Reviews for Harry Potter and the Power of the Dark Side
Axcel chapter 20 . 8/26
Smart way to handle the diary.
Axcel chapter 15 . 8/25
I like that you included the je'daii and remembered that they were as dark as they were light. It will be amusing to watch the goblins be curbstomped by a Darth.
Axcel chapter 14 . 8/25
I whole heartedly agree with your opening author's note. Mostly because they dare try to make Revan non-canon! I find their lack of faith disturbing.
Axcel chapter 13 . 8/25
I'm too busy devouring this awesome fic to review.
sm7772008 chapter 45 . 8/24
Great story. Please update as soon as you can
Edward95 chapter 45 . 8/23
Good work on this chapter looking toward to next update
TheBoz chapter 45 . 8/22
So I just got finished reading up to date, and this story is amazing!
narutofan020 chapter 45 . 8/21
Great the Sith will be adding dragons to their forces and things don't look too good for .
Edward95 chapter 44 . 8/21
Good work on the chapter.
Dees321 chapter 45 . 8/19
Incredible! It was disappointing, though, when Veneficus couldn't kill at least one of the other champions. I hope he butchers them in the second or third task to make it look like an accident. As for Zhar Quelmok's mission, I can see him trying to corrupt the Light-aligned Tund sorcerers to turn them to the Dark Side.
ssj3gohan007 chapter 45 . 8/19
Another brilliant installment! I am dying to know what happens next! :)
Guest chapter 45 . 8/19
Excellent! I wonder who will go to the Yule Ball with Veneficus
OBSERVER01 chapter 45 . 8/18
quite good
NewWorldFiction chapter 45 . 8/18
Another very good chapter
Shadow 13 chapter 44 . 8/14
Excellent story, is too addictive.

I hope Veneficus / Harry concludes that the way in which witches and wizards manipulate the magic is blasphemy and heresy against the Force.
And thus the lifestyle of the magical community must be reduced to ashes.

I hope Dumbledore bitterly regret for leaving Harry to his fate when he was just a baby; Severus, Minerva and Molly are not kind to blame the hard way. (Since I imagine Remus Lupin insulting and cursing Dumbledore for it from his prison)

What will happen to Percy Weasley? to be the most ambitious member Weasley be seduced by Veneficus and dark side of the Force.

Finally I would like now the three houses Hogwarts school were put against Gryffindor; I am sure Gryffindor not used to be marginalized and would house a very difficult surprise to digest.
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