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NinaT2000 chapter 3 . 1/21/2013
cc thompson
mutation:89% human and 11% water snake
personality:is very grumpy and hates being has a strange sense of humor and style
race:african american mixed wit native american
apperance:she has coffee brown skin and she looks like she has a lot of green on. like green gloves and bright green make up but its really her watersnake scales. she wears convers boots and carries throwing knife wherever she goes. she wears plaid shirts.
backround:she was kidnapped at 17 months. she was an early walker and walked into the street and was captured by whitecoats.
powers:she is a fast swimmer and an army crawl quickly due to er snake genes. she is also very manipulative and can petrify people if she tries really hard. her biteis very posinus.
sexuality:straight. but she swore off men after the whtecoats tried to play with her un successfully.
sorry abt any mistakes. my kindle cuts things off.
LemonLemma chapter 3 . 10/7/2012
KeeperOfThePeterick chapter 2 . 9/27/2012
Hi, this is an addition for Madison D'Leo-Pardus. Her eyes turn into cat-like slits when she's angry and she tends to growl. She doesn't have a cat tail because the scientists didn't get that far.
KeeperOfThePeterick chapter 1 . 9/27/2012
Name: Madison D'Leo-Pardus

Age: Almost 17

Appearance: Mocha skin, but not too dark. Long, dark brown hair, usually straight but natural ringlets. Big, dark brown eyes. Gorgeous and can be very sexy. Likes dark clothes, skinny jeans, big hoodies, pumps or high-tops. This is hard to explain but she looks like she has black eyeliner on all around her eyes, but that's because of her mutation. Curvy. Her wings are a browny-golden colour with dark brown around teh edges of each feather. Leopard cat ears on top of her head, and a stripe of leopard print down the outside of each leg.

Ethnicity: Spanish and Hawaiian. Very complicated.

Genetic mutation: 2% Bird, 8% Leopard and 90% Human.

Personality: She's a lot like Max. (She's her sister actually, but don't mention that to the readers yet.) She's very sassy, over-protective, likes a fight. She can be very sexy at times, quite seductive. She isn't embarrassed about showing her true personality or getting on-stage and performing. Not scared of anything, she will fight to the death for those she loves.

Powers: Well, I guess I should call it telekinesis really. She can move objects, but it isn't with her mind. Her body attracts the atoms in whatever she wants to move and then she can move it. Simple.
She has perfect balance. She's very fast and strong. She can calm people when she sings.

Hobbies: She loves to sing. Her voice is beautiful and she can sing whatever style, like soul to pop, or country to calm music. She likes to sit on roofs and just day-dream. She likes a good fight.

Crushes: Fang. I mean, I have had this character for a while now and in every Fic I've written with her in, she has been with Fang, because I think that they're a perfect match. But if that doesn't suit your story, then she likes, dark hair and eyes (Obviously) But she also likes Blonde hair and blue eyes. She hates jerks.

Sexuality: Straight.

History: She was taken from her family when she was thirteen and experimented on. You can give her any other history for the use of your story.

Also, please, PLEASE make sure that you put a copy right to me for her, she's in one of my books that are being published so I need to make sure everyone knows that she came from me.
miss.anonymous chapter 1 . 9/26/2012
You still taking Male OC's? Here's mine:
Name: Caspian (last name unknown, Caz for short)
Age: 15
Appearance: long, un-cut silvery hair, dark blue eyes, tan skin. Muscular, but very graceful.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Genetic mutation: 3% tiger shark.
Personality: Fierce, untrusting of people, highly independent. Caz was born and raised in the school, so he has no idea about relationships or the outside world and tends to only trust himself. Not much of a team player. Quiet, unless he has something to say. When he does talk, he is sarcastic and intelligent.
Powers: Incredible sense of smell, gills, very fast and powerful. Naturally sharp/pointy teeth. Ability to digest almost anything.
Hobbies: swimming, hunting.
Crushes: ? You dedice
Sexuality: likes girls
History: born and raised at the school to be ferocious and emotionless, he escaped at age 13. Caz has been on his own ever since. He has no idea who his family is, and is solely focused on his own survival.

hope this helps!
Miss ANon
Lunara7 chapter 2 . 9/11/2012
Here's my OC, might b fun to put me in!

Name: Ruth
Age: 13
Gender: I'm Female!
Appearance: brown hair a little past the shoulders, tall, freckles
Ethnicity: white
Personality: sense of humor, weird, superstitious, optimistic, doesn't take any crap from anyone
Crush: I don't care who you put me with in this story
History: always been picked on until personality and appearance change. also, just a side note, I'm not popular and I dont want to be as long as I have trustworthy friends.
LonelyButLovely chapter 2 . 9/9/2012
I toally submitted Static in a PM but accidentally on the wrong account :(
Reply to this account instead please :)
tomgirl1313 chapter 2 . 9/9/2012
This can be the brother if you want just change of to blonde hair and blue eyes but if not then keep I guess

Name: Jacob, Jake
Gender: boy, he's a straight guy
Age: 12
Ethnicity: Mexican... Really Mexican(unless its the brother then German)
Personality: random like Spanish tacos and cookies are good random. He never gets angry unless its someone who really hurt him or his friends and family. Never has had a frown on his face not even when threatening someone he is eerily calm when threatening someone which is what makes him scary to his opponents. Really happy go lucky loves food, video games, and weaponry. LOVES German suasages.
Looks: has brown hair with red tips its not curly or wavy just straight looks like someone grew a buzz cut an inch out. Skinny, six pack, twig legs. Red eyes, with white pupils, regular nose not to big not to small, medium dark pink lips, very tan but not too dark. Wears t shirts with logos like trod and reese's then colored basketball shorts (if he knows Anastasia, then she is always on his case about not matching.) He has indoor soccer shoes (Google it) and always has mid-shin socks on
Mutations: cameleon, rhino. Nothing shows really except for cameleon he can blend with anything and rhino gives him SUPER tough skin.
Powers: knows everything about any weapon (like how to use it, what it is, its history(the gun itself and like where it came from), any additions and how to take care and clean it) skilled in every type of combat, knows every battle strategy, x-ray vision and night vision. (youll find out why all of that soon)
Crushes: Angel or oc
History: he was made to be a war machine and was taken away at birth
ASociallyAwkwardDuckling chapter 2 . 9/9/2012
so is this a maximum ride fanfiction and if so can i send in a OC that has abilitys from a different anime
Guest chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
Name: Haley Steele

Age: 13

Appearance: brown/ black hair that is parted to the right and is always in a ponytail, light brown eyes that turn orange in the sunlight, not tall, but not like super short,

Ethnicity: Asain

Genetic mutation: 3% FOX 97% human

Personality: fun loving, funny, confusing, smart but in a way when she explains its confusing but shes like a genuis, if you get her mad she gets like really pissed (easy to tick her off)

Powers: etremely fast, incredible at improvising, quick thinker

Hobbies: thinking about what it would be like to be normal

Crushes: Nobody... yet

Sexuality: female

History: Her mom and Dad died in a car accident when she was a baby. she hates to talk about though- touchy subject. She went to live with her Aunt- Anna Walker who sent Haley to the school at 3 months of age. The school put 2%fox into her and you can make up how she got ou tof the school...
tomgirl1313 chapter 1 . 9/9/2012
Anastasia (anna-stay-ja) she has aqua eyes that have slits like a cat, button nose, and a mouth that naturally turns up at the ends, dirty blonde hair with aqua tips, perfect curves but is tiny not midget like but smaller than regular people probably only 4' 11" she has small feet and gazelle like legs, she has muscle but not completely noticable she's 13 years old and has a somewhat innocent look if she pulls off the right face and wears the right clothes but she has a deadly personality she's a bit bipolar, she likes to help people pick out clothes and is a fashionista but is also not afraid to get dirty, she has a lot of common sense but is not very smart in other subjects, loves to doodle and take pictures of scenes, bit also has a dark side. She likes Iggy a bit. Doesn't know who her parents are but knows she has a brother (your choice if she knows where he is or not, also if there twins) shes part bird like the rest of the flock but also part fox, she has wings fox ears and tale that are all black but her wings have neon yellow that the black fades into halfway she likes to wear colored skinny jeans and knee high converse that are black and white she loves all colors and likes to wear shirts with weird sayings like 'i did it for the cookies' and random things like that, in the summer jean shorts and colorful speghetti strap tank tops, her powers are control the dark know everything about anything associated with music (loves all types of music) reads emotions and can change appereance is a girl that likes guys and her history is bad because she got all the bad tests but only physically.

I don't know what ethnicity means but I'm taking a guess that its her origin so German but not super German