Reviews for Adventures of a Consulting Time Lord
Cpn.J.Harkness chapter 60 . 4/16
The Face Of Jones
sandysan2013 chapter 64 . 4/13
You're amazing! Two updates in as many days and they're both corkers! This is all becoming more and more mysterious. This Dr. Roylott is the key in need of unlocking and it's Sherlock's butt that's in need of kicking. I can't wait for the moment Ianto stops being inscrutable and gives Sherlock a what for.
SherlockWholmes chapter 64 . 4/12
Poor John.
It's good to see this story making progress again though, and it's always great to see Ianto Jones.
sandysan2013 chapter 63 . 4/6
Most excellent! Ianto speaking freely was quite something. That razor sharp wit exercised by a razor sharp tongue is a dangerous thing. But he's right about 10; he never formed an attachment he wasn't willing to break for his own pleasure.
Twisted Sister1962 chapter 62 . 4/5
Yay a Mistress of Spices tie - in. Thank you.
SherlockWholmes chapter 63 . 4/5
Good for Ianto sticking up for John.
mist shadow chapter 62 . 4/1
And the fact that he muddied Sherlock's clearness of the experiment and observation of Mira is just a bonus
sandysan2013 chapter 62 . 3/30
Extremely interesting addition to this story. Now I'm off to look up the spice healing thing. Except for the part where they can't ever go outside their place of business again, this spice healing this sounds wonderful and amazing. I almost wish it were real so I'm going to do some research.
Soledad chapter 61 . 3/27
To the reviewer below: I understand that you dearly love the Doctor. It is your prerogative. But it's also mine that I don't like arrogant ***holes, as you so aptly put it. One person's hero is another person's ***hole - and to me, the Doctor comes through very much as the latter, in most of his incarnations (that I've seen so far). So, perhaps we can agree to disagree and allow each other to have our own opinions, hm?
Doctor Frostybuscus chapter 7 . 3/26
Why are you making the Doctor out to be some insane a**hole? He didn't forget about his companions. They left him, and he misses them all.
sandysan2013 chapter 61 . 3/23
Welcome back! This new storyline has all the trappings of a hit!
mist shadow chapter 61 . 3/23
Ooooh, *gleeful*, a brand new twist. Don't know the stories you were referencing, but knowing Bollywood, I can make a pretty good assumption. So, I have popcorn and ice cream ready, let's hear the story of intrigues and mysteries, with love thrown in to spice things up (pardon the pun)
sandysan2013 chapter 60 . 1/7
Oooooo! I loved this and look forward to the sequel.
Jenn Calaelen chapter 60 . 11/4/2013
Very interesting interlude! It is great to see the issues here with what Ianto is doing and his reasons. I like the fact that he knows what he is doing is not right, but he does it anyway in the situation. Great to see cameos from Martha and Mickey. It will be very interesting to see where the plot is going wrt to Moriarty.
kiamorgan chapter 60 . 10/13/2013
Wonderful, I have truly enjoued reading this. Thank you, for writeing it.
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