Reviews for Through Darkness and Revolution
glockbell chapter 3 . 2/12/2013
I am so grateful that I did not live in the 70s.
Lovely story.
iambbq chapter 3 . 10/4/2012
I think this is my favourite chapter of the whole series, especially the portion with Emily and Alice, and Emily and Emma – though I’ve only read it in several of your stories, I really think you write from children’s perspective very well, everything sounds natural and endearing!

The 70’s situations you described sounded horrible – I can’t imagine having to walk two miles to get water, TWO MILES is a very long way, and to carry buckets of water and with kids it’s almost an impossible task. No wonder Emma was so angry!

You really had me worry for Emma and George for a while. It’s difficult for me, as a wife, a mother and a woman, to picture that politics or the difference in political opinions could tear a happily married couple apart so seriously. Because of this, as much as I love Emma, I couldn’t side with her or see her perspective for majority of the story, she seemed to me taking her frustrations with the state of matters to an extreme (but then I am not living in those time, I may be taking for granted the rights I have as a woman...I could only speak from my own perspective…) Nonetheless, I do understand women with small children could get stressed out readily, the maternal worries of how the future could affect our children’s lives really could take over our psyche! And it’s something that’s difficult for men to understand, the bond between mothers and children is one that can only be experienced and felt by mothers, something that husbands and fathers are quite deprived of. I think George here has been a great husband – not perfect, but he tried to understand Emma, be loving to her, he was very good with his children, he even kept an open mind… but I did get annoyed by him chiding Emma’s cutting off Miss Bates’ chatter, I didn’t know what Miss Bates was saying to Emma, but I could picture a stressed out mother, trying to keep up with the extreme demands and just couldn’t spare the time with the chatty Miss Bates (have you ever seen the long line at a grocery store, where a mom tries so hard to keep her kids’ hands off the candy/gum shelves or tearing at the magazines or run off from the line and disappearing in the isles!) I don’t blame Emma for lacking the patience for Miss Bates or anyone… not everyone is patient as a saint, real humans DO have limits! :)

You really have nothing to apologize for, you packed so much in this chapter, despite the fact that you’re in school and ill! :( I didn’t find the ending cheesy… even if it was, I think cheesiness is under-rated! Lol Real life is not always rosy, some good-natured fun and cheesiness are balms to our dried-up souls, happy endings (or cheesy happy endings) could be good therapy to lives! :D

Please take care of your flu, the weekend is near, get some good rest and get better!
iambbq chapter 2 . 9/22/2012
Very interesting chapter, of course I felt very sorry for the sudden death of Mr Woodhouse, and happy to see that Emma and George had their little baby boy... but as some one who knows nothing about the British history of the time period, the situation you described was very interesting... we're things really that bad then?
iambbq chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
Humph, this was indeed a surprise. I hadn't expected that you were going to dive into more social injustice. Even though so much have progressed over time, I believe inequalities still exist between the two genders in various ways. I am not one for believing in complete equality, for, I believe, men and women are indeed very different. The interesting thing is in some ways women are actually ahead of men now.

Anyway, Emma, even in Regency time, was actually ahead of her time, so your Emma here, joining the march, standing up for the right for women, was align with the original.

On the other hand, I do not blame George for being the way he was. Some found Mr Knightley a bit of a male chauvinist (but most just fall in love with him!) in canon because of his view on Harriet Smith, I really think it was reasonable of him to have those view because of the prevalence of such view then. However, as you well know, Mr Knightley was quick to admit he was wrong about Harriet. George here, similar to canon, probably just hadn't seen the whole picture, or not seeing things as a woman would, I am sure he shall be man enough to be enlightened.

What a big fight, I could practically hear them screaming! I hope they don't fight like this often, and I hope they will be able to cool down, think about what happened, and be able to see the other's view points. I am very sure that they both have supported each other all the time - fighting does have the effect of blinding one another!

Very interesting take, I look forward to the next shot. :)
Guest chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
Haha, this brings me back to all those Sociology readings I had to do...but a good chapter it is! : )