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Guest chapter 6 . 10/30/2015
Ed's speech would never be an out for Holly for fresh air, but good try. The Ed/Holly friendship was ALWAYS stronger than anything that was thrown its way, including Roger's post-1996 jealousy (after Roger, the CHARACTER, chose Amanda Spaulding over everything else in his life) that caused ignore to ignore Springfield for nearly a decade...

Ed was such a healthier choice for Holly, but Roger was such an intriguing choice, even if I wished Holly would have honored her friendship with Ed and the Bauers and her new alliance with the Spauldings by exposing Roger immediately.
Guest chapter 4 . 10/30/2015
Not true, Roger.

Alexandra took no notice of Mindy until Beth became involved with Phillip, and then Alex unfortunately had to take notice of Mindy while Mindy was sleeping with Alexandra's husband. Just so that Roger isn't painting himself as the wronged, innocent party (as he usually did, despite the fact that the so-called "slanders" leveled against him were usually caught on camera).

Get him, Alex!
PriscillaPal chapter 18 . 11/5/2012
You know, this story was very much about second chances, do overs and doing things right this time. I would love to see another Thorpe child, with Holly as the mother(sorry, but I never liked the story explaining Hart...or Hart really). As a matter of fact, I'd love to see Thorpe twins but that might be a bit much.

I am also glad to see Ross acting like a member of the family. I mean clearly he supports Blake 100% here, but honestly, since I have never really been a Ross fan, I find myself less willing to put up with any smart mouth from him towards, or about, Roger. So the fact that he joined in on Roger's surprise and was also supportive, subtly, during Holly's disappearance, has made me warm up to him a bit.

Nick and Alex saddened me. And this story just brings back memories of how open Lujack was with Alex. I mean he needed her more than Nick did, in a way. He had a terrible upbringing, while Nick had two, loving parents. But once Lujack let Alex in, there was nothing they wouldn't do for one another. I still feel as if part of Alex's problems, have something to do with what a devastating blow Lujack's death did to her. And I'm glad Nick is finally understanding that.

I can't wait to read the next installment!
PriscillaPal chapter 17 . 11/5/2012
First of all, I want to apologize for getting my reviews up so late! Where do I begin? With Roger and Holly. The MATURE Roger and Holly, that I always wanted to see before they were messed up completely in 1995. You know what I'd love to read? You should do a story called 'Holly's Diary'. Just a story focusing on her diary entries from 'Acapulco'. 'Daniel St. John' and 'The Cliff House' and the 'Jenna Bradshaw Debacle/Marriage'!

I love how open these two are with one another. There came a time when all that squabbling they used to do, about who did what to one another, started to get old. There was always something between them and the fact that they are in therapy, to me, is the only realistic way they would've been able to get past, the past, and progress into a healthy relationship. One in which for starters, there are no lies between them.

I also like how you're keeping it real with Ed. I mean from his viewpoint he can't see what would've possessed Holly to let Roger back into her life. You've got Maureen talking Roger up to him and Michelle likes Roger as well. But all Ed knows is the Roger that assaulted two of his wives and put him and Holly through hell in Santo Domingo. So he's a lot slower to come around.

But you know what really amazed me in this chapter? The Spauldings. I just feel as if the way you've written them, is the way they should've been, but weren't, for many reasons. And I can't help but feel that Hope is what is keeping them grounded. I am also eager for Alex to get the help she needs.
Isabella GL chapter 18 . 11/5/2012
Wow! Loved the scene in the basement, I could just see it in my mind's eye :) Good work!
Amy chapter 18 . 11/5/2012
I meant to mention in my review of the last chapter how happy I was to see Ed and Holly back on track; their friendship is so important to - and good for - both of them. Maureen Garrett and Peter Simon (who I think is one of the show's best recasts; I never cared for Mark Hulswit) had a very sweet chemistry together that really sold their relationship.

I love Tangie dreading the inevitable cascade of set-ups once Blake learns Cutter is involved elsewhere.

And I love the image of Holly in a dark green dress; it takes me back to that beautiful one she wore to ... some event, back when she was with Ross and Blake was setting her fake pregnancy scheme in motion.

And Faith telling Roger she's just as much Bauer as Spaulding made me chuckle out loud; only Roger would not find that particularly reassuring.

The rules for orders of protection are different when the restricted party is not a family member (or engaged in stalking or harassing behavior), so Holly likely be the only one able to get an order against Alex, not Roger and Blake. But I have to learn to let the legalities slide, because fundamentally Alex would be on trial. :-)

Ross happily gathered around the piano is another thing I have to make myself believe by reminding myself how far everyone has come in this story. I still see Holly and Roger a bit darker and guarded than they're presented here, but you made it work for me. Unless that young man Holly saw while unconscious meant something very different than I think he did, I assume the sequel involves a baby, so I'm incredibly hesitant, but I'm up for seeing if you can make it feel organic to me.
Amy chapter 17 . 11/5/2012
I had either forgotten or didn't realize that Faith was involved with Cutter. That's a dicey situation, since he's her superior; it certainly gives another laywer to the investigation into her involvement in this case.

I could not stand Lucy, especially with Alan-Michael. I always wanted to see the chemistry between Alan-Michael and Gilly explored, but I'm not sure if that ever happened (I stopped watching when Laibson and McTavish got their reign of terror going).

It's hard for me to wrap my mind around Holly and Roger being this open with each other; I have to keep reminding myself they've had a lot of practice - and therapy - that I didn't see. I'm also not sure - and never have been - about the idea that Holly's love for Roger existed all the while, rather than forming again. Watching them in the '90s, it was easy to believe a kernel of it remained buried under the fear and hate, but reminding myself ot the reality of their relationship in the '70s - before the rape, not just after - makes it harder. You've given them a much different relationship in their younger years, so in this story's canon it is, in fact, believable.
FebWriter chapter 17 . 11/4/2012
IsabellaGL-I'm not sure why Brandon Spaulding was the way he was, but when I looked into Alexandra's history, it was clear that a lot of the horrible things that happened to her were things her own father had a hand in, so it made sense to me to have that lifetime of pain caused by her father and his actions be the underlying cause of her behavior in this story. I always liked Patrick Cutter, and it's been fun writing him and Faith in a relationship.

Mendys-Since it's been a few months, and Holly just had this close call, it was time for her and Ed to mend fences. Ed will never trust Roger, and Holly knows and understands this, but Ed can and does trust Holly, and he can see for himself how happy she is. Why she's happy with Roger is something he'll never understand, but he does trust her to know her own mind and heart, and he wishes her all the best.

Oh yes, Roger and Holly are going to be married for the rest of their lives in my Springfield. It's taken them a long time and a lot of pain and a lot of work to get here, and they have no intention of letting anything or anyone come between them now.

Alan never realized how deeply Brandon Spaulding affected their entire family, but now that he knows, he wants to lay Brandon and his ghost to rest once and for all, which is why he was so forthright in telling the kids just what kind of man their grandfather Brandon was. But he wouldn't have had the strength to break from Brandon's mold himself, or to tell the kids the painful truth, if not for Hope and her unwavering love and support. I've enjoyed being able to show how Alan's life would have been different if he and Hope had lasted longer than just a few years.

I'm also enjoying Alan-Michael and Faith's close relationship.

Faith and Cutter are also fun to write, and I could definitely see Faith, like Hope before her, being interested in the older man.

Cynthia-Yes, Holly, Ed, and Ross are an interesting trio of friends. Ed and Ross will also be making appearances in the next story.

Good catch about the last straw quote from the Mimi Torchin interview! :-)
And when Blake took it upon herself to stock her parents' fridge, I just knew that she would make sure they had plenty of beverages.

The Spauldings all want to lay Brandon to rest once and for all. As for Tangie, Patrick, and Faith, it's not what you might think. All will be explained in the next and final chapter.
Mendys chapter 18 . 11/4/2012
It's very interesting that Holly seemed to be more considerate of Faith's feelings than Blake did during that talk. I'm guessing it's just going to take a while for Blake to get off the anti-Spaulding (except, of course, for Hope) wagon. Hopefully it doesn't affect their friendship too much.

Something's been gnawing at me about Faith (nothing bad or anything, just something I couldn't quite put my finger on) and I think I've hit on it. It doesn't seem like she trusts herself to really show her feelings. I mean, she's expressing them very well, with her conversations with Alan-Michael and Nick about Brandon and their parents in previous chapters, her admittances to Holly here, and even her conversation with Roger outside. I mean, it seems like she'll let almost anyone what she's thinking and feeling with no problem, but she's got problems with showing her feelings as well. Which is fascinating to me.

That was a fantastic conversation between Roger and Faith, by the way. In a way, they've both been blinded by old grudges and feuds that really don't have much to do with them personally. Although I think Faith let Roger off the hook a bit too much (I still get angry when I think about those cheap shots Roger took at Alex after Valentine's Day and thought Holly should have been a lot more disgusted with his self-satisfied preening), the point Faith was trying to (and succeeded to) make was completely correct and right.

That was a perfect ending to the story. It's not truly an ending, it's really more of a beginning, because Roger and Holly have the rest of their lives to enjoy each other and have those conversations.
Cynthia chapter 18 . 11/4/2012
Nice save for the Tangie-Cutter-Faith situation. But I think my favorite moment was Blake's "And we're still here!" Even Blake has a limit. ;-) How wholesome of her.

MG in emerald green: Definitely a happy thought.

Looking forward to the next story! Many, many thanks!
Cynthia chapter 17 . 10/28/2012
I hope that Holly and Ed do get their lunch hour . . . You've caught their friendship well. Holly, Ed, and Ross are a quirky trio-of-friends.

Nice homecoming for Roger and Holly (and that detail about the fridge was cute, too) . . . Good use of Holly's diary and the comment Maureen Garrett made in the Mimi Torchin interview about already having used the last straw. You are detailed!

I approve of all the conversation at the Spaulding Mansion, but it's your closing with Faith and Cutter that really blew me away! I see trouble for poor Tangie . . .
FebWriter chapter 16 . 10/28/2012
PriscillaPal-No, Holly isn't going to tolerate anyone blaming Roger for what happened, not even Ed, her oldest and best friend. Of course, part of the problem between Holly and Ed is that she feels like Ed doesn't trust her to know what she's doing marrying Roger again. They still need to resolve that. And yes, Nick is really realizing for the first time not only that his mother never really got over Lujack's death, but that he really missed out, not getting to know his brother.

kpurvis81/Mendys-I'm glad I got the right tone for Mike and Holly's conversation. I was concerned about that.

Roger came entirely too close to losing Holly, which is his greatest fear...a fear that has not yet been assuaged. He loves her too much to make her relive anything painful, and the passage of time, and the therapy, are combining to show him that continuing this war with the Spauldings might ultimately cost him what he has fought for so long and hard to have: a life with Holly.

Alan (and the rest of the Spauldings, and Ed too, for that matter) were all ready to blame Roger for this whole thing...until they learned that Alexandra's breakdown was caused by events that go back much, much further, to all of the losses, and all of the pain, accumulated over a lifetime. One thing Roger and Alan actually have in common is that their families are all-important to them, so Alan's only priority now is getting his beloved sister the help she needs. If Roger comes after her, then he'll deal with Roger, but until and unless that happens, he has something much more important to focus on than Roger.

Ed is slowly coming around to realizing that he really hasn't given Holly enough credit for knowing her own mind and heart, and it's something he wants to fix because he misses his friend.

There are going to be changes in all of Nick's relationships with the Spauldings after this, and one of the biggest is going to be him referring to Alexandra as "Mom" instead of by her first name from now on.

The damage Brandon Spaulding caused his family is much and deep, but unlike him, they have one another to lean on as they deal with the fallout and the horror of his many reprehensible actions.

I always did think Michelle was very smart, and although no one will ever know of her conversation with Roger except the two of them, she made a very compelling point that Roger knows he has to address with Holly.

A.D.A. Robinson is a toad, but my money's on Mike Bauer for the Defense.

Adam Thorpe was not the monster that Brandon Spaulding was by any means, but the difficult relationship Roger had with his father had just as much of an impact on him as Alexandra and Alan's relationships with Brandon had on them, and did impact both his self-esteem and some of his actions.

Cynthia-My deepest sympathies on the loss of your friend. It's going to be hard on the Spauldings to dredge up all of Brandon's depraved actions against them, but they all need some healing now, so they're going to get it all out in the open and face it once and for all.

IsabellaGL-Mike and Elizabeth deserved a second chance, too. I subscribe to the theory that once Roger gets what he's wanted for the past several decades-a life with Holly-he's going to do whatever it takes to get it right and to keep it going, hence his continuing evolution.
Mendys chapter 17 . 10/28/2012
It's so wonderful to see Holly and Ed really working it all out. They're too important to each other to not be able to work things out and it really shows in their conversation. Holly knows what's up with Ed and Roger and she's willing to accept it now that Ed seems to have gotten over that hurdle of trusting Holly with her own happiness. He spent a good deal of time caring for her back in the day and it's almost like he's finally letting that go, giving the care of her back to her where it's belonged for quite some time and I think their friendship will be even stronger from here on out. It's a good thing, because aside from Holly's relationship with Blake, I think her two defining relationships were always Roger and Ed.

Roger and Holly really are going to make it this time. They've gotten through this and they're already stronger for this experience. I loved how much emphasis was placed on their thoughts and feelings during the love scene, because it really was a momentous event, no matter how regularly they do it.

Whoa, once Alan made the decision to tell his kids and Nick about Brandon, he went all in, didn't he? I liked how Hope was able to calm Alan down and I liked how he listened to her. Back when they first started and they were first married, as much as I always believed Alan loved her (I truly think that Hope was the defining non-familial relationship of Alan's life, like Roger and Ed were Holly's), there was always a lack of respect and trust there. You've managed to evolve that relationship, because I think it was the lack of respect and his lack of real trust in her that finally destroyed their marriage. I love how much Alan depends on Hope and trusts her.

I really enjoy the way you've written the relationship between Alan-Michael and Faith as well. I can tell they're pretty close.

It seems that Faith, like her mother before her, has a soft spot for older guys. I like the tender side of Cutter, a side they did manage to show on the actual show a lot. This is the same guy who protected little Bill when he realized the Fifth Street fire was an accident and who was happy when Sid Dickerson was cleared even though Cutter himself had arrested him. I like that Cutter has a girl of his own and he treats her well. And given Faith's exasperation with Alan, it would appear she knows how to treat him as well.
Isabella GL chapter 17 . 10/28/2012
I wondered what made Brandon the way he was. We know why Alan, Alex and Roger were sometimes mean or right down vilainous, they had a "reason". I bet there's an explanation for Brandon's behavior, maybe his father was just as screwed up as he was and it made him that way. It's nice to see Patrick with someone, I hated that they always put him in the lovelorn role. If I remember right, in the real show he even had a date with Holly, the night Billy shot Roger. Could have been interesting to make things go a little farther. Anyway, good chapter, keep'em coming!
Isabella GL chapter 16 . 10/24/2012
I love Mike! I'm glad that he's back, I wish he would have in the real show. And I like that he's with Elizabeth. Nice to see that Roger is actually evolving :)
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