Reviews for Bremerhaven
augiesannie chapter 15 . 7h
So glad you're back, and what a great update! Excitement, adventure and swoony romance. Seriously, I very quickly found myself back in the magic web you'd woven between the two of them - it's like a little comforting harbor in the middle of what is still a scary story! Can't wait for the next update.
RhizOneill chapter 15 . 11/22
awesome chapter. I have miss reading this so much. Looking forward to read the next chapter soon.
som04 chapter 15 . 11/22
A great up date... so happy to see your return... hope your back soon.. :) :)
charleybec chapter 15 . 11/22
I'm so pleased you updated! This is a wonderful story. I'm glad they escaped from the solider and are escaping together. Georg can be one stubborn man but I'm glad he softened somewhat by the end and the way they snuggled together at the end was just swooney! More please!
Maria chapter 15 . 11/22
Awe :) Glad you gave a chance for some fluff. Please no complications getting out of Germany. :) Please update soon! It's good to hear from you!
BlossomOfEdelweiss chapter 15 . 11/22
Oh, I was so happy to see an update on this story. Beautiful as always and I'm very anxious now to see how they escape and if they make it. Very intense and I love reading this. Great au story! Can't wait to read what comes next.
UnfollowTheSun chapter 15 . 11/22
I've not been on here for ages due to illness, but I'm overjoyed to check in today and see one of my fave fanfics updated. I'm glad Georg and Maria are trying to escape the chaotic and hellish reality that they find themselves in. You capture the morbid imagery of war perfectly. Hope they make it home :)
utility - singer chapter 15 . 11/22
So glad to see this update. Very poignant chapter, I can feel both their pain and the relief that they have one another. Love it.
Guest chapter 14 . 10/7
Such a beautifully crafted story. I do hope you are still working on it. This version of events is so captivating.
Missfieryfist chapter 14 . 7/18
This is an incredible AU! Thanks for writing this!
missmillie13 chapter 14 . 5/16
I'm so glad you posted again! This story is great and you write so well. It's quite different from the original but very truthful nonetheless. Please, up soon ;)
Joanne chapter 14 . 5/15
Love love love this!
utility - singer chapter 14 . 5/13
So glad you've returned to this! I really love how you've described their comfort level with one another, that everything has been said and what was unsaid was felt. Beautiful.
Chelsea Oz chapter 14 . 5/13
Very good job portraying the horrors of wartime. Those poor men including Georg! I'm glad he has found Maria and she has been a rock to him.
RhizOneill chapter 14 . 5/13
Great chapter again. I have missed reading this story. Pleaae update the next chapter soon.
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