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genious 7 chapter 215 . 10/17
I really miss this story; I hope you continue it sometime in the future.

I'm really interested in what other side effects we'll observe from this "merging". I imagine they'll stop thinking as two and instead as one (well, more than they already did so).

I'm also wondering what will happen when they get out. It'll definitely be interesting, especially if they start talking irl in a creepy dual voice.

Anyways, any plans for the next arc now that the quest arc of the story is finished? Guild politics? Laughing coffin issues? Merging issues?
Thoth's Library 2.1 Tales chapter 1 . 8/25
Add line break for new readers eh? The shift from author note to story is jarring.

Also, brave man to end a chapter like that
Pervy Sage chapter 25 . 8/8
Holy SHIT, did you seriously just make them tell that slimy snake everything about them? What madness is this, where they can't even recognize a huge threat such as Argo not-so-subtly asking personal questions like that?! She's definitely going to sell that shit, boom, and the bad luck strikes again.
Guest chapter 215 . 7/27
This story was amazing until the chapters started taking so long to be released, with how short they are it only takes like 5 mins to read them, it should not take months to release 5 minutes of content I understand being busy but with the time gaps in how long it takes for one chapter I could read the whole story again while waiting
zinmaster24 chapter 215 . 7/14
I have to say. I was surprised to see this story getting an update out of the blue, but I am thoroughly happy to see it getting an update at all... Can't say the same for my own story however... Its been nearly a year and I have no excuse other than pure laziness to update it. Ha...

But either way. I'm happy to see that the twins have finally finished the godforsaken quest that they put themselves on as a way for Kayaba to keep them out of trouble... Ha. Irony there. Cardinal is acting up again by giving them the clues to figure out that Heathecliff was Kayaba. The twins confronted him, but it didn't pan out quite the way they expected it to.

Oh my this new startling revelation is crazy! But I'll applaud you sir for your usage of subtly. I tip my internet fedora and top hat to you good Tigersight. The subtle way you changed your writing style over the course of this story to put emphasis on the fact that the twins are pretty much starting to share one single mind instead of two was amazing. Then you dropped the bomb by telling it outright. Wonderful.

Still not a fan of the Aincrad Army though. Those guys can go suck a railroad spike for all I care, I wonder though. IF the twins decide to keep the secret of Kayaba being in the game, will they switch from joining the Army to the Knights of Bloodoath later on down the road? And what of the familiars Yuki and Yumi? Will their relationship with the twins be repaired completely? So many more questions raised that I must know the answers to! I can't wait for the next update!
Liliah Dark chapter 215 . 7/6
finally after several days of non stop reading we have reached the end of your updates. Please update again soon.
Guest chapter 215 . 7/5
The crazy kimono twins live once more!

I honestly thought this story was dead given the lack of updates, I'm glad to hear that you will be continuing it.

I really wonder what the next side effects of the merge that will be, given that their brains are undergoing an accelerated phase of reconfiguration.

I know it is very far far into the future, but I can't help but imagine what happens when (if?) They get out.
Mizu25 chapter 215 . 7/3
The Nervegear is not suited your needs after all."

suited to your needs, after all."

what the price differences are between lithium-air and graphene are, you know?"

between lithium-air and graphene, you know?"

We'd escaped here because we'd never come up with answer for Heathcliff.

come up with an answer for

Well, seems the twins are becoming more and more fused to one another mentally. Kayaba waiting for them despite being a few hours late is funny, if one forgets he has the option of teleporting to the spot he arranged at will if he detects them arriving on the floor. GM powers, and all that.
Caeoltoiri chapter 215 . 6/27
You're alive! -cheers- Huzzah! What a spectacular chapter- though, I'll admit I'm rather lost on some of the events that had transpired before, as I'd forgotten :'D Time for a re-read, woohoo!
bookgirl18 chapter 37 . 6/27
The picture is awesome, it fits exactly to what you wrote. I love this story.
Kim chapter 215 . 6/27
scranity chapter 215 . 6/25
Man was I surprised to see the update email for this in my inbox...

One thing though. Right at the start, you wrote "Smacking face first into a hard wooden floor, the blankets landed in a heap all over us, followed by the bed. With a push, we got the bed off and staggered blindly into the wall."

Did you mean that the entire bed fell on them?

Unless the bed was made of a light plastic, I have my doubts that rolling out of their bed could cause that to happen.
DarkRook chapter 215 . 6/25
Good chapter. Good idea with the option and I can see a spot where you can overlap with after cannon with kirito making that system to dive the real world. Hope see more chapter. I'm still loving this story and had actually re-read it for time three the other day
DigitalKites chapter 215 . 6/25
Good to see you back! I was worried you were returning for a while, I'm glad I was wrong.

Poor Heathcliff. He's such a nice guy in your fic and the two main characters are so rude to him, being so late, falling asleep in the middle of the conversation, and running off suddenly.

I'm gonna hafta reread a bunch, I've completely forgotten what was happening with the front lines.
GaleAeras chapter 215 . 6/25
It's been so long, now i have to reread everything again.
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