Reviews for Fifty Shades Full Circle
Susan chapter 78 . 6/20
How dense is Mia? Even if she didn't know of Christian's past with Elena, she knew Elena pushed Ana down the steps causing her to lose her could she buy her house? I can't believe Ana or Christian want to spend any time there...
Guest chapter 162 . 5/31
I just finished all three stories. I like the family camaraderie going on. I like how Christian seems to have become a family man. He still struggles with control issues, but seems to be progressing. I read through some of the comments posted and I have to agree with the criticism of the grammar throughout this trilogy. That is something that is very hard to overlook. I, also have to agree with a guest’s comment about sex scene overkill. I realize Christian and Ana have a very sexual relationship, but really?! Every chapter is filled with sex scenes. Even when one or the other is out of town, they do phone sex! Sometimes it’s more beneficial to leave some of it to the reader’s imagination. Remember the old saying, “less is more”? Then, the huge question being asked here...why did you choose not finish the story. Hopefully all is well. :)
Guest chapter 72 . 5/28
I love this story. I love the dialog. I love how you keep the characters true to the original. It’s lighthearted and fun to read. There is a little of everything going on. There is drama, angst, tears, laughter, sex. Maybe there’s a little overkill on the sex. Lol! There is lots and lots of love going on! That is a good thing!

The only negative thing I have noticed through out this trilogy, is the lack of proper grammar. There seems to be a problem distinguishing the difference between suit/suite, quit/quite and to/too. Any author who wants to be taken seriously as a writer needs to study up on proper grammar. I, as a reader, notice this immediately! Also the kids’ speech impediments seem a bit over done. Teddy, being seven, talks good. He only seems to have a bit of a problem pronouncing words he has never heard before. Grace being around educated adults, as much as she is, should be talking much better at three years old. Ana and Christian should be trying to correct her more. I can understand Tommy talking like he does, considering his upbringing and the lifestyle his mother lives.

Another thing I noticed is Grace calling Christian daddy instead of Da or Dada and Christian showing his excitement when she finally called him Daddy. I think this author forgot that Grace had referred to him as Daddy back in previous chapters. I am sure Ana, being an editor, would definitely frown on this Lol!

All in all, this is a good story and I am looking forward to each new adventure you map out for the Greys!
Guest chapter 162 . 5/24
This is my second time reading this story and still no epilogue as promised. You have captured the essence of Christian. I love him as a CEO, husband ,father, son and sibling. He needs to be in charge of the kids education as they get older. Ana is clueless. Teddy is in the third grade and should be experiencing more of what life has to offer other than the backyard. It's good that she is instilling in them family and moral values, however when do they go to church? Don't let her stifle their growth. Ana is perfect sexual as a wife to Christian. She needs some personal developmental growth to be an asset as a wife of a billionaire. She could become an accomplish writer or his foundation chairmen. I love the children and would like a peep into their futures.
Karen Leah chapter 162 . 5/6
OMG! I DON'T GET IT! I was so enjoying everyone of your stores they were wonderful, I couldn't get enough, Then I come to Chapter 162 and I'm left hanging. What in the hell Happened. Tell me please, I don't understand, I'm crushed. HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND.
SpidermanFan1 chapter 162 . 4/10
wish story was not abandoned. want more
Livre'YsARI chapter 161 . 3/11
pleasee update
joankathy chapter 9 . 2/5
tazzy chapter 162 . 1/6
Please continue this story. its one of the best ive read
Minineo chapter 162 . 12/26/2020
this was great... it's a shame to see it unfinished. but the story stands quite solid like this. honestly if you had named this an epilogue i would have believed you.
thank you for writing,
and when you do come back, if you come back, feel free to add to the story. ill be there to read and love it.
Livre'YsARI chapter 161 . 11/23/2020
update pleaseeee
Livre'YsARI chapter 162 . 11/23/2020
update please
Guest chapter 162 . 9/26/2020
Noooooo please don't leave it like that. I just read the ENTIRE story from chapter 1 to 162. Please continue this story I love it!
Telernc90 chapter 162 . 7/21/2020
Please finish this story. I love it.
Jk24 chapter 162 . 5/2/2020
Please, please, please continue this!
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