Reviews for Brothers in Arms, Blood, and Dead Space
SpecterXCove chapter 15 . 1/10
This story was a lot better than I thought it would be. Great work.
The payday chapter 8 . 3/22/2016
IT WAS A BIG DADDY AND LITTLE SISTER! At first with that little sister I jokingly thought she was, (2am right now) then I read more when see said Alex was nicer and Jason thought back to the big daddy my mind exploded. It was pretty amazing, I liked it.
Indecisive Bob chapter 15 . 12/28/2015
Wow, this was a really good story! It's kind of neat how the Gatekeepers and their mysterious enemy explain away most of the plot holes common to SIs (how did you get to whatever universe you're in, besides dying? How did you get the skills to survive? Where did you get the drive to succeed? How did you suddenly survive something unsurvivable? etc.). Thanks for sharing!
PokeWolf117 chapter 15 . 2/24/2015
This was surprisingly amazing! Despite minor grammatical errors, it was a work that sucked me in and kept me up wanting to know what happened! In short, I loved it! xD
Uberdeathninja chapter 15 . 1/25/2015
Such badass, very wow.
LLConfederate96 chapter 15 . 8/26/2014
Holy Shit that was not at all what I was ezpecting but I like it. No strike that I loved it. I hust wish there was more of these. Hell this fanfiction has put some no a lot of books I have read to shame.
LLConfederate96 chapter 2 . 8/25/2014
Soooo I couldnt sleep so I kept reading that last bit there I loved it. It sounded like one of the times me and a freand were talkin. Will keep reading.
LLConfederate96 chapter 1 . 8/25/2014
I had just finished reading your Borderlands 2 fanfic and decided to see whjat else you have written upon this.
At first I did not know what to think. but I really enjoyed it. Will keep reading at a later time.
PaC chapter 1 . 9/8/2013
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Have I missed some vital price of information? Did something happen in the books that warrants all the five out there with bashing on dumbledor? Cause (and I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this) he seemed to pretty cool in the movies. Do I need to read the books to find out the dumbledor was secretly a pricing who manipulated people willy nilly?"

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PaC chapter 1 . 9/8/2013
continued Part III[B]:

Imagine IF Voldy had not used Harry's blood, so Harry had no get out of death jail a second time card to be the boy-who-lived-twice. Fifteen months of babyhood, ten years of hell in Durskaban, he at least is allowed to stay over Yule [xmas among magicals, lol, please!], but three months each summer is Durskaban hell. So UP until being ostracized when his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, Harry gets 3x9/12 2 yrs and three months, or two years and five months by around all Hallows eve if that's the night his name came out of Goblet of Fire. Three years of school of nine months and the rest of his fourteen years of life than the first fifteen months as a baby, have been HELL. Excluding his babyhood, with alive parents, Harry's had two years and five months of non-Hell in fourteen years NOT counting SUBTRACTING MORE MONTHS, for shitty weeks and months like for example, the assassination attempts by QuirrelDeMort, Hermione petrified and much of the school treating him as a dark lord heir of Slytherin, fearing Sirius most of third year. So REALLY, how many of those non-hell two years and five months were not pretty hellish or rotten, at Hogwarts, for the BWL, the fucking SAVIOUR of the fucking ungrateful idiotic sheeple morons of the magical U.K.?

Imagine Dumbles ORIGINAL plan, that HARRY MUST DIE AND WOULD DIE, and the utter BS of Dumbles claim of treating Harry as a mushroom [in the dark fed shit], that he wanted to help Harry have a happy childhood LOL, LMFAO! Imagine THAT, if Harry hadn't had the luck of the fluke of Voldy using his blood and "had to die" and was used by Dumbles as the pawn he planned, the SHORT HELLISH LIFE and then sacrifice "for the greater good", ALL engineered by Dumbles.

What's weird that I should make use in some of my never posted incomplete fics that is so OBVIOUS a plot gag, but I've rarely seen it used:
THE TRUE canon of Dumbles and the non-book canon [JKR interviews most likely] that Dumbles was gay and Grindlewald's lover. Canon in the books leaks out in book seven that the "greater good" Dumbles-Grindlboy plan was for ENSLAVING MUGGLES and magicals NO LONGER having to hide, but ruling the world. The obvious fanfic plot gag I've not seen used much for "evil-Dumbles" is simple, the cliche of a "leapard NOT changing their spots", that Dumbles really didn't reform all that much since he and Grindleboy planned to take over the world, rule the world, for the "greater good"... or rather the BAD SHIT they'd planned on doing for "taking over" and magicals no longer hiding and ruling over the muggles was justified as not so horrible a crime because it was afterall, "for the greater good!".
In true same leapard spotted form for rationalizing in Dumbles head it was not all that evil to do, Harry being a pawn sheep prepped for a final slaughter, via Voldy, was also, "for the greater good", afterall, so therefore Dumbles is "light" and not an evil SOB.
I've seen a few fanfics using this gag I suppose, variations including that Dumbles and Grindleboy split more on methods than the final goal for ruling the world and "putting muggles in their place". With Dumbles perhaps being more inclined to a "slow go" with less war and slaughter than Grindleboy wanted, that and/or the death of Arianna caused the "split" between the gay wizards, maybe an up close and personal death reigned in Dumbles lack of care for death and destruction some. This actually might be semi-canon but I'm forgetting, reading hundreds of fanfics can begin to mess with your recall of reading the books ages ago.
The one time ages ago I read JKR replying to plot holes and such, her replies seemed to live up to the fictional name Waffling, the fictional author in the Potter fics who is the author of magical theory books. JKR basically was tossing figleaf patches here and there, nearly on the level of the child who won't "die" in a game because "he/she is bullet proof or put up the bullet proof shield or whatnot", cheat. So if called out harsh enough about the old long beard twinkle eyed man NOT changing his spots, my guess is JKR might use a blame the bad PR on Rita Skeeter excuse, as Rita publishes an expose book biography on Dumbles after Dumbles dies.
Her main source is the old and soon dead famous historian [?Bagshot?] who happened to live near and know the Dumbledore family.
There is NO HINT in the book that Rita didn't milk the old woman for LOTS of info and "dirt" on Dumbles, nor that the bio was not pretty much factual. Harry is furious initially, thinking it is yet more Rita slander but the story tends to continue with Harry furious of more and more things he reads in the book, even small things, like that Dumbles never told him he grew up in Godrics Hollow, where Harry got his scar and where his parents are buried [no one including Dumbles EVER offering to take him there]. My view, was despite it being Rita, who did afterall get all that attention by actually printing a true interview with Harry eventually, was likely doing an accurate bio on Dumbles, with the fictional readers of Rita's book and a reader of all that fallout occuring in JKR's book seven regarding Rita's bio of Dumbles, to make up their own mind if the leapard HAD changed his spots all that much or not. Thanks to the rare short bursts of when Harry was brilliant, hinting of being THE EQUAL of Voldy, and add that to the JKR barely average Harry-Clouseau who by McDonnegal described "sheer dumb luck" survives and succeeds in all the many occasions when he shows NO BRILLIANCE or smarts(other than intuition, sans Sherlock ability) or magical prowess...
...thanks ONLY to ALL of that, plus all the "luck" the golden trio have, in not dying, while helping Harry on the Dumble clues camping scavanger hunt book seven, until the ENDING of Voldy where JKR "goes all Sam Pekinpah slaughter mode" AGAIN, ENDING many more of the best characters' lives before Voldy is ENDED and the Malfoy's scuttle away, still EVIL, still escaping all justice.
Seaching for the lost point of that run on fat ass sentence, is that even crediting Dumbles for "the Voldy-kill", his PAWN-Harry played out as he planned, "winning" the "war"...barely by luck/miracle or Harry's power being a magic of luck not "love" maybe lol, so it's hard to give Dumbles all that much credit.
In hindsight, overall, the series is a bit painted into a corner, and if not for the crazy ass complexity of horcrux "theory", the Harry's blood shit acting like a horcrux for Harry tying him to Voldy along with the voldy-crux in his forehead scar, and the LAME expelliaramus LOL being "fatal" due to more wand lore silliness [Draco over Dumbles round one, Harry over Draco round two, Harry with Draco wand wins round three against Voldy's death stick/wand of destiny/elder wand because Voldy was given the wand by Snape instead of "winning" it from Draco, good grief nuttier than squirrel pooh.
WTF happens then, with all the DADA practice and dueling?
With any "loss", your wand no longer being "loyal" and working properly for you?
What was lost in the above, was other than all that mess of crazy ass complexity, if boiled down, it kinda smells like a HUGE LONG crazy complicated Deux ex Machina really.

So what remains, courtesy of the pathetic epilog?

Well, an obviously simpleton Harry, married and whipped by a mini-Molly #1 fangirl and dim enough to not only forgive but fucking admire and fucking honor Snape and Dumbles, naming one of his kids after the two slime wizard's who made his life from fifteen months to nearly the age of eighteen, fucking hell!
PaC chapter 1 . 9/8/2013
continued Part III[A]:

JKR was quoted ages ago as saying that in her mind, Snape remained a life long virgin due to being so in love with Lilly.
Yet he bullies HER SON he made an orphan, as some method of never quenching his thirst for revenge against Harry's look alike father. Snape's bullying abuse, the OCCULIMANCY more need be said.

Harry-the-Dumbles-sacrificial-pawn, which I don't recall now if I could conclude how "dumb" Harry was in perceiving the "full picture", like recalling his entire life-Hell laid at Dumbles feet and that he was meant to DIE if not for the fluke/luck that occured by Voldy using his blood for his resurection and to create a new body.
Albus & Severus, the names, in the epilog, being names Harry added to his kid's names, was nauseating and obscene.
Maybe after twenty years of mind healer sessions Harry might come to terms with not at least partially hating Dumbles IF HE HAD THE BRAINPower to objectively LOOK AT HIS LIFE and DUMBLES responsibility in making his life so shitty.
Not hating them maybe, but forgiving them, hell no, especially Snape.
Dumbles, maybe one could rationalize had his "greater good" tunnel vision spectacles, sacrificing pawn Harry's happiness for "the greater good" and to counter and try to defeat Voldy.

Dumbles ONLY sacrificed his LIFE in a suicidal euthanasia, he was a dead man walking, AND LEFT EARLY, LEAVING Harry and his friends WITH BARELY ANY fucking INFO. He was such a secretive manipulative bastard he took most of the secrets with him...or JKR ran completely out of ideas and thought that a main plot that Harry-Hermi-Ron go camping and on a scavanger hunt was a great idea to fill up most of the pages for final book number seven, by Dumbles getting himself euthanized and leaving a game of clue and hide and seek for the golden trio to play, whilst camping all over the U.K. Snape only dies by bad luck that Voldy was an idiot regarding wand lore. Snape in canon acts the great hero, insulting Sirius as being "safe" and cowardly, protected "hiding" out in Grimmauld Place, while Snape, the great brave spy, risks his life, being Dumbles spy, in Voldy's presence, risking being caught by Moldyshorts.
Many fanfics exploit canon regarding lack of evidence that Snape's "spying" was worth shit and the common plot he either was loyal to no one but himself, no matter who won, he could claim to be "working" for the winning side, or, more common, that Dumbles was duped and Snape was truly Voldy's spy the entire time. It's easy to shift the puzzles, for example, the so called occlumancy lessons Snape gives Harry actually damage his natural defenses and help Voldy to invade Harry's mind better.

Now, in war, are there not war crimes committed by all sides, and with the history written by the victors the winning side's "crimes" whitewashed or forgotten a lot more than the losers war crimes?
Must a general be not be too "fond" of his troops, and willing to sacrifice huge numbers if needed, in order to win a war?
So, was Dumbles EVIL, or just willing to step up and wear the "generals hat" and in order to defeat Voldy, willing to do all that he did, including causing most of Harry's suffering for most of his life, until Voldy was finally "ended"?
Ignoring whatever EVIL Dumbles got up to during his years running and scheming with Grindleboy, for their "greater good", and just weighing canon Dumbles since the night when Harry got the curse scar, one might give canon Dumbles a barely "not completely guilty" verdict for being an evil, manipulative, justifying rationalizing for the greater good, right utter complete bastard asshole. BUT THAT'S CANON'S BEST CASE best most forgiving POV of Dumbles. THEREFORE, in fanficdom, with canon Dumbles barely passing a canon stink test, an evil and/or manipulative Dumbles is probably more common, or at least in more original non-cookie cutter plager crap copycats of canon fanfics. I'd guess a manipulative bastard and/or evil Dumbles is more common than a Leader of the Light, for the greater good, end justifies the means, canon Dumbles that I suppose is supposed to be "good", as afterall; Harry names his spawn after Dumbles and Snape. And ...vomit, lauds Snape as the "bravest man he ever knew", while comforting said poor son, sadly burdened to be named after such shitheads.
Yeah, right, ADULT SNAPE, bravery scale, versus 12 year old Harry bravery scale facing Voldy diary and a thousand year old giant basilisk.
Thirteen year old Harry versus a hundred plus dementors.
Fourteen year old Harry, dead Cedric, handicapped by his idiot painful curse scar pain, surrounded by a dozen plus Death Eaters AND tortured with crucio curses, and dueled Voldy, AND ESCAPED, Ha!
Seventeen year old Harry, suicide by Voldy, AK'd in the forest. Yeah, right, Snape is braver than that, LMFAO!

JKR probably intended it to be brave and noble.
BUT Harry's ENTIRE LIFE WAS JUST ONE SHIT COVERED SHOE DROPPING AFTER THE OTHER. MONTH BY MONTH, LIKE A SHOE WEARING MILLIPEDE TAKING OFF SHIT COVERED SHOES, ONE BY ONE. THEN, THANKS TO DUMBLES' pawn Snape, Harry gets the final shittiest shoe of all, HE learns he's a fucking horcrux, and to save EVERYONE ELSE BUT HIMSELF, he must commit suicide by Voldy, voldicide. It's likely completely UNintended by JKR, but HOW can you NOT feel that Harry's kamikazi voldicide is more about the non-life HELL Dumbles orchestrated him to endure the previous fifteen and a half years [if memory serves, seventeen minus fifteen month old baby Harry getting AK'd].
One can imagine NOT so much difference between a young terrorist guided/trained/manipulated/brainwashed by OLD fart fat Mullahs, young kamikaze pilots of WWII, and Harry Potter, who has in essence been a guided missle aimed by Dumbles, flying toward a final end, for fifteen and a half years, before THE END of BOOK SEVEN, flying toward a final meeting with Voldy. Not counting the epilog of nineteen or whatever number of years later crap.

In a sentence, you can say that all Voldy did and does is try to kill Harry. Sure he tortures Harry, in visions, and before trying to AK him at the graveyard, and in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic. But Dumbles is basically responsible for much of Harry's entire LIFE being torturous, add up all those hours, all those minutes, at Hogwarts when life there was shitty, and all that TIME in Durskaban.
Trewalry, Snape, Dumbles, Voldy... who holds what responsibility for Harry's suffering and fucked up life?
Voldy maybe "caused" all of Harry's suffering INDIRECTLY.
But OVER YEARS, Dumbles and Snape consciously and DIRECTLY caused Harry near continuous suffering and to live a crappy life. Dumbles can try to make excuses, Snape has NONE. Snape and wormtail sent Voldy on the path that cut the wound, but Dumbles through the Dursleys kept rubbing salt in it, and at Hogwarts Snape was a greasy bat version of Vernon in many ways, rubbing salt in the wound for the nine months out of the year Harry was NOT in Durskaban.
PaC chapter 1 . 9/8/2013
continued Part II[B]:

The only early "help" Harry gets is Hagrid telling him to threaten giving Dudley another tail if he bullies Harry. Harry points out he can't use magic out of school and Hagrid replies in the movie that his relatives don't know Harry can't use magic. But we later get, probably in both movies and in the books, that the Dursley's know Harry can't use magic, while scared half shitless that he is learning more and more magic and has a wand but clinging to the hope or belief Harry won't use magic they continue to abuse him like always. The warning from Hopkirk's underage magic office, which I don't recall anyone but Harry reading the warning, due to Dobby dropping dessert to blame Harry, we otherwise have a big UNKNOWN WHO informs the Dursleys Harry can't use magic, and therefore they get informed that Harry is defenseless if they want to continue to enjoy abusing Harry, with NO CONSEQUENCES.
Other than Sirius being in the muggle news, and so after the next school year, year three, Harry uses THAT, that his godfather is the wanted murderer, and that intimidates Petui and Vermin some.
Until Sirius is dead, and Tonks, Madeye, and Authur threaten Vernon at Kings Cross to treat Harry better, NO ONE has bothered to drop in on the abusive muggles and intimidate them to stop abusing Harry. HOW FUCKING hard would that have been, for Dumbles to drop in from time to time, to monitor Harry's maltreatment and threaten and keep the Dursleys in line?
Of course for a "good story", it's pretty hard to stay logical and easy to sacrifice logic and continuity and plot holes in order to tweak your readers' emotions.
Don't know if there is a name, but I think of it as the analog opposite of a deux ex machina, when "dumb shit" happens but maybe the dumbness is tolerated for the sake of angst, or hurt, or whatever the author is trying to serve up on the emotional buffet.
I don't know how JKR figleafed over the I'm sure questions about her series of contradictory bits from book to book regarding the monitoring of underage magic and later, the so called "trace". It's also really weird that later editions didn't correct at least the errors that JKR can't "figleaf" over with hand waving magical BS arguments.
In my never completed never posted [I'm not even registered] fics, I usually make the deal being, it's really more an "office of muggleborn magic monitoring and punishing", and Hopkirk et company actually monitor muggleborns by detectors in the area of their homes. Find and disable those detectors, or use magic far enough away from them, and you get off scott free, just like all the pureblood kids, other than the few, with a parent like Molly, who go alone with the MoM ruse that pretend like they monitor all underage magic, but don't, or can't, or could no way afford the expense or complexity to do so.
There may be a line in canon, with one of the Weasley twin terrors saying something like, "I keep hoping they'll forget to give us these at the end of the year.", in commenting on a notice handed to all the kids on the train leaving Hogwarts, reminding them they are barred from using magic outside of school. I've seen a fanfic or two, where the twins tell Harry the notice activates the underage monitoring on his wand for the summer, or by chance Harry doesn't get handed the "flier/notice", or knowing how it works he hides and isn't issued the end of term notice and his wand is not monitored for the summer.

Back on topic:
IMAGINE all those YEARS, after book four, Cedric killed, Voldy back, Dumbles forbids anyone write to Harry, dementor attack and the fucking ministry somehow through the underage magic department crap goes for instant expulsion and sends people to snap his wand. The full Wizengamot trial and Harry IGNORED by Dumbles for fear Voldy might see Dumbles through Harry's eyes, so Dumbles gives Harry continual cold shoulder. The head of the fucking magical government trying to snap Harry's wand, using the newspaper to slander him, to deny Voldy's "inconvenient" return, AND his direct underling sending dementors to assasinate Harry...inspiration along with all the other crap from heir of Slytherin dark wizard Harry ecetera, for Harry telling the U.K. Wizarding World to fuck itself and that Voldy can fucking kill them all. Why the fuck should he fight for and certainly not die for, such slime, a nation of cowardly sheeple? In whole, Harry's life is UTTER SHIT, and Dumbles was shoveling it all over Harry's life, for almost his entire life while later claiming he did so to "protect" Harry and didn't inform him of anything really, like the prophesy, because he wanted to give spare Harry the burden and gift Harry with some semblance of a "happy childhood" LOL, that's maxing out the BS meter.

It's amazing suicide didn't come up or happen, though the idea is good strategy to push Harry to go kamikaze on Voldy! A suicidal Harry is willing to die for "the greater good" afterall.
It's awful, a life in Durskaban, after ten years, Harry gets to ESCAPE, to a wonderful amazing magical world. But SHIT, that fucking world is QuirrelDeMort, Basilisks, fear of "killer" Sirius Black, year three, hindsight that Scabbers all those years around-betrayer of the Potters, Dementors, more Voldy...the fucking students of Hogwarts-parselmouth Dark Lord Harry, cheater into the TRiWiz Harry, E.T.C.
Basically, Harry goes from years in muggle hell to a dark crazy ass magical hell.
And the cherry on top, future wannbe Death Eaters run amok at Hogwarts, shielded and protected by Snape.
Now the actor who portrayed Snape is AMAZING in the movies, and sometimes just in a couple seconds on camera with his facial expression, manages to portray a much more redeemable Snape. Movie-Snape is less easy to HATE than book Snape, the actor embeds somehow into the character that Snape is not the vile disgusting shithead he is in the books. Book-Snape has a lot more shitty appearances too, while the movie of course limits everyone's screen time.
SNAPE IN THE BOOKS is just so vile, that IMO, my personal cliche in the making, is that like Patrick Henry wishing he had more than just one life to sacrifice for his country, for me it's a shame Snape can't die but once for being a utter despicable vile Bully bastard scum.
He fucking is responsible for Harry being an orphan.
And Neville due to Snape was made a de facto orphan, WORSE than an orphan, visiting his addle brained parents several times a year.
AND YET WHO ARE SNAPE'S FAVORITE most favorite targets to bully?
Harry and Neville!
PaC chapter 1 . 9/8/2013
continued Part II[A]:

Now, did Dumbles basically nearly premeditate an almost murder of Harry, soon after he survived the killing curse, ONLY for a goal of minimizing the possible huge numbers of deaths that might happen before Voldy was eventually defeated without Harry being sacrificed? With the weird idea of Voldy and his minions actually enslaving BILLIONS of muggles and ruling the entire world if Harry does not die? Of course one wonders if Harry was the last horcrux left, and Harry killed Voldy, if then Voldy might just manage to take over Harry's body with that final soul fragment, and Harry-DeMort would be "born"...that's all up for grabs for fanfiction plot gags I suppose. The entire Horcrux bit is over the top nutty willy nilly crazy shit in my book anyway. Too bad most fics don't just leave it out and invent other bad Voldy dark magic shit. Logically, YOU are your brain, and only those with too much faith beleave in souls and afterlifes. Your thoughts and memories and BEING are in the squishy folds in your brain. That even small frags of a soul contain the contents of your entire brain is pretty crazy ass silly extreme, even for fantasy FICTION with magic and all that jazz.

I mean shit, suppose Voldy collected all his horcruxes, not including the extra eighth one in Harry, and stuck them all on his skull. Then it'd be like having seven extra brains sitting on the skull holding his actual brain. Imagine that, EIGHT smart dark wizard brains in tandem, like parallel supercomputing, eight neural networks of evil and dark magic ability. LOL, pretty dumb, brains and your being running around as copies of your brain being called "soul" fragments.
A sci-fi version of making a "copy" of your mind, a "backup" of all your memories and brain function, is much less silly and less implausible of being possible in some high-tech future by science, than souls having a copy of your entire brain, or worse, that little frag pieces of your soul somehow get an entire copy, like through some magical soul hologram fracture theory.

There are likely some hilarious BS Dumble quotes in the books, excuses for NOT telling Harry shit so paraphrase my best guess, "Harry could enjoy a happy childhood without the burden of knowing shit like about the prophecy", which Harry NOT knowing allows the whole Voldy ploy that ends with Sirius being killed. A Harry knowing the prophesy would or should have realized all the visions Voldy began feeding him were about luring him to the Hall of Prophesy in the Department of Mysteries. Of course JKR later patches the plothole of Harry forgetting the communication mirror and not using it to try to contact Sirius, by having him later see it in his trunk and smash it to bits.
Surely only a dimwit Harry would not have been more suspicious it was a trap than Sirius actually being tortured by Voldy. This shit makes a few easy plot gag gold mines, like for Harry to be sacrificed, Dumbles hides Harry's great wealth, steals his wealth, uses it for funding "the greater good", keeps his Lordhips secret ETC because, afterall, Harry MUST DIE for the greater good and won't be around to enjoy his vast wealth anyway. Or binding his magic since he MUST die and not win or so he "blows" up as a result by the big battle with Voldy breaking the magical bindings Dumbles put on his core and blowing up like a bomb.
And by not knowing he's rich and living a very crappy life, he's more apt to be all depressed and feel his life is worthless, no fun, and not worth living all that much, and more apt to sacrifice himself and let Voldy kill him, than for example, train, become powerful, fight and win ETC.
Or take his money and run off to Tahiti, Hawaii, Bahamas...ecetera.

NOTE being called "boy" and "freak" and told he's worthless all those years aids in Harry being more willing to sacrifice his life "for the greater good".
There are fanfics with the major thrust being that unlike canon with Harry being so resilient and bouncing back from ALL THAT childhood abuse and horror, and address how damaged Harry likely would be and how he might or might not recover or always be burdened and damaged by the tortured life Dumbles forced him to live.

A cut and dried simple short summary and BASIC FACT one can conclude, is Dumbles, until Voldy uses Harry's blood for making his new body, intended for Harry to DIE. IF Dumbles was "for the greater good", not a sadist, and Harry was actually protected by the blood wards, [though plot holes galore exist with suggestions that those blood wards protected him AWAY from Privette drive is a bit hilarous...unless the blood wards did so by making Harry-Clouseau possible, escape by dumb luck, his many near death experiences]. The upshot is that Dumbles KNOWS and allows Harry to grow up in hell at Durskaban. Dumbles admits and confesses this in the books, that for ten hard years etc etc...HE KNEW Harry would endure horrible treatment by his "relatives".
Best defense for Dumbles is to claim he was ensuring the blood wards plan, that Harry would not be killed by Voldy deatheaters or Voldy at #4 Privette Drive. BUT what is the excuse for NOT reigning in the Dursleys from day one, or year one, or year two, instead of letting them for ten years keep Harry in a cupboard and use him as a slave, and not treat him worth shit later [book two, locks on OUTSIDE OF ROOM, bars on windows, starvation. Book three? cat flap and locks on bedroom door continues until Harry blows up Marge and leaves. Fanfic abuse is generally worse, or in text rather than all that can be imagined via imagination in the JKR books. I believe canon contains stale bread and water or tea shoved by Petui through the cat flap for Harry's meal for the day, or most of the day. And we have Vernon suggesting Dudley hit Harry with his Smeltings stick too, in the JKR books, with the abuse so bad we can imagine that we don't see it all spelled out in the text. So how much tweaking is truly all that much tweaking in fanfics UPPING the level of abuse is debatable. Hints and behaviour is, that arrival of the first Hogwarts letter TONES down the abuse, due to the letter addressed to the cupboard under the stairs, Vermin and Petui fear the "freaks" are WATCHING THEM and that of course implied their abuse is seen, and in fear of retribution they abuse Harry less. For future months and years in Durskaban, to keep the canon "model" in tack, I'd have to make excuses that the abuse was habitual for ten years and so the Dursley's tend to slide back into that behaviour without any big incidents to remind them of all those "freaks" out there maybe watching or maybe some day deciding to judge them and punish them for the abuse they heap on Harry. And that combined with the crap fear threat of being expelled, the Hopkirk headed Underage use of magic office crap, and NOT allowed to use magic in school, and the habitual abuse having Harry TAKING it year after year, somehow keeps him from fighting back, other than the blowing up Marge incident. My memory is blurred by too many years and movie versus book overlaps.
PaC chapter 1 . 9/6/2013
Well, I posted part III before part II and then part I.

Only part I appears, and it's cut nearly in half.
So THIS IS maybe the rest of Part I.

This is Part I[B] addenda, too long I guess so cut off by the posting process.
...I've seen a handful of author profiles debating it, with excellent arguments and many a canon quote to "prove" their case for a bastard evil Dumbles.

I'll just toss out a few "facts" from memory, note it's been over eight years since I read the books.
In the later books, there is a quote, Dumbles confessing he KNEW he was sending Harry to a living hell for TEN HARD YEARS, and knew Harry would be badly mistreated. Dumbles doesn't count those summers I guess, after the ten years in a cupboard ended, or maybe NOT living in a cupboard has Dumbles thinking the hard years afterward were much softer after Harry turned eleven, got a rickety broken down bed and small room being like an upgrade to the presidential suite of a posh hotel in comparison I suppose, to the previous living conditions.

It's easy to sum up that morality by the idea around book five that Voldy was after a "weapon" [the prophesy, which being about Harry translates a little into the idea in fanfics of Harry being Dumble's "weapon"].
Another fact, taken from MULTIPLE books, the huge earliest giant size CLUE being when Harry imagines or wonders if Dumbles seemed to be "happy" when Harry is mentioning how Voldy USED HARRY'S Blood in gaining a new body. Most focus on the bit that if Voldy has Harry's blood, they think they've proof that this should make the blood wards from Lilly's sacrifice moot and Voldy "walk right through the blood ward protections", since he's got Harry's blood in his body or at least his body was "made" using Harry's blood as a potions ingredient. Probably you get in book seven, Snape disgusted with Dumbles, learning in flashback [probably in the pensieve memory Harry views, but maybe not, maybe in a live "talk" before this between Dumbles and Snape, when Dumbles is dying from the curse that was on the Gaunt ring, having the Peverille-resurection-stone.] Of all these years Snape end of his "deal" with the devil-Dumbles was to help in keeping Harry alive, ONLY so that like a lamb to the slaughter, Harry has to sacrifice himself and let Voldy kill him to get rid of the last horcrux, the one in Harry's scar. How it lived in his body, when his "touch" burns up QuirelDeMort like many dozens of other possible plot hole weirdness I'll ignore[stuff like the "hey, why couldn't the basilisk venom kill the scar horcrux before the phoenix tears countered the venom?". I'm sure there are fics with that happening and some where Harry stabs his scar with a basilisk fang while calling his phoenix familiar over to cry into the wound after Voldy's soul frag smokes off his forehead.]. The point is, fear of Voldy getting the info, or Dumbles just playing EVERYONE like chess pieces, SNAPE never knows Harry might survive the attempted suicide by letting voldy kill him. Dumbles keeps Snape, like EVERYONE, in the dark and uses everyone, basically uses them all like pawns. I've never read the interpretation by JKR[stuff not in the books] or other people. But my own best analysis for the JKR Harry-blood-in-Voldy-gag is this: If Voldy dies, the last Horcrux in Harry keeps Voldy "alive"[or a die/undie switcheroo], while Harry's blood being like his mothers, AND being used to create a body for Voldy, ties Harry to Voldy and therefore to LIFE as long as Voldy is alive, so in some weird similar way the blood link acts like a Harry-Horcrux in Voldy's bloodstream[or body via the blood being a potion ingredient for creating Voldy's body], so Harry gets a kind of horcrux effect with his blood in Voldy keeping him alive after being "made dead" by Voldy[book seven, in the forest AK scene, Harry suicide by Voldy]. The big plot gag deal is that all this somehow also ends up allowing Voldy to kill the horcrux in Harry's scar, without Harry dying. This was foreshadowed in book four, when Dumbles hears Harry say Voldy used his blood in the resurection ritual, UP TO THAT POINT, Dumbles PLAN was that Harry would DIE, must die, "for the greater good." With Harry's POV wondering if he imagined[guessing, been a lot of years since read it] Dumbles smiling or relieved or something, upon hearing about his blood being used in the Voldy resurection ritual, we get a tiny "pardon" for Dark Dumbles at least being glad his lamb might live through the "slaughter" by Voldy, and maybe get some years of life not filled with utter shit like he's had his entire life thanks to Dumbles.
Now, was this PLAN, a sacrificial Harry-lamb led to the slaughter all those years, THE ONLY WAY for Voldy to be defeated, or MERELY the more efficient "for the greater good" with less collateral damage plan?
Of course, like bible prophesy nutjobs, we've got Dumbles just as bad with his interpretation of the Trewalry prophesy.
There are many a fanfic that cut and shred the lame vague prophesy to hell and back.
One simple argument, is that Harry vanquished the dark lord when he got the scar on his forehead. That his "job" was done and all the crap after was Dumbles doing.
Suppose this satiated the requirements for the prophesy and Harry was protected, Dumbles hunted and ended the soul frag horcruxes, and some with knowledge Dumbles didn't know ended the frag in Harry's head, and then OTHERS and/or Dumbles killed Voldy, permanently.
AND who the fuck says a prophesy means shit or forces a future to become history? And like a horoscope, palm reading, or fortune cookie, the stupid vague idiot clear as mud prophesy can mean most anything. Or just assume it's meaningless. Applying the same illogic used by so many, one could claim it's simple to change the future, just destroy the prophesy orb in the department of mysteries and then that future won't happen because the prophesy being destroyed destroys that possible!
IF YOU can read this, then the rest of Part I, or Part I (B) is complete.
PaC chapter 1 . 9/6/2013
Three part review, maybe, if none of the three get cut off by the review box posting.

After writing all the crap below, and my constant refrain of "the greater good" Dumble's mantra. It reminded me of an interesting well written fanfic, which unknown if based on fact or not, an educated smart Harry calls out an evil Dumbles about "the greater good", attributing the "greater good" philosophy to ?maybe Jeremy Bentham? or some other name and Dumbles knows the name and praises "the muggle" and lauds the concepts, having read the guy's book(s). And to Harry's chagrin, he points out to Dumbles that the guy is studied by muggle psychiatrists or something or other similar, and his ideas refuted by muggle philosophers...and maybe that the guy was nuts. Wikipedia was crap on a search for "the greater good". But google found within Wikipedia a hit for "Utilitarianism", which I have yet to browse and you might find of interest. I wonder, for my own personal gripes, if the tenants "the greater good" mantra stems, would tend to rub me the wrong way. Whether sacrificial lamb, scapegoat, or the weird human tendancy toward various versions of animal or human SACRIFICE to appease gods or public opinion by throwing figuratively to the wolves, or under the train or whatever. It's not just a waste of a good virgin to toss her into a volcano, or tie her up for a dragon to I wonder if most of the "greater good" crap would tend to sicken me, as does the tendency to sacrifice being seen as so fine and OK as long as the proponents of the sacrifice are not the individual sacrificing something. And to screw over the one or the few, for the benefit of many, or less inconvenience of the many, or the greed of the many, I also find to be an utter putrifying load of crap.

LONG ass POST in maybe three parts, this fic seems to have LONG DELAY TIMES, so it may turn out I needed more than three parts to not chop off and lose much of this.
But I ain't waiting hours or days, and posting ONE TWO THREE in a row.

Here is Part I:

I don't have an account, but I jumped in here to answer Arokhsteel's question, posted in a review of a really crappy but very popular fic, where Arokhsteel typed:

" Arokhsteel 8/19/13 . chapter 3
Have I missed some vital price of information? Did something happen in the books that warrants all the five out there with bashing on dumbledor? Cause (and I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this) he seemed to pretty cool in the movies. Do I need to read the books to find out the dumbledor was secretly a pricing who manipulated people willy nilly?"

MY ESSAY RANT REPLY is highly redundant, but it was late and I was half asleep when I wrote it yesterday, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.
Yes, you need to read the books. If you've read a lot of fanfictions, you've probably sort of read the books, due to so many really lame "canon" fanfic writers thinking that plagering the JKR books while making minute changes is what writing a canon compliant fanfic is about.
Like a kid copying a quote, then making tiny changes, and acting like it was their own words and writing, THAT is weirdly done by many a fanfic.
There are canon-nazi's who pride themselves on pointing out the tiniest thing that is non-canon, idiotic.
JKR's sandbox gives the toys without the creative imaginative work required to create fanfics. For 100% canon, canon nazis should READ the freaking JKR books.
You are missing out by not reading the books, in that the books act like a stage play's background scenery, or a narrator to SET the MOOD, or like a big ass prologue.
My attitude is that it's a COMMON SENSE thing, that what is NOT important or explicitly PUT INTO the fanfic to show deviation from canon, that for all or most else, the reader can assume the JKR canon version is "in play". THE READER of the fanfic therefore does not need to be "briefed" in huge amounts of detail, KNOWLEDGE of the books allows the fanfic author to not slave with ''educating" the reader with meticulous background info and detail. Canon paints the background scenery, sets the stage, and the fanfic can move forward without REPEATING all that background info from the JKR books.
If it's so non-canon it's not got much at all in common with the books, other than perhaps a few names of a few characters being the same, then why the fuck write the fanfic as a Harry Potter fanfic, just freaking write an original fic if it's completely NON-canon in all things imaginable.
My take is, an author should know the books fairly well. If memory challenged like some fanfic authors seem to be, perhaps they need to re-read the books.
For what is a big tangent off the canon plotline, my take is the fanfic should PUT that difference IN PRINT. If it's non-canon stuff, than put it in the story, or at least mention it in an ATTENTION GRABBING Author's note.
If it's THERE in the author's note, or THERE IN THE STORY, then THAT to me keeps it still "canon enough".
I should search to see any "official" definitions about canon compliant and OOC and all that jazz. What makes sense to me, is that if it's a Potter fanfic, it's canon BASED, with ANY important difference from canon being noted in the author notes, or PUT directly into the story. What is not spelled out that differs from canon, the reader can assume is "in play", "unseen", but taking place in the background.
THIS makes for EFFICIENT story telling.
The downside is it is also a CRUTCH, leaning too much on canon stifles much originality from blossoming.
A pet peeve that saddens me, but is obvious for why it happens, and difficult to avoid for many a fanfic, is a GREAT story leaping off the canon plot, but running out of ideas and plot, and the plotline curving back to canon until it's basically parroting/copying the JKR books.
Harry NOT attending EVERY YEAR at Hogwarts, skipping to go somewhere else or getting fed up and going to another school in a year after his first or second year or so?
One author wrote the excuse: "You've got to return to Hogwarts because that's where the action is."
My take is, "NO, that's where JKR has so many toys and that canon sandbox, that HUGE set of crutches for a fanfic author out of inspiration and more ideas, and their fic floundering otherwise."
In some of my fics, I've fallen into the sand sandtrap canon sandbox, or at least felt the pull to run back to that box.
Writers block or whatever, there are MANY fanfics with Harry about to, or should, or could, or almost...goes to another school, but ENDS UP still going to Hogwarts.
The big "cushion" allowing less work and less inspiration, of that big JKR canon sandbox, is WHY even in fanfics where it seems that Harry is going to another school, or SHOULD be fed up and go to another school, that THAT so rarely ever happens. But without significant changes from canon and pretty damn good writing, such a fanfic is often DOOMED to be BORING, at least for those who read the books.
If we want THAT much canon, then we should read the JKR version...AGAIN.
Reading most fanfics unfortunately is like reading the books, again, and again, and again...

Now, BACK to Arokhsteel's question regarding movie-Dumbles versus book-Dumbles, and Dumbles being a cool dude in the movies and not seeming all that bad a guy.

It is much easier to write a bastard Dumbles fanfic than a good Dumbles, no matther whether in canon JKR meant for him to be good but make mistakes or good but misguided.
The JKR books however are much more easily mined for dirt for an evil Dumbles than a "good" Dumbles, AND it simplifies the writing. No complicated "grey area" or complex explanations for Dumbles machinations being of complex strategy or overall good intentions, ALTHOUGH since NONE of the good intentions were for Harry [only the fluke of Voldy using Harry's blood being the only reason Dumbles "new" plan "allows" Harry to survive], so in terms of the main character, HARRY, Dumbles is a manipulative evil enemy of Harry's, planning on a many year plan to send him to his death. Other than trying to keep Voldy sans body and track down horcruxes BEFORE Harry's death-day, to give Harry a few more years of a happy[lmfao lol] childhood, Dumbles otherwise plans for Harry to die. This of course is an easy plot gag for fanfics, a Dumbles with ego and hubris to match is reputation and fame, NOT consulting other smart wizards and witches [or Veela] and ASSUMING Dumbles knows all and Harry must die and the soul frag cannot be removed from Harry without him just being fucking killed.
Harry being a lamb for slaughter and Dumbles a farmer is less appropos than Harry being a newborn calf and Dumbles making his life that of a calf living a life to be made into Veal.

Is everyone a pawn or is he just a guy risking being the dying general and taking all the info with him to his grave because he's so afraid of Voldy learning what he knows? Basically until the END, ONLY Dumbles knew all the shit that was going on, keeping as many as much in the dark as possible. Voldy had crazy sadistic followers afraid and tortured by him while Dumbles had his own cult of blind followers of the great Dumbledore. Dumbles followers can be fanfic tweaked to near the level of a Dobby imitation except lauding and worshipping Dumbles instead of Harry, with Dumbles "followers" blindly following Dumbles. If the order of the phoenix were made of house elves, they'd think that the long beard twinkle eyes wizard who led them was the bestest greatest most powerful wizard of all time. Dumble farts smell like roses and he shits rainbows afterall.

You can cherry pick a few handfuls of quotes and circumstantial evidence to have Dumbles convicted, drawn quartered, AK'd by an AK firing squad and having his escaping soul feasted on by dementors, and him still not getting all he deserves. I've seen a handful of author profiles debating it, with excellent arguments and many a canon quote to "prove" their case for a bastard evil Dumbles.

I'll just toss
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