Reviews for Fifty Shades Full Circle
Guest chapter 162 . 12/10
I really loved you trilogy of books and have just finished Chapter 162 of your third book "Full Ciircle". I don't know how long it is since you started this series or since you posted Chapter 162 but I do hope there is still more to come, it just seemed to have stopped but doesn't seem to be finished off nicely. I have only recently found all these stores on FanFiction but did thoroughly enjoy your three books in the Fifty Shade books. Please let the story continue a little more in 'Full Circke' to a more logical conclusion, unless of course there is a fourth book to continue on, but then it wouldn't be a trilogy. Thank you for such a wonderful series and making my Sunday's so pleasant and relaxing (especially as I'm normally not a big fan of reading'.
jillianaw chapter 1 . 12/5
I Love this story! Are you going to finish?
laaddis chapter 162 . 11/21
I hope you will start back up with this story. Have you abandoned it?
Guest chapter 1 . 11/17
I’m hoping you will give us a Christmas treat and write a chapter. We are coming on two years since you left us hanging. Please update...please
Guest chapter 162 . 11/7
Where's the chapters, long overdue
Kroni817 chapter 162 . 11/4
The story isn't complete. When will you write more? Love it & hope you get back to it.
Debby10 chapter 162 . 10/24
You wrote Three beautiful incredible stories. I’ve followed them from the beginning and then you just left us hanging? Please please please come back and pick this story up again and finish it.
Thank you
PS and f you’ve decided not to finish it would you please respond and let me know. I just adore your Gracie.
Pennie chapter 162 . 10/9
Is this really the end of Christian and Anastasia? Is any more being written?

I would like to know if the children grow to be like Christian and what happens next. please.
Pennie chapter 162 . 10/8
Ihave been hooked on these stories for a few weeks. Do you plan to write more about the Greys? I do hope so. Many thanks, Pennie.
PuppiesRCute chapter 162 . 9/27
Just spent the last week reading all three stories. I love it. I hope you are able to find time in you busy schedule to update soon. Would love to see the rest of the family meet Ella.
iamdboman chapter 150 . 9/9
The part where Ana is submissive to Christian in the shower did not sit well with me. He just really pissed me off when he was angry about business and then she submits to him so he won't go off the deep end. His ego is so big that he wants to control the business himself instead of
sharing the load of the business by taking on a partner(s) and takes it out on everyone around him. I like him and I realize that he has residual problems from his past, but it also seems like he is rather manipulative and uses this to excuse his bad behavior. It is one thing when they 'play', but quite another when it is done to subdue him. Okay, I feel better now. He had better be nicer in the next chapter .
iamdboman chapter 93 . 9/6
Grace cracks me up!
iamdboman chapter 80 . 9/5
This was a beautiful chapter. Thank you.
Guest chapter 162 . 9/3
Please,please,please finish this story! I love it!
Guest chapter 158 . 8/31
Re reading some chapters. Hoping some new ones come. :-) Love Tommy and lil Grace in this chapter
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