Reviews for On a Limb
divyvicki chapter 4 . 9/3
Great story.
divyvicki chapter 3 . 9/3
Parting is such sweet sorrow!
divyvicki chapter 2 . 8/31
Poor Bella!
divyvicki chapter 1 . 8/31
That was kind of a sad chapter.
elizabeth bennette chapter 4 . 8/6
Hi just read your story, it's good. Is it complete? Thanks
eddiebell69 chapter 4 . 4/5
This story made me cry a lot, but that's just because I felt each word deeply. I loved every small bit of it. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the world! ;)
eddiebell69 chapter 3 . 4/5
I love how visual your descriptions are! I love how easily I can imagine whatever you're describing, but I especially love how I can feel what I'm reading. Your words touch my heart.
eddiebell69 chapter 2 . 4/5
This chapter was so, so sad. ):
eddiebell69 chapter 1 . 4/5
I've been trying to get back to writing after the crazy-busy month I just had, so I decided to give your unread stories a try. I picked this one because it's short, and, girl, you never cease to amaze me. Your words are precious and unique! You truly create art with each one.
MrsLanaS chapter 4 . 1/28
I loved this. So much. You are a great writer. I enjoy you stories so much, thank you.
Sooz88 chapter 4 . 1/20
What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing it, I love how u write! xx
Sooz88 chapter 1 . 1/20 sweet, btw, I am sad that there has been no new stories from you and /or most of my other favorite Authors :-( Is it because U are done with Twilight characters? Or on a new site? I love Edward and Bella storylines, just so I can put a face to the character . If u have any good new story shares, I would be so grateful! Thanks so much for sharing your stories, hope to hear from you :)
sfspeedy chapter 4 . 8/4/2014
This was lovely, thank you!

Mayuri love cullens chapter 4 . 5/24/2014
Really loved it :)
JustARead chapter 4 . 5/16/2014
Love this!
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