Reviews for Forgive Me, Father, for I Will Sin
Choker chapter 24 . 4/19
They need to speak about their fears and than stay away from them. That is the kind of respect they should have for each other. With time it will build into the trust Edward was talking about. But at the moment they rather "play" with these fears and throw them in each other's faces. And it's one of the fasted routes to end a relationship.
Guest chapter 24 . 4/12
loving it
DifferentialEquation chapter 24 . 4/8
God. Your killin' me! I just found this story and this is the cliffhanger I'm left with?

Well in any case, I love the story!
Hope you update soon!

Cattinson chapter 24 . 3/21
ahhhhhmaaaazing story
twilight-et-the-vampire chapter 24 . 3/18
h√Ęte de la suite
Anonymous chapter 24 . 3/13
love this story!
Guest chapter 24 . 3/12
Lurve it. Update soon please
Guest chapter 24 . 3/9
I don't get why Bella is so offended to be compared to Tanya. If she doesn't want to be like Tanya then she shouldn't put on a show like her. She surely treated Edward as shitty as his ex.
Ariesp19 chapter 24 . 3/9
Can't wait for more!
biblepam chapter 24 . 2/26
saw your post about the reviewer who was nasty. I've never understood reviewers who are like that. Maybe the fact they don't have a real life prevents them from understanding those that actually have other things to do other than just writing a story (for free for other's enjoyment) or spending idle time bashing someone because of how a story's written or for updates that aren't daily. I know it's easy to say and even more difficult to do, but try to not let the nay slayers get to ya hun. You do an awesome job writing while still maintaining a "real life". Now.. really enjoying your story. Covering a tale where the characters have such an age gap can be quite daunting but you're doing an excellent job. My step-father was 17 years older than my mom but it was never an issue. I never saw him as being that much older. They were quite compatible and happy until his passing from cancer for 14 or so years. Take care and trudge on doll.. :)
Swy3347 chapter 24 . 2/22
Love this story, please update!
Guest chapter 24 . 2/15
Love your story can not wait for more.
Camilla C chapter 24 . 2/9
Edward has a lifetime of experiences and it painfully shows - and not in Bella's favor. When Bella has such a problem with that, then there is no way that she is over their age-gap. She is holding his life experience against him.
Whereas Edward is ruled by his fear to lose her to someone her own age. He too isn't at all over their age-gap. Even though he has the patience of a saint to put up with her childish tantrums; I would have been much harsher than he was.
Atwiggs chapter 2 . 2/11
I hope this works out for them, but I don't think other people are going to accept this Union. It's going to be difficult for them in this relationship, but the heart wants what the heart wants...
Atwiggs chapter 1 . 2/10
I hope they don't have too much against them. It's almost like having an interacial relationship, you know? I hope they can survive. After all, they say, "Love conquers All". They are so HOT together! Can't wait to read more! Thx so much for your hard work and writing! God Bless!
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