you be updating soon?
Guest chapter 162 . 8/6
This is a wonderful story! Will there be more chapters? I have an id but can't remember it! My name is Carol. Email
Guest chapter 162 . 8/2
I have just read the 3 books of your vision for Christian and Ana in 2016. I was really surprised that at the end of chapter 162 it wasnt finished! what happened? Did I miss something? Please tell me that you finished it. I throughly enjoyed it so far. Lin J.
linsuejun chapter 162 . 8/3
I just read your 3 books Fifty Shades and was disappointed there was no ending on the third book?! Can it be found elsewhere or is that it? I did enjoy what I read.
Dreamingmyselftosleep chapter 1 . 7/25
lisa.sucuzhanay chapter 161 . 7/10
This is amazing! How soon until it's finished?
Guest chapter 162 . 7/7
3 months know and still nothing
Sandra chapter 162 . 6/30
I really enjoy reading these posts, are you planning on continuing?
Guest chapter 162 . 6/26
Ummmm i made it 162 chapters for it to randomly end are you going to continue line?
Guest chapter 155 . 6/21
Are you going to finish the story? I have been waiting for over a year. You are a great writer.
Guest chapter 162 . 6/20
When will chapter 163 come plz
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