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Igneous321 chapter 61 . 11/18
This is amazing and I just can't wait for the next chapter! No need to rush though, life happens.
I really loved how the relationship between Tom and Aidan bloomed and just grew from there. Their relationship was cute and I want it to continue. Also, is Harry going to refer to himself as Aidan from now on?
Anyway, I hope that you keep writing, even if it's not this specific fic, because this world needs awesome writers.
Otakaboo chapter 24 . 11/2
Slythiera19 chapter 61 . 11/1
I am curious if Tom would ever recognized his love after many years and realize he is fighting him or tried to kill him many times .
so.ouka chapter 61 . 10/27
Woah this is good, I'm honestly thrilled to see if Tom will recognize Aidan or if doesn't have enough humanity remaining for that, also I would have thought that as the court were all important persons, harry would try to find them to know what happens before finding Dumbledore, in person if they are still living or some portrait of them that must exist seeing who they were. I think Sirius's mom could help with that. There is also Minerva and poppy though to speak with them he might need to find the order anyway, or just sneak in Hogwarts using abelford passage. Even if u don't know what to write now, I still look forward to see how u will manage to continue this story. So please, dont stop so far.
randomplotbunny chapter 61 . 10/26
Awesome chapter! Hope Harry/Aidan gets a bit more time to himself before he gets bombarded by friends with too many questions and not enough patients.
And now that he has Hedwig back why doesn't Harry/Aidan write out everything that happened and send it to Tom/Voldemort asking for his help and advice? If he's specific enough on details that only they knew then Voldemort should hold off on murder until things have been straightened out.
Or Harry could just go find the old members of the Court and get answers that way. I'm sure Walberga has a few things to say, as will Minerva.
Ruokjean-neigh chapter 61 . 10/25
This entire story is fantastic. I love where the plot is going and I can't wait to see more. I hope you have time to write soon, but I can definitely wait as long as you don't abandon this :)
annette-ella chapter 59 . 10/25
good chapter. thanks
Shadow chapter 61 . 10/23
Really nice, i hope harry/aiden and Tom are going to meet soon, well if Tom is still alive inside of Voldemort that is ...
B0nk3rs chapter 61 . 10/23
Who's the mysterious relative and what the fuck is/was her problem?
mizzrazz72 chapter 61 . 10/22
Aidan will always love Tom, not Voldemort.
CantYouSeeImReading chapter 61 . 10/22
So happy for the update. I can't wait for more.
LunarCatNinja chapter 61 . 10/22
I love how Hedwig is reunited with Adrian!
A Week Of Sundays chapter 61 . 10/22
Glad to see this story is back on the map! :-)
petites sorcieres chapter 60 . 10/16
Oh no ! He got sent to the future without being able to even explain to the Court who he reallt was... And seems like nothing changed ...
I really liie how you write the Court and also Arianna and Aberforth. Thank you for this
Em chapter 60 . 10/7
Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I love your story! I'm always excited when I see that you have updated and can't wait to continue reading:) I usually never comment on a story but your story is an exception because of its quality and content!

Ps: Dont let some of the others comments upset you they are simply jealous that they are unable to create a story as good as yours. Also if they truly didn't like it they would not have read through 60chapters ;)

Good luck! I hope everything's going well!:)
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