Reviews for Dark Phoenix of Konoha
Haley95 chapter 1 . 9/23
I just finished this story. I really enjoyed reading it, and I find your work creative.
Chezhran chapter 45 . 9/11
Absolutely excellent story. I really like it so far, was completely captured until the end... I WANT MORE! D: ..

Other than that, good themes, good twists, nice length on the chapters. I like how you made Kakashi train his team seriously. I think that this could very well be what would have happened, had he taken his duty as sensei seriously :3 Good job, and can't wait for more chapters!
yuuki24688 chapter 45 . 9/4
I really liked this .,. Light hearted chapter. A comedic relief from all that has happened, I suppose. Thank you for writing this. I'm looking forward to the next update.
lazyfox21 chapter 1 . 9/4
Is this story is on hold?
Jofiction chapter 45 . 9/1
great stuff, would be interesting to see a pairing as it would give Naruto an additional bond to the village, Hinata or Temari would be interesting as Temari has a similar personality to this version of Naruto
StupidChinaBook chapter 32 . 8/24
Didn't Naruto kill Haku during the Wave mission?
lokyyt chapter 45 . 8/24
more please keep typing and please reply
porselen13 chapter 44 . 8/21
piccolaNaruto18 chapter 45 . 8/18
cute Naruto :)
Griffin87443 chapter 45 . 8/16
Good story so far please keep updating the story i want to keep reading this story
bluesnowflakes21 chapter 45 . 8/16
i am sorry if you have already mentioned this but i wanted to ask if there would be any romance in it and if yes then what kind? hope you will be able to answer them
Leah Reid Whitlock chapter 32 . 8/9
Oh yea! Orochimaru is dead! Oh yeah! Take him out with a bang old man! Alright Jiraiya! I am getting way too into this...
Leah Reid Whitlock chapter 19 . 8/8
I love how as soon as Naruto mentions it being too troublesome amd seems lazy, they automatically assume a Nara.
Dauntes chapter 1 . 8/5
Man, the more I read other Naruto FF, the more I appreciate yours. Please keep up the good work and finish this wonderful series. It's VERY much appreciated.
Kaito Hatake Uchiha chapter 45 . 8/2
this very good

Kaito hungry wants to eat
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