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flora.mae.52 chapter 13 . 11/13/2012
Strike3! I love your stories! This couple is the best! I wish this really happened!:3 Did you watch Fate/Stay Night? You should right about Gilgamesh and Saber... I really 10x love this story though! It made jump up and down and laugh a bunch of times during this story:)
YoloSwaqq chapter 13 . 10/4/2012
Oh no! it's over! oh god, I'm gonna have to get used to not seeing this is my alert box. Thank you for making this! I had such a good time reading it over the pretty long time that it spanned over. I loved the ending too! cute! lol Allen and kanda. oh how I love them! not as a ship though. *shiver* anyway I hope to see some of all the short stories and stuff! it's so sad to see this story go, but so nice how it ended. talk to you soon!
James Birdsong chapter 12 . 10/1/2012
We all know your story is good.
Colorici74 chapter 12 . 10/1/2012
Lol... Allen seems a little... freaked out about the news, you know... XD Well, Krory isn't used with what a boyfriend - girlfriend relationship means since he lived in that castle, so it might be normal for him... The only girlfriend he had was Eliade... Ehh...
So... Lavi wants Komui to know about the relationship? Interesting! Maybe he just wants to swagger around and everyone to know about it :P He must be proud, awwww Bad boy, Bookman Junior!
Aaand Allen, Miranda and Krory seem kinda embarassed... They say 'coungratulations'! :/
Oh, yeah, and the fun begins XD
"You don't understand! Let's imagine it! We tell my Nii-san about us being a couple… There are two options. First he would harass me, cry and then wants to kill you which would be a big trouble. Second option is that he would try to kill you as soon as we told him about us. And that would also be a big trouble! And the innocence might get lost in the trouble or damaged!" - Right, there are just two scenarios, but they might be the same XP One in two XP Talk them down, Lenalee :P
Also, the authoress's scenario is good :D I start to love this 'bow-wow' ing thingy XD
Yep, yep, chaos has come... I love chaos, who doesn't? Everyone's fooling around frenetically, screaming, yelling, shouting, breaking down the walls and the floor... I wish I was there...!
And I guess the next chappie will be... uhm... I don't wanna imagine! ...Komuistic! Lol, I've invented a new word... :P We should hide in Mexico to get prepared! :'D
Uh, gotta go sleeping 'cause my eyes are cartoonish purple already... I don't sleep well at night and I've got my school in the morning -_- See you next chappy anyways.
Colorici74 chapter 11 . 9/30/2012
Lalalalalala... Lol. *whistles*
Seems like Tai is better now XP Oh, yeah, I like this boy really much :P But Marisa seems cheekier than him, still XP
Yep, it had a been a long story, really -_- The first one had 14 chapters, the sequel has 11 chapters and you said there'll be one or two side-chapters... Uh... So, basically, 26 or 27 chapters... Damn, I feel so old now -_- Can't believe I've read such a long story... But I think you feel older than me, right? Ehhh... [That's exactly how I felt after finishing my first story which has 28 chapters -_-]
Ehehehe, so Lavi still refuses to stop teasing Lenalee? That's so cute, really XD And how Lenalee tries to make him shut up 'cause she doesn't want to hear it anymore XD By the way, wasn't this Lenalee's desire? Lavi just tried to please her, lol. Finicky girl, Lena! She shouldn't be that pissed-off... But I agree with her, 'cause she makes me laugh :P Even so, Lavi is MUCH better and MUCH more charming XP
Nah, not-so-a-big-cliche-ending, right. :P
Oh, yeeah, there is Komui's turn now, mwuhahahaha *coughs, coughs* Hey, maybe this guy can also let go? I mean, can't he realize that Lavi is such a nice guy even if he's a pervert and loves to tease Lena? At least he doesn't cheat at poker, hehe... [I'm still sketched with Allena, yep -_-] However, dunno if Lena can be safe with Lavi... :/ This couple always makes me think about... you know, pervert stuff, unlike Allena which seems a fluffier couple in my opinion because of Allen's personality, which is shier, politer, and somehow less childish than Lavi's [whatever, my stories are always OOC at hell, so doesn't matter anyway -_-]... Ehh... -_-" I hope Lavi isn't such a pervert guy anyway... :S
Gonna see you at the side-chapters, okayz? :P
Colorici74 chapter 9 . 9/29/2012
Yeah, but I guess Hoshino-sensei remains the best owner that D. Gray-Man could have, right? Ehh... XD
Oh... So she was an akuma... Now I get it. It makes more sense. Surprising twist, anyway! I didn't expect this even if I'm that kind of person who expects the unexpected and expects anything to happen.
Yeah, that's right, there should be a little bit darker part of any story, not just fluffiness... Ehh... But, still, violence is kinda nice for sadist XP Correct, it makes interest grow XD Nah, violence doesn't shock me... Otherwise, I love it :P Stupid door, yep -_- I also hate doors... 'cause everyone forgets to close them when I want them closed... And everyone closes them when I want them opened -_- Ehhh...
Nah, I don't hate you that much... Just a little, maybe. Instead, I'm worried for Lavi, a bit... Ehehe, but if he survived the Ark, I guess he can survive some akuma, too, right?
Oh, you're posting new chappie today? Ehh, I'll see when I'll read or review it 'cause I'm kinda busy now -_- I've got to read a thing for Monday... Grr... So, yep, I'm going to read now... That thing is somehow long, it has 17 chapters :/ However, they are short :D
Ehh, but I'll read your next chappie, of course XD
So, yep, I won't say cheers this time 'cause I'll see you later XP
Colorici74 chapter 8 . 9/27/2012
Um... Okay... The last sentences were from Lenalee's dream? O_O Wow... So it had a reason... Anyway, it makes me curious... I didn't get much of what happened with Lily and Erika and the other boy, but I guess is not something good... Uh, I'm dumb, yeah, I know -_- [XD]
Uh, again, I dunno what to comment about, since this chapter was like an intermediate one... I guess the action begins in the neXt chapter, right...? The trap under the rug... :/ Uhm, I guess I'll see what's going on neXt time :D
I dunno why, but I start to be excited about what will happen when Komui will get to know about... you-know-what... *takes deep breath* I Feel Good, or, how you would say in Romanian language, 'Mă simt bine...' Haha, do I seem sadist? But right now I'm feeling like in one of Mylene Farmer's songs, which are k-kinda scary and cold, you know... some of them... :S They just make chills run down your spine and bring goose bumps onto your skin... But they feel awesome XP
Aaand... Seems like Lavi is not embarrassed... Yepzzz, I've won the bet with the voice inside my head! XP
*yawns* Yeah, we'll see in the next chapter... Gotta get some sleep, so can't write more -_- Plus, my leg aches... Ow... I hate the gym class... Damn it...!
Yea, see you at neXt chappie. Sayonara. Pa-pa, how you would say in Romanian language.
Cheers. [Or, 'noroc', how you would say in Romanian language :P] Cowardice makes us warriors [ewww, what's with this anyway?]
Angelfaith19 chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
It's just the first chapter and I started to liked it!
I will continue reading the next chapters... :)
Colorici74 chapter 7 . 9/26/2012
Whoaaa. O_O That was AWESOME! They kissed XD Eh, I feel so good now XD It made my day :P I have had a very hard day, but now I feel much better XD :P Hehe, Lavi is such a bad boy XD I guess he somehow made Lenalee melt for him with all those tender words of his :3 Hehehe... *chews cookie* Now it seems much sweeter ;)
Lol, when you said that Lenalee wakes up, I thought she and Lavi... you know... had it... Uh... And then my mind wandered further... I thought Lenalee would lose her panties and Tai would find them in Lavi's pocket when coming to nurse him... And then Tai would pin them to the wall in the kitchen and Lenalee would recognize them and be embarrassed in front of everyone... [Do I seem dirty?]
I started to like Tai :P If Kanda would be like him, the anime would be much funnier XD They would be something like sidekicks XD Maybe they would slice each other?
You're still ill, huh? Ewww, I'm ill and tired, too... Plus, I've got a weary mind, and Geography and Chemistry like to suck the soul out of me... Uh...
Lenalee remembers something from the past? O_O Whoaa! HOT!
Um... But, still... What about Komui...? :/ We'll see. I've got a feeling... And it is not nice this time... :/ It all points to Lavi's hurt, you know... :/ Drifting further away... :/
So, I guess that's some kind of happy end? Happy ends are annoying sometimes, but this is nice 'cause it's not totally happy... Still, Lavi got hurt... and there were tears... But I guess that's what people like to read, right? XD Sappiness :P Yepzzz...
Okay. Uh, I'm thinking of buying myself a helmet to protect my brain for the neXt chappie XP Oh, yep, I'll be prepared next time, I'll be in the best shape! I'm gonna lift weights! :D :P Who knows... Maybe now Lavi and Lenalee really have to let the others know something... Right? Can't wait to see Allen's face... 0_O... And Krory's face... o_0... and Kanda's face... o_o
Anyway, cheeries till next time XP
YoloSwaqq chapter 7 . 9/26/2012
awh, so cute! Tai's such a funny character! This is just an idea, you dont have to use it or anything, but since Tai's pretty cool, you should make him an innocence aacomadator, and they bring him back to the black order. but thats why those akuma were there :O... sorry, just an idea, :) you totally dont have to use it :) cant wait for the update! :D
Colorici74 chapter 6 . 9/22/2012
Weee, new chappie :3 Ew, don't worry, if you update, we'll be waiting XD
Soo... I start to like this thingy :P And that guy Tai resembles Kanda... [Tough and cheeky, ehehe... A little cheeky and tough boy is so cute XD And he's Lavi's rival XDDD But I bet he doesn't know that 'stupid idiot' is a pleonasm... -_-"] :P Maybe he's Kanda's cousin or something, hehe... It would be funny, I have to admit XD
Okay, so Tai wanted to confirm that it is normal feeling guilty, right? That's why he asked, because Lenalee's situation resembles with his, right? It starts to make sense...
Uhm, however, Tai, as you mentioned, makes a great job ;) People love seeing this, I guess, even if the characters suffer XD People are some sadists XD Riighttzz?
Ewww, but Tai knew about all that stuff about when Lenalee was a child? :/ Lavi told him everything? Huh, I think I've missed something! :I Huh... OH! I'm so stupid -_- Now I get how comes that Tai knows about the times when Lenalee was a child... Huh... I finally got it :D
Aand... Tai was the reason Rebecca died? :/ How's that? Was he around when she died and didn't help her or..? Uh, I have to read the precedent chappies again -_-
Uh, whatever :I Can't wait to see if Lavi has heard the discussion or not... :/ Maybe he sighed in his sleep? Or he was half conscious and dizzy? I've got some thoughts... Some NICE thoughts XD *winks, winks* Hey, if Lenalee would just let it be, it would much easier -_- Ewww.
Whateva, we'll see... Plus, Tai seems so rude to me -_- Maybe he possesses some innocence? And would become Kanda's friend? Ha, nope. He'd wish XD How would his akuma weapon look like? XD Hehe, who knows...
Um... Umm... I forgot to say that it seems... uhm... WEIRD that Lenalee is thinking about how good Lavi looks when he's in that state -_- Grrr, sometimes she annoys me... pleasantly XD :P Ha.
We have to see what's next... neXt... Let's prepare ourselves mentally XD 'Cause reading this story isn't like doing something just because you're bored... You have to be prepared... REALLY prepared... Also, you must have a God given strength to survive this 'til the end XP
Colorici74 chapter 5 . 9/17/2012
Yaaay, new chappie :3 Sadly, school started in my country, too -_- So, I'm sorry if I won't review immediately -_- However, I'll try keeping up with the speed XD
It's good that you're feeling well ;) That's a relief... *receives cookie*
So, it was just a dream, huh? :/ I feel somehow good that it was JUST a dream... :/ Maybe it's normal? ... Ehh...
Oh, yeeah, I love that scene with Lavi bleeding... Sounds realistic... I love the way it is described :) So, our Lavi isn't okay... :/ Wondering if it's serious... :/ Hm... It doesn't look okay, but it looks like a great opportunity to see some Lavi x Lenalee ;) I'm pretty sure that's the point of this twist the story got ;) Or not? Whatever, we'll see! *winks, winks* If Chemistry doesn't kill me too soon... :S
Um... This kinda reminds me of a song... It was like...
"I want to change the world,
Instead, I sleep."
Strange, since it's not the same topic, right? :/ I think I've heard it playing in one of my favorite shows when it was a scene similar with that when Lenalee finds Lavi injured in your story... :/ Whatever!
Uhm, sweetheart..? That's so sad... :( I mean, I found it extremely sad... the ending, when Lavi is injured and keeps calling her 'sweetheart'.. Sad... *sighs* Also, when he admits that he may not be alright... *sighs* Yea, you ARE a sadist -_- But somehow it feels good to see scenes like these... I enjoyed it :P [which means that I'm a sadist, too?! Sadist fangirls talk :P XD]
Whatever, let's get a little happier :D Chemistry sucks, Math sucks, Physics sucks, Biology sucks, but the story is great so we shouldn't let these four damned things ruin our good state XD Not even our sadist attitude :P
Ewwww, whateva, apelle mon numero when you post the new chappie XD [French sucks, too. -_-] Nah, not really needed, since I get alerts in my email box every time you post a new chappie :3 So I'll check the mail everyday XD
Yep, I hope I'll see you at the next chapter, too XD
Colorici74 chapter 4 . 9/14/2012
Ewww, you sure OK, dudette? I mean, you seem really sick... Hope you're not that sick... I'm worried -_-
Whatever, this chappie excited me, too :P
Uh, I can't imagine Lavi naked... It's good that Lenalee didn't see anything unsuitable... :P You know what I mean. Lavi is probably... uhm... let's say damn hot? I understand why Lenalee is so overwhelmed by his charm... Awww, poor Lena!
And Lavi continued being a bad boy? Arrr, I love this in him XD 'Sweetheart', awww Aaand am I wrong or Lavi keeps flirting with Lenalee? I mean, he offered her his hand... Is he trying to make her go a little insane? At any case, it looks... arrr... :P Yo, Lavi, you're so semi-evil... XD Lenalee's heart catching fire... awww, so... romantic? Eh, not really :P
And, I guess they should hurry up... :/ I'm wondering how this will end... and if Komui is still alive when missing his Lena so much... :P I guess he misses her, right? Ewww, but why focusing on Komui when we can enjoy the presence of the hottest anime guy? XDDD Fangirling, haha.
Weee, I'm planning on going to the year 3000, too XD [weird Jonas Brother's song... I'm normally not a fan of these guys, but this song is awesome XD] I'm wondering if anyone will be writing Lavi x Lenalee in the year 3000... Maybe people who are writing now will be famous... Who knows? Maybe year 3000's people will invent their own language and won't understand these stories... -_-"
Anyway, be sure you're not really sick and writee... um... whatever you know/want! Ehh...
Cheeers. (three of 'e' purposely :P)
EaglefootMoonflightVipertail chapter 4 . 9/14/2012
The first part of this chapter was so cute! And the ending makes me want to read more. Can't wait for the next one! :)
mangafreak44 chapter 3 . 9/11/2012
i like it a lot lavi and lenale are a really cute couple
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