Reviews for To err is human to forgive is divine dear Gilligan
TereseLucy384 chapter 6 . 8/23/2014
Poor Gilligan. I think that this episode is so sad. He sure gets dumped on by the others a lot. But at least they realize that they need him there - he's the most important castaway. 3
Clouddy chapter 6 . 8/22/2014
Very nice.

I think everyone learned a little lesson. They all got to say their piece and contribute to getting Gilligan to go back to camp.
ChocolateChipCookie30 chapter 5 . 3/12/2014
Poor Gilligan :( Yes, words can definitely hurt. Hope you update soon :) I like it.
Guest chapter 5 . 9/16/2012
Loved Ginger's reference to Houdini! Clever! And making a connection between
the cutthroat, selfish world of Hollywood and the teasing that Gilligan has
endured was a stroke of genius! You really are a clever lady Ali!

Of course Ginger would understand the pain of backstabbing, considering the world she has lived in. I really liked the way you had the two characters connect here. This truly was Ginger's most honest
performance. She speaks to Gilligan as herself, just a human being, rather than a vamp trying to manipulate a man. No wonder Gilligan writes in his diary that the island is starting to feel like home.

Okay as you can see, I'm hooked Ali...update soon I'd love to see more Mr. Howell humor, I hope you bring him to his knees too.
A GI fan chapter 3 . 9/16/2012
Wow, talk about taking the scientist down a peg or two. Good job Special agent Ali!

The Professor's remark truly was the cruelest in that whole conversation.
The others spoke in the heat of anger, but his remark was cold and sarcastic.
I'm glad you had Gilligan repeat that word "pest" to him, and use sarcasm
himself in saying that it's interesting to hear what the castaways say when
he's not around. I'm glad the Professor was suitably chastened. I was also
impressed by the way you conveyed Gilligan's pain and confusion here. He so
wants to be loved by them, but their hostility and cruelty was horrifying. No
wonder he finds it so difficult to trust them. His words to his diary, "I'm
afraid," are heartwrenching.
A GI fan chapter 4 . 9/16/2012
Ha ha! Mr. Howell provides some much needed humor here, despite his selfishness.

"My poor Teddy is still his prisoner!" I laughed out loud at that. Classic Howell!

Ginger does point out a problem (in appropriate theatrical terms lol) that they
have not dealt with their collective frustration towards Gilligan, and will
have to do so to make certain this never happens again. I have a feeling that
fear was part of it: they were all afraid of headhunters attacking, and took
it out on Gilligan. Fear can be a far more powerful and terrible motivator
than anger.

Mary Ann also points out that there is no easy solution to the damage that's
been done. I can see her saying this, as she was the only one who wasn't
actually angry with Gilligan: she was just sad that the others were angry, but
lacked the courage to stand up for him. I'm glad she's standing up for him
now. Well done yet again Ali
A GI fan chapter 2 . 9/16/2012
Oh wow! What a powerful image at the end of this chapter! "The big strong captain
of the sea wiped a small tear just beginning to fall from his left eye."
Wonderful contrast here, and a revelation of the Skipper's inner vulnerability.
I also like the way you have him trying to bluster and evade the issue, as he would, but also respecting
Gilligan for not allowing him to get away with the betrayal. You bring out the complexities of this relationship: the Skipper and Gilligan are like a father and son, but where the son is growing up and gaining his own identity. The Skipper can't just order their troubles away. Well done Special Agent Ali, I am loving the way you write, ;)
Teobi chapter 5 . 9/15/2012
Well! Ginger actually had some success! I think it's great that she kept it fairly lighthearted- even though she had some serious things to say about her past life in Hollywood. I can't imagine what living in such a cut-throat world must be like.

Aw, and it was funny the way Gilligan had sneaked back for his pocketknife, only to lose it through a hole in his pocket! But luckily Ginger found it on the path.

This is such a sweet chapter, Ali! I loved this bit -

"Hey handsome" she cooed. Gilligan rolled his eyes. "I'm not going back Ginger" he muttered.

She's still teasing him, but not hurtfully. She's just trying to get him to crack a smile. And she's honest with him too -

"You're right Ginger…I am afraid this will happen again…" he muttered and Ginger took his hand.

"It probably will Gilligan" she answered and Gilligan stared at her. She squeezed his hand in reply. "Hey, could be worse…least were trying to act like a family…I seen worse performances" she added with a giggle.

The important thing is, even as a family, they must be careful not to pick a scapegoat- the one upon whom they can blame all of their own mistakes.

When I watch GI, I'm always struck by how assertive Gilligan can be. He lets Skipper berate him and capslap him, but he has his boundaries and woe betide Skipper if those boundaries are crossed. I love in 'The Invasion', when Professor slaps Gilligan's hand for fiddling with the lock of the briefcase and Gilligan slaps his hand right back and throws him a look that says "Watch it!"

As in the episode, 'Love Me, Love My Skipper', Gilligan refuses to go to the party if the Skipper isn't invited too. He is a steadfast and loyal friend. the Skipper and the others would be wise to acknowledge Gilligan's strengths rather than take advantage of his weaknesses.

I loved this Ginger/Gilligan chapter. I wish it had been longer! I like Ginger, she's often very misunderstood but she has a very big heart once you get past the glamourous exterior and it's clear she loves Gilligan as if he were her own little brother.

Teebs x
tomboy author chapter 5 . 9/14/2012
Yay an update. I am happy. I love Gilligan's little diary, I think it is something that he would do. Ooooh it's the Howells turn next, wonder what will happen. I must admit I don't really like Ginger all that much but I think you did her character justice. I still feel sorry for poor Mary Ann though. I mean she is always there for Gilligan and they are kind of cute together and now Gilligan has gone to his cave. I wonder what will finally make him snap.

Ooh I know the castaways are getting so desperate for him to come back they should make up some elaberate plan. I don't know like the Skipper becoming really ill or Mary Ann is in trouble or something. That would be funny. I am so in to this, I can't wait for you to update.

tomboy author out
Teobi chapter 4 . 9/13/2012
I'm reminded of the old saying- 'a chain is only as strong as its weakest link'. And while Gilligan isn't exactly weak, it shows what happens when one domino falls. They all fall eventually. These castaways are a tight knit group and they need to stay that way, and that means loving and supporting each other EVEN when there's trouble or tension. (Mentioning no names, Mr. Howell, Skipper.)

Ginger's being quite realistic here. What's to stop them doing exactly the same again, even if they do persuade Gilligan to come back? Old habits die hard. Even new habits die hard! And trust Skipper to think his Little Buddy might be under a voodoo spell. No, Jonas, he's angry because you all disrespected him!

"So then what do you suggest Captain? Lovey gave him a money carpet and my poor Teddy is still his prisoner…what more can I do for the boy?" the millionaire asked.

Well, I know it's a long shot, Mr. Howell, but you *could* try being nice to him?

"lets face it people, we all still think Gilligan is a pain in the neck at times but I know I miss having him around." - Awww, Skipper! He's not a pain in the neck! He's your Little Buddy!

Poor Mary Ann's so upset now. She'll have no more tears left by the time Gilligan comes home! Good luck, Ginger! *fingers crossed!*
tomboy author chapter 4 . 9/12/2012
Oooh I like this story. It is really showing a deeper side to Gilligan. Although I must admit I would of come home if poor Mary Ann had started crying, I know Gilligan cares about her a lot. But this is fantastic, watching all the casterways go and talk to him, although I would of thought the only ones who could get him home were either the Skipper or Mary Ann. I am excited to see how you finish this.

Please update soon

tomboy author out
Teobi chapter 3 . 9/12/2012
Well, I know for a fact you're pleasing THIS reader! I can't tell you how much I love writers who stand up for Gilligan. He's far and away my favourite castaway.

You know, they picked on Gilligan because he's vulnerable and fairly powerless (or so they think.) BUT- look at all the times Mr. Howell refused to work, or do anything to help because he's rich. No-one can fault G Man for trying to help. No-one can say that Gilligan doesn't have a sunny, cheerful personality. But somehow along the way they all got the sense that they were superior to him. Well, it's time they had a wake-up call!

"Mary Ann fell asleep, she really wore herself out sobbing the past twenty minutes." - Poor Mary Ann! But the lesson to be learned here, is that you don't just side with the mob because they shout louder. You follow your heart. If you really like someone you defend them, you don't turn against them.

"Oh poor Gilligan…" Ginger cried and a small tear fell. - As for Ginger, the one who's always trying to 'seduce' Gilligan to get what she wants, knowing her feelings aren't's about time she shed an honest tear! Ooh...they're really making my blood boil now :)

The Professor? Well, he's back to his rational, calm self. If anyone can talk to Gilligan without letting emotions get in the way, then it's him. Except that he was one of the worst insulters when they were all sitting at the table discussing how much of a nuisance Gilligan was!

Gilligan's diary is so sad! The mispellings just add to the poignancy. He's a frightened boy on the verge of manhood, and the one time when he wants to be left alone for a while, they're all coming after him.

Roy walked to his friend and sat next to him. "I'm sorry Gilligan…I wish you hadn't heard my foolish choice of words" - Better that you hadn't said them in the first place, Professor, but unfortunately the clock can't be turned back now.

I like the way the Prof uses reverse psychology on Gilligan, although it's only confused the poor boy further. Now he doesn't know whether he wants Roy to stay with him or not!

"Was kind of interesting to hear how you all truly felt about me when you thought I wasn't around" - Gilligan must be thinking they're only feeling guilty because they got caught.

I look at it this way. Gilligan came from a happy home (in Seer Gilligan he tells Ginger he had a happy childhood.) All his Skinny Mulligan stories prove he was a healthy, fun loving kid who was developing normally. Then somewhere along the way he became anxious and a bit insecure, but still happy and healthy and eager to please. Now he's stranded on an island with five virtual strangers and his best buddy who picks on him constantly. And then they ALL turn against him, and there's nowhere for him to go. He can't go home for a hug from his mother or a pep-talk from Skinny or Billy Maguire. He can't snuggle down in his own bed and dream of tomorrow being different. He's essentially trapped with people who profess to love him and then talk about him in derogatory terms behind his back. What a betrayal!

You can see how passionately I feel about this. Gilligan is the underdog and I'm a big supporter of underdogs. Plus, I will bite before I am bitten because I've had enough experience of people trying to lord it over me.

Wow- what a review. I'm on your side Ali, yours and Gilligan's, and I'm loving this story immensely. Thank you!

T xx
JWood201 chapter 3 . 9/11/2012
Awww, poor G Man. I like this episode because it's so serious and has that heartbreaking moment when he overhears their mean words. I wrote a fic about it myself and it's nice to see others popping up as well. They all really do love him, but I see Gilligan's point of view as well.

And poor Mary Ann must feel so bad. Sobbing! I can't handle it! I have too many thoughts to put into coherent sentences here (I should be putting them into coherent sentences in my homework - yikes), so I'll just say that I'm looking forward to seeing what the Howells and Ginger have to say to him and looking forward to his eventual triumphant return - and how they make it up to him!
TereseLucy384 chapter 2 . 9/11/2012
Hi :D I'm going to agree with Teebs here. I like how Gilligan is finally standing up for himself. He always took so much abuse from the others. I really identify with that. Being the youngest of five kids, I always felt like Gilligan in that way - my siblings always picked on me and made me the butt of their jokes. I'd laugh along and let it roll off my shoulders . . . but after a while, enough is enough.

I like the speedy updates, too ;) A little Gilligan goes a long way.
Teobi chapter 2 . 9/11/2012
Boy, Skipper sure has a nerve saying to Gilligan, "How can you act like you don't care you hurt your best friend?" But, that is a very typical Skipper response. He may be Gilligan's Big Buddy, but rather than tell off any of the others, he'll go for Gilligan first.

And then like, oh yeah, we said sorry, an apology should wipe the slate clean and we can forget it ever happened. Well, not *this* time, Skipper. This time your Little Buddy is standing up for himself!

"I am not a child you're babysitting…and I'm not going back just so you can have someone to boss around!" - You tell them, Gilligan!

Finally, the Skipper realises the magnitude of the situation. Gilligan has had enough of being victimized. I can't say I blame him. People who don't assert themselves get walked all over- even if they're the nicest, sweetest, most harmless person like Gilligan.

Skipper better go away and think hard about how to make it up to the man who saved his life in the Navy!

Thank you so much for a quick update. I really, really like the way you are defending Gilligan here. Thank you!

T x
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