Reviews for A Pony by Any Other Name
Opinr chapter 14 . 10/10
Well this is awesome I look forward to more.
Princess Asuna chapter 14 . 10/6
loved the update! Just a suggestion though, you Don't always have to refer to Twilight by her full name, after all you don't do so with Ranma's full name _
Veedramon chapter 14 . 9/22
A dragon's fire is magical, so the idiot cheated.
vodkaCanidae chapter 14 . 9/22
That was awesome! Loved the chapter! Also appreciate how you retained the use of Ranma's name in the narration. A change of the character's true name in the narration tend to make the character feel like an OC. Thank you for writing this! I truly enjoyed reading it :)
xbox432 chapter 14 . 9/19
Well she's certainly not doing a very good job of distancing herself from her "War" aspect is she? I am so looking forward to how RD fangirls Ranma after this, cause seeing her take down a dragon like that is gonna win her some major brownie points.
Dumbledork chapter 14 . 9/19
Hehehe. Another enjoyable chapter. I habe no idea what your plans are, but I hope they include Derpy and maybe Doctor Whooves, since he's also from another universe.
HakanoSabishii chapter 14 . 9/19
I hope you continue. Reading this update brightened my day, excellent fic.
OBSERVER01 chapter 14 . 9/19
lol! only you ranma! only you.
Wordlurker chapter 14 . 9/19
Yup, the Saotome Effect is in play. Kiss your plans goodbye, Ranma, cuz you're now on the hype train and there ain't no brakes.

Hm, that redirection trick... Let me guess, it's the technique Happosai uses with his pipe, isn't it?

Keep up the good work.
Almech Alfarion chapter 14 . 9/19
Finally! Someone who gets the color of Dash's coat Right! It baffles me how so many people can think that her coat is Cyan when that color is closer to a middle ground between blue and green...

Other than that, interesting chapter.

Despite first impressions, I still see Ranma becoming friends with Fluttershy, especially once it's explained that this was a "chalange match" and that despite it being well within her capabilities, she didn't drag the fight out or cause more damage to the dragon than what would have been strictly necessary.
ultima-owner chapter 14 . 9/18
that was so cool
Blackholelord chapter 13 . 9/18
Not a review. Stupid video at bottom of the page is forcing the page to go to the bottom as I am reading the story several times. I do this read your story.
nicopop chapter 14 . 9/18
try My-Little-Pony-Episodes if you want to watch all the episodes

great story by the way :D i love it!
Solartiger chapter 14 . 9/18
Welcome Ponyville, Ranma
Aceina chapter 13 . 7/9
good story so far based on the fact twilight is still a unicorn im guessing this takes place around season 3?
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