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riskypeony chapter 32 . 7/29/2016
I FINALLY FINISHED THIS...that was a wild ride.
I'm so upset about the whole trio; they're literally traumatized by this. It'll actually never escape them... :( That's not cool, bro. IT'S REALISTIC BUT IT ISN'T COOL.
I WANNA SAY MORE STUFF BUT I FINISHED THIS LAST NIGHT & IT WAS TOO LATE TO STAY UP ANY LONGER. I'm gonna start reading the sequel soon, though, so that'll
Also, during the fight scene in the church around chapter 28 or so, you kept mentioning "altar" when it seemed you were actually talking about a raised dais? I've never seen or played Silent Hill, but I do go to church, and the altar is a small table that would /not/ be easy or long enough to walk across as casually as Xemnas did. I'm just letting you know because this /did/ cause some confusion on my part.
Anyways, I loved reading this story! Thank you for sharing it and for not giving up halfway!
Sovereign Beta chapter 32 . 11/21/2014
Faved. Fantastic story, this. The last few chapters had me on the edge of my seat (and way up past when I'd normally sleep.)

I just have one problem, though: Rainfell breaking doesn't seem to serve any plot point. Aqua's lethargy after beating Pyramid Head could have resulted from expending too much light, allowing darkness to infiltrate her defenses. When she leaves the hospital, she's already sick and delirious, so even if she has her Keyblade she probably wouldn't fare much better against the green hounds. The main barrier against the voice was Aqua's Wayfinder, and the Keyblades, as far as I remember, are not in themselves protection against Silent Hill's darkness. And when the trio try to escape Vanitas, Aqua remaining as a viable combatant, or even one still too weak to cast any major magic, wouldn't have changed the ultimate outcome.
staringatstars07 chapter 23 . 8/12/2014
Ah, cliffhangers. A readers worst nightmare and a writer's sugar rush. Ansem rocked it in this chapter, though. Ven stayed for all the right reasons, but when a strangers risks his neck for you three times, all while telling you to run, and the person attacking you tells you to run, you do not stick around!
Thanks for replying to my reviews btw. I'm getting all excited because I only have ten more chapters to go and then it's all about the sequel
staringatstars07 chapter 18 . 8/11/2014
Ah, Zack Fair, I love you in every shape and form you appear in. Such a cool guy.
staringatstars07 chapter 6 . 8/8/2014
I love this story. And if I could never had to go to work or sleep, I'd be done already. Rather than this one or two chapters a day nonsense *grumbles irritably*
riskypeony chapter 10 . 6/5/2014
I would have found out if scratching out the name automatically meant my name being put there and if it didn't, I would have scratched it out and put Vanitas'.
Fanfiction Bard chapter 20 . 11/20/2013
I never liked Eraquas. Just needed to be said.
Jiyoung chapter 33 . 7/19/2013
this was awesome... kept me on my toes and i actually got startled when i received a text message in the middle of reading moments of terra lol!
maxx chapter 32 . 6/20/2013
Let me preface this by saying that I read the whole thing a few weeks ago, around the time you finished writing it. Let me also apologize for not reviewing then-the only semi good reason I have is that my interest in KH and fanfiction is anything but constant, and I haven't reviewed a story in so long that I feel like I wouldn't even know what to say in one. But with that being said, I used to put stories up on here sometimes and I know that getting feedback is a really good feeling, even if it's only a few words saying the person liked it. So anyway, here I am! :D

First, you're an amazing writer! And if you don't already have plans of becoming an author one day, then I seriously hope you'll reconsider reconsidering it. ;) This is by far one of the best KH fanfics I've ever read, and to be honest I think it's the best I've read with the BBS trio as the main characters. I'm in love with your characterizations of those three-and Vanitas, too! You pretty much write them exactly the way I see them in my head, and I love how their personalities change as the story progresses. It makes sense. Characters that act way too differently than their canon selves (even if it's an AU story), or characters who stay the same over the course of an entire story when remaining stagnant simply wouldn't be believable, is a huge turn off to me. But luckily, your story had neither! Even by the end-I won't put any spoilers in the review, but after all the super bad stuff that went down-I felt like Terra, Aqua and Ven were still Terra, Aqua and Ven. Just slightly different, traumatized versions. :D

All of the other characters were awesome, too. Namine, Xion, Ansem. Vanitas, of course. I've never actually played Silent Hill, but your descriptions were enough for me to be able to picture it perfectly. And I'm not that big into reading fight scenes, but yours were really well done! Enough to keep me interested and it never felt like you were going over the top.

Another thing I wanted to say is that you write amazing dialogue! That's a HUGE part of storytelling in my opinion. Every time a character spoke, it felt natural and I could always picture him or her saying it. I think that, along with the rest of your characterizations, is what made this story so enjoyable for me. And it's rare that a fanfic is compelling for me, especially these days, haha-but with this all I wanted to do was keep reading!

So that's pretty much it for my review. I've already started reading the sequel but I'm going to go back and review each chapter of it individually. . . I just wanted to say thank you for writing this and great job! It seems like you enjoy writing and that definitely comes through. Keep up the amazing work. . . :)

Purestrongpoem chapter 33 . 6/2/2013
Great story. Finally finished it.
Patrick the observer chapter 32 . 3/23/2013
well they got messed up. hopefully they will remember to not split up next time (and use a rope for good measure.)
SeraphOfHeavens chapter 32 . 3/22/2013
This is the saddest chapter. I feel really sorry for all of them. Seems like Aqua can never get Vani to leave his heart. But will she and the others forgive vanitas if they heard about his tale. I hope so cause Vani's so lonely by himself.

wow, a sequel, that's great I can't wait for it!
troyboltonsgirl chapter 32 . 3/22/2013
AMAZING! From beginning to end you should totaly do another story bassed of another movie like The Grudge
Yue Asuka chapter 32 . 3/22/2013
and...the master of cliffhanger strike again XD

paranoid Aqua is just... just... how to descript it? DX

gonna waiting for your next and sequel story _

thank you for the great story!
X-blade025 chapter 32 . 3/22/2013
So there's a sequel?! Yes! I've really enjoyed this entire thing from Vanitas's loneliness to Aqua's nightmare's. I really want to see how the three friends repair there bond but also how they suffer from the consequences of Silent Hill. I loved how you began the chapter with Naminè and how she has a calm knowing. I love how you portrayed each of these characters and can't wait to read about Vanitas. Will he try and befriend Terra again or only Aqua? How will the next confrontion with Ven go etc. I wonder how long until Eraqua knows the fear of Silent Hill. Please start making the sequel soon because I have so many questions only you can answer in your writing. Hope to read from you soon!
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