Reviews for Modus Operandi of a Mastermind
Just A Crow chapter 1 . 6/20/2014
This story fits with the song Empty by Metric.
SakaSandora chapter 1 . 11/27/2013
I would love to know what happened to Ichigo, or was that in another story? And Grimmjow and Renji!
Awesomehat chapter 1 . 10/31/2013
Reading this for the second time, it was well worth hunting down!
This still has the same absolutely intriguing and emotional impact as before, with some added perceptions that made this an especially perfect read!
Slight overuse of the word 'myriad' but I don't really care, your writing and work with these two (well, all three really) notoriously difficult characters is, I'm happy to say, virtually flawless! I can't express my enjoyment enough! Thankyou!
Awesomehat chapter 1 . 8/20/2013
This is a really excellent fic! The characters were brilliantly played, and, though the concept was very new to me, I think you pulled it off very well. I thought it was an unlikely character choice, but with effect on the mind coming in, it made absolute sense! Awesome work! Thanks for writing!
Mchillerwhartz chapter 1 . 6/2/2013
Good lord.
That was...That was SO FUCKED-UP.

You are an amazing writer, I love you.
The only reason I hadn't touched this fic until now was because I didn't think Bya/Ryuuken would work for me, but I came back and read it and oh boy was it invigorating. You paint each character in their situations so perfectly, I love your Aizen.

And I truly believed you were gonna end it on a relatively happy note when Isshin came to the rescue, but I shoulda known better seeing your other fics(The despair trilogy namely).

Looking forward to your sequel (in Byakuya's POV this time? And I can only imagine how much worse it's going to get from here on), and possibly more Ai/Byas? -is hopeful-
My0wnlittleworld247 chapter 1 . 3/28/2013
Wow, really well written, great character development, I love how you drew everything out, focusing on more than just the forced intimacy, but just their everyday life and how they quietly bonded :)

I love a good sadistic yaoi, followed with angst, so this catered to my tastes oh so well. I think I'll be reading more of your work.

I'd be very interested in a sequel, if you have anything up your sleeve, I'm curious as to how Aizen's little game would work out. I have no idea what you mean by adoption, but ohwell.

Anyway great fic, particularly the writing style, attention to spelling and grammar, and the great depth and development of characters. :)
Hesymi chapter 1 . 9/25/2012
It's hard for me to find the right words to express what I felt while reading your story. I even think it would take much too many words to describe what happens to your characters. These two men are both strong and confident, and now they're facing the same hell. And that hell is named Aizen. The narrative progression and few dialogues give the impression that what is happening can not be avoided. Despite the blackmail they suffer, they submit with detachment and with class. I also think that beyond the fact that they are both very cold, Ryuuken Ishida has a noble appearance such as Byakuya. Their loyalty to their loved ones is another common point.
You know, I really thought they would come out of this hell with the rescue by Isshin. But Aizen is a master of manipulation, the king of plots. They've probably never had a chance.
I do not know if I'm clear (sorry for my english, I'm better to read than to write). But what you must understand is that I loved your story so much that I would like to translate it into French. I'm not a writter but I'm quite good at translating. Go and see my account and tell me if you agree with the idea. And if not, thank you for that beautiful fiction.
Sakurazukamori6 chapter 1 . 9/23/2012
“It would be another day before they spoke again and even longer before Ryuuken learned the Sixth Captain's name. In the interim, they slept in the same bed, ate at the same table, and languished in the same silent hell.” Silent hell can be the only way to describe these two being trapped in the same room. God, the silence must be deafening. Only Aizen would put these two in a room. Only Aizen.

“Another long moment passed, with the Captain of the Sixth taking his time lifting a small rice cake to his mouth and then chewing.” It’s a frickin rice cake and yet Byakuya makes it seem like he’s eating fois gras or caviar.

I love how they’re bonding over silence. Both of them can use it as a weapon and a tool. They say what needs to be said and then leave it at that. It’s hard to write these two because they can be so silent and restrained. Most of their actions take place below the surface, so I’m impressed by how much their personalities are shinning through. It’s sometimes easier to write the loud obnoxious characters because there’s so much movement and unnecessary smack talk involved, so the fact that you chose to write about two of the more reserved characters in the bleach world makes for an interesting scenario.

There were so many good lines in this story that I have to name off some more.

“He knew that whatever comfort he received was actually a form of control.”

“This time when Ryuuken returned, Byakuya was waiting for him. If the man knew how much Ryuuken despised tea after so long in Aizen's company, he might not have two cups ready and waiting on the table. Ryuuken would have to drink it now as a matter of pride if not the thanks the gesture deserved.” Aizen’s mind-fuck powers are so advanced that he can mess with you with simple pleasantries like tea and magazines. Is nothing safe from this man?

“Here was truly a god of Hollow: voracious, insatiable, and merciless.” -Beautiful. This was just such a beautiful way to describe our twisted god. Voracious is such a good word and it just sends shivers down my spine.
“After that, there were no more Arrancar escorts. Aizen came every time with the same question.” -This part just made me go ‘well Aizen’s just the devil, isn’t he? I don’t think he could have thought up anything crueler. He truly is a mastermind in sadism.

“It wasn't Byakuya per se, but the idea of Byakuya, the idea of someone else, someone tangible who he could protect somehow.” There is so little hope in this situation, and yet people can’t help but cling to the smallest semblance of it. I love this line for all its plain honesty.

This was a great study in degradation and how the human will tries to persevere. The pairing is pretty hot, but this fic really wasn’t about sex. Aizen was the star of the show, even though we only got into his head at the ending of the fic. It just goes to show that he’s the mastermind behind everything. Wow. This was really well-written. I hope you make another part to this because I feel terrible for those two. Although it would be really appropriate to end it here as the theme for this story seems to be despair and how far one can be brought down.
dimonyo-anghel chapter 1 . 9/21/2012
Thanks for the fic!
sardonicis imperfecta chapter 1 . 9/11/2012
Would I read a sequel? Yes. Your writing style is gorgeous and the story compelling, though I shudder at how masochistic it makes me feel to admit that. Even more remarkably, I think you met the challenge well; the story is as plausible as it is restrained, quiet, hopeless. I feel like I really shouldn't like this, but I just can't help's too good.