Reviews for Fifty Shades Full Circle
P.Self chapter 162 . 7/7
Well I guess your not going to finish this story ever , that’s to bad it was a great story you should continue your writing though, your very good!
P.Self chapter 143 . 7/6
What happened to the painting that Leila sent to their house did he keep it hidden from Ana and does she find it?
P.Self chapter 120 . 7/4
Is there not going to be any more Leila or Susanna?
P.Self chapter 91 . 7/2
Ana could still have a surrogate have her baby for her, you could try that!
P.Self chapter 65 . 6/30
Need a little inter action between Susanna and Christian let her flirt with him real bad and then Christian can put her in her place!
P.Self chapter 162 . 6/27
When are you going to finish this beautiful story?
P.Self chapter 22 . 6/27
You need to give Ana a little bit of being jealous of a women flirting with Christian really aggressively ,make her jealous for a change!
P.Self chapter 20 . 6/27
I absolutely love your sex scenes they are pretty erotic it that is what makes them great ,love the last ones especially!
P.Self chapter 12 . 6/26
I still think she should have slapped the crap out of Christian for getting rid of all the baby stuff, I think it was cruel to do that to her!
Fourbubbles chapter 138 . 5/4
For all the idiots who PM’d you complaining that you weren’t updating enough...I could slap them. This is by far my favorite Fifty Shades story. I’ve read it several times and have always wished that you would sometime in the future come back to it and finish it. Would have loved to have seen how Ella would have integrated into the Grey family. Maybe Ana at thanksgiving would have finally told Carla to be a mom for once. Hope your wrists are doing better. Thank you for your beautifully written trilogy.

P.Self chapter 162 . 4/27
Please tell me your going to finish this story, you promised that you would, I just can’t believe you would just stop writing . It’s just not fair to your fans, really disappointed in you!
laford768 chapter 20 . 4/27
I have read your stories before but it has been awhile so I've been re- reading them. They're such great stories, I love them all, you're a very talented writer. Thank you for sharing them !
P.Self chapter 137 . 4/25
I don’t think she needs this baby , they need to wait a while longer before take I get on another child , maybe wait a year or so!
P.Self chapter 94 . 4/22
Please let them have a baby by surrogate,they need another one!
P.Self chapter 91 . 4/22
If Ana can’t have anymore babies, can’t she get a surrogate to have it for her, that would be so great for them to have another baby, please!
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