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LoireLoa chapter 42 . 16h ago
This is absolutely amazing! Just perfect!
ArwenisWholocked chapter 42 . 4/18
Dear Lady Charity,

WOW! That was a whirlwind of insanity and feels and amazingness, and I can't believe I'm finally done. Your writing is AMAZING. You have a great plot line and you develop the characters beautifully, portraying their emotions in such a gorgeous way. I have laughed, cried, shuddered, and everything in between reading this story, and I have no more words. Thank you SO much for writing this and congrats on an AMAZING job. :,)

Arwen ;)

P.S. Is it possible to get a PDF version of this for offline reading?
AndiRae chapter 42 . 4/17
Oh my gosh I'm pretty sure this was the most amazing emotional journey I've taken in a long time. Thank you very much.
ArwenisWholocked chapter 32 . 4/16
*cries in a happy little ball if feels* *standing ovation*
ArwenisWholocked chapter 26 . 4/16
Ohmy Gallifrey... The references... The hook thing from a Game of Shadows, Nat slapping Loki for healing her like River and 11 (Nat was nicer, though), and the CODE FROM ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER- INCEPTIOOOOON! Dude, this is the best subtle crossover thing ever. :D
ArwenisWholocked chapter 12 . 4/15
*curls up into a fetal ball squeaking "No" repeatedly and hiding under her hoodie* AUUUUUUUUGH NO NO NO! WHAT THE GALLIFREAKING TARDIS POSSESSED THOR TO SAY THAT?! AND HE CAN'T GO BACK TO THEM! NO NO NO NO NO! AUUUUUUGH
0Shadow Panther0 chapter 27 . 4/15
-cries actual physical tears because feels-
how do you put so much emotion into a fanfiction
0Shadow Panther0 chapter 26 . 4/15
i want to think that the mind gem cracking is a good thing, but the way this story js going i can't really see anything through rose tinted lenses
Sumi Anzu chapter 34 . 4/15
Omg! Loki brought them to place which she talk about in ch 11. This such beautiful fun in beach moment leading to romantic atmosphere. Then it got heavy when loki want to kiss her but she know he doing cuz loki fear he wont get another chance and she want loki to have reason to survive the war.

That loki
Want to say that
He luv her & apologize
0Shadow Panther0 chapter 21 . 4/15
you and your cliffhangers
even though this story is complete your cliffies will be the death of me
ArwenisWholocked chapter 9 . 4/15

Ok, but seriously... YEEEEAAAAAAHHHH WE GOT A WHOVIAN! Favourite Doctor? (Mine's 11 or 10.) Who do you think Tony's is? I'd think Nine or Ten.

Anyway, THIS CHAPTER ROCKS. :D Are you going for Nataki (Or whatever the ship name is...)? Which is fine; I don't consider it a thing, but in this context I don't mind. :D

-Arwen ;)

P.S. By the time I finish this fanfic, I guarantee that my pen name will be synonymous with "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga.
P.P.S. Do you have any recommendations for really good Avengers writers? I know of angrbodagiantess and Ordis (DROWN. OH MY GALLIFREY. THAT STORY IS JUST INSANE.), but not really any other big names.
Riley 000 chapter 42 . 4/15
Magnificent work! Please make a sequel!
ArwenisWholocked chapter 3 . 4/15
Oh my Gallifrey... That was like... I have no idea... :,( wow...

Man, you're good at this.
Sumi Anzu chapter 27 . 4/15
Gath told thor that of loki post trauma of eatting wastes and used as filthy sex slave.

The most emotionally feel part was the interaction between loki and his preception on situation then him and thor.

"i am crying for you" said thor
I said sooooo am I. Wahhhhhhh
Sumi Anzu chapter 8 . 4/14
I was wondering what happen after the recusing loki and before avengers arrived find them.

I enjoy thor' journal-like entry of process on taking care of his brother in tge wilderiness. That was very cool scene where thor plead with leader of a pack of wolves. Somehow, maybe he is god/ speak altongue, wolve understood and assist him by laying around loki to shield him from the cold.
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