Reviews for New Years
Charmed Ravencla chapter 1 . 9/11/2012
I believe the first time we encountered the Rough Rhinos was in the Waterbending Scroll or something, where Iroh mentions he was once friends with them, and Zuko points out that all his old friends want to kill him these days. That would have been a fascinating piece of information to add in. I almost feel as though Lu Ten should start singing War by Edwinn Starr. The way he compares Jet to Zuko is heartbreaking.

I kind of hope Jet goes off on his own adventure after or during NSFZ to get revenge on Colonel Mongke, seeing as he has his name stored away in his brain now. It'd be like when Katara and Zuko went to "avenge" her mother! Maybe Suko can even try and help him get piece of mind over that issue - that'd be fascinating. I wonder if Jet ever saw the similarities between Lu Ten and Zuko. I guess not. I love the way you had these two random characters interact with each other in such a meaningful way. I wouldn't mind seeing this continued. Additionally, whilst everyone else may be harping for you to get onto the next chapter of NSFZ I would like another chapter of Jet's Troubling Obsession - You're writing a fair amount of Jetcentric stuff, you know you want to ;)
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